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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

study lo..

Yes yes im going to study. Yes yes I will study by tonight. No I wont sleep although I feel like sleeping, my left hand so painful and lenguh gila babi tak pasai pasai and I have stomachache.

My next paper is this Thurday 2pm.

A friend just asked me to study..

She said, “by the way, eng ah ~ study lo..”.

Suddenly I feel a slap on my face. I felt like I have just gotten up from my bed!

First thing, it has been so long since she said such thing.

Second thing, I’ve been playing even during exam period.

Third thing, I want to achive better results but I didn’t put enough efforts.


After I reached home from exam today, I went to watch Thomas Cup match between Malaysia n Japan till 10pm ++. I just bathed and im going to study now.

Ok I’ll blog about my ‘live’ badminton match tomorrow k. I have more serious and important thing to do. tata.

By the way, thanks LEE PEI SUANG. =p


  1. haha...u dont have write my name in FULL, and in CAPITAL...
    all the best ah...