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Saturday, 14 November 2009

all the best

today you'll be having your last paper for your exam.

kalau tak silap i Journalism.

i don't know what time it starts.

it's never ur nature to write.

i know you well enough.

im the one who write a lot: on a piece of ppr n handphone.

that's what irrritate you all the same.

but no matter what.. do your best.

i know u can do it. u never have problem in studies.

u r not like me, malas sikit. =p

ingat baca DOA dulu b4 u start ur exam.

if siap awal, cek ur answers again la.

i can't say all this to u personally.

u'll never listen all this from my mouth.

it'll never happen.

but my wish n prayer will reached you.

He will help me.

as you said:

"kalau hati you ikhlas, Tuhan akan tolong."

so, buat baik-baik la.

balik Penang pun baik-baik.

i know u already received what i sent although no notification from you.

hope you won't throw it away.

that's the very last presents from me.

take care always. hati-hati all the time.

eat well, sleep well.

make a wise decision in everything in do.

i'll always support you and be here if one day you need me.

spread your wings and fly to wherever you want.

it's your dream to study abroad.

love your partner and never let him go.

if you love someone, show it.

I'll always n always pray for you no matter where you are.


and.. that's all la.

kalau ada jodoh, kita jumpa lagi.

kalau takde, biarlah ia jadi satu memori.

kenangan lalu takkan kembali lagi.

tapi akan tersimpan indah di dalam hati.

1437. Muax. Tata.