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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Hafiz Hashim the saviour to semi-final

hehhehe! Malaysia is going to semi-final of Thomas Cup.

Go go Malaysia. love u la Hafiz Hashim!

results in

a politician must..

Im not gona talk in details what politicians should do and shouldn't do.

But one thing they must bear in mind is..


This quote is from Kow Kwan Yee.

They musn't be selfish. they must fight not only for what they believes but also for what other people.

ok the end.

study lo..

Yes yes im going to study. Yes yes I will study by tonight. No I wont sleep although I feel like sleeping, my left hand so painful and lenguh gila babi tak pasai pasai and I have stomachache.

My next paper is this Thurday 2pm.

A friend just asked me to study..

She said, “by the way, eng ah ~ study lo..”.

Suddenly I feel a slap on my face. I felt like I have just gotten up from my bed!

First thing, it has been so long since she said such thing.

Second thing, I’ve been playing even during exam period.

Third thing, I want to achive better results but I didn’t put enough efforts.


After I reached home from exam today, I went to watch Thomas Cup match between Malaysia n Japan till 10pm ++. I just bathed and im going to study now.

Ok I’ll blog about my ‘live’ badminton match tomorrow k. I have more serious and important thing to do. tata.

By the way, thanks LEE PEI SUANG. =p