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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

campaigning period is over

Im home. just back from class.
Campaigning period is over.


Everyone is so relieved now.

Im free.

But tired.

Members from two teams become friends. No grudge. No hatred.

It’s just a game.

Im glad it’s over.

Tomorrow it’s the voting day. It’s up to u people wana vote or not.

Im not the best. So u choose the leaders that u think are good la.

I wana have a nice sleep tonite.

But aduih..

Have to rush 2assignments tonight. N I wana watch myself in Age of Glory 2. Hehehe.

When I was so happy and glad that everything is over, I received and saw n read a very negative article on me on FB the time i reached home.

Yes sakit hati yang teramat sangat,

Im speechless.

But its ok.
I am Chin Eng. I dun do dirty things. If I did something wrong im sorry. But if I dun, I wont bow down. That’s me.

Those who know me personally know who the real me. I dun have to say it here.

People love to judge and comment on something even though they duno the whole story.

Im a public figure now. I believe in transparency. So no hiding. I accept whatever you people say.

All the best to all the candidates.