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Sunday, 20 March 2011

YOU are quoted

"Kalau takda hak, kita mati!"

~ Bato Bagi,
~ Naha Jalei longhouse head aka victim of the Bakun Dam project.
~ 2011

*Isn't it true? What are we without our basic liberties? We'll be the human without soul, bodies without heart. Our rights should be protected.

Morning @ UTAR Kampar

8.05pm 15/3/2010

what a small supermoon

people said that tonight's moon will be very beautiful. The news said so too. The Star said the moon will be bigger and brighter. read the news below.

alright, so,  many people from all around the world stay awake whole night to catch a glimpse on the moon which only appears every 20 years.

Despite the non-stop heavy rain in Kampar, UTAR-ians still kopek their eyes besar-besar to see the moon as if they never see a moon before, including me.

the clouds are so thick, covering the moon. the moon pulak shy shy hiding behind the moon. My friend from KL sms me to look at the supermoom.

finally at 3.30am i saw the moon. i went to the road with my zoom lense. the first thing i saw was not the moon but a cat with her kittten. two of them lying on the road, playing with each other and relaxing. i guess they were waiting for the moon to pop out as well. Then, suddenly, middle of the night, the kitten is hungry n sucks the mother's tits for susu. oppps. i use wrong words to describe the situation ah?? nvm. ya anak kucing minum susu ibu.

watching the kitten 'drinking' milk is so loving. i mean, it's such a loving scene la. after a while the moon finally appeared.


the moon is so damn small la. ayoooooooo. why so funny one. KL's moon so big and bright but Kampar's moon so blehhhh. what a small super moon. no difference with the normal moon also.

you people who's still hoping to see the so-called super moon, go sleep la k. the moon won't suddenly grow bigger la.

Good night.