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Friday, 26 February 2010

i live on an island

after almost 3 hours on the bus, 30 minutes waiting for ferry, 20 minutes on the ferry and 15 minutes on motorbike, finally i am home.

it just feels so nice to be back again.

believe me or not, im not sick anymore. hahaha.

im not sure whether you realised or not, Penangites are so proud of their island especially ME!!

yes i am proud of Penang, the tiny island that has so much to give and has produced a lot of achievements.

this is the place where i grow and live since i was born.

no where else feels more like home. it's so calm n stress free to be on the island.

just ask me anything about Penang and i think i can answer you.

If you want to avoid the traffic, u can use the shortcuts n backlanes.

Penang has everything that you are looking for.

Nature, politics, industrial, sports, religious activities, cultural celebration, food, heritage, entertainment etc ect.

I still remember a friend telling me that she was so skeptical and scared that our Penang bridge will collapsed when she came to Penang for the first time. hahaha.

This is where i belong. I was born here and i'll die here.

bye bye Kampar

its's time to say bye bye. =p

yes im going back to Penang again. Thank God im recovering. the rain also has stop. Thank you Pauline, my housemate because she's sending me to the bus stop later. =p

it's worth it i didn't go back this morning cuz i did a lot of things today.

1. i woke up early in the morning. i Berak / Pangsai /  Shit. then i bathed and i had a muffin for my breakfast.

2. then i washed by bedsheet and blanket. i dried my bed in the balcony.

3. i online. i received a very meaningful e-mail from Yoke Pinn. hahah. the e-mail really makes my day. it's a bout a photography competition la. ish!

4. Sotong asked me to go for lunch together. I agreed. but then i CIRIT. ish.

5. So i didn't go lo. i went to Sara's hse for Vege lunch. yummy. everything is so spicy!!

6. Then i rushed to Old Town around 1.30pm to give photographs to the Ah Kong Ah Ma. too bad one of them went out. Then i rushed to Gopeng to give picture to another Ah Ma. their smile erased all my sadness this week n cure my sickness. I'm happy to see them smile looking at their own photograph. They are happy. =p

7. I reached home and i fold my clothes nicely. put new bedsheet. i clean my room.

8. i upload pictures in FB.

9. it was raining so heavily at 5pm. by 6pm i couldn't take it anymore. im damn hungry. so i cooked magee for me n my hsemate. SEDAP. i stole 2 bijik eggs from the fridge. hehe. wat to do, i need to put eggs ma, i cannot use my own eggs la.

10. packing to balik kampung.
ok got to go. i haven't finish packing. bus at 7.14pm n i have to leave by 7pm. see you in Penang. oh ya!!
2010 is gona be a great year!! YESSH! ROARRR!!

it's RAINING!!

it's raining so heavily right now!!

woohooooo! rain some more rain some more!!

flood kan the whole Kampar. woohooo!!

this is the heaviest rain since last Monday.

the weather is still damn hot our there. please don't burn your rubbish k. tq. don't be a rubbish.

luckily today is public holiday. if not, UTAR students will be all wet.

You and I - Michael Buble

this nice song is gona put me to sleep tonight. This song was originally sang by Stevie Wonder.

ok time to sleep. The medicine has starts to react. Im feeling sleepy.

Pray more. Drink more water n sleep more. Don’t call me if there’s nothing urgent. Call me if only you need to. =p

Gnite people. Tata.

*sorry i can't find the video of Michael Buble singing this song.

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QUOTE of the day

"Religion is open to interpretation, man interprets it and man can – and does – make mistakes."

~ P. Gunasegaram, Managing Editor of The Star
~ from the article 'Persuasion, Not Compulsion'
~ in the column of 'Question Time', The Star
~ Friday, 19.2.2010