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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Puasa 6

good morning. i haven's sleep yet la. cannot sleep and don't feel like sleeping. i'm ok. i'm fine. i feel better after i watched TV especially Man of Honor on AXN. hehe.

anyway im so glad that i learn something new today. Woohoo! To be specific, midnight. Have anyone of you heard of Puasa 6? Yes? No? if you are a Muslim then you know la. I only that Muslims puasa or fast during Ramadan and in Syawal to replace back the days that the missed out during Ramadan. But now only I know what is Puasa 6.

I must thank Fariza. Tengah-tengah malam she taught me something about Islam. Tankiu so much. I didn’t know that she’s so religious. I mean.. im not saying that she’s a bad Muslim but she opens my heart to know more about Islam. She proves to me that a person’s physical and attire doesn’t reflect truly on their belief and faith towards their religion. Tankiu sis.

Ok so according to her, Puasa 6 ni ialah puasa sunat. Muslims do this fast in the month of Syawal after Ramadan. it is called Puasa 6 because they fast 6 days in Syawal and only 6 days. No more no less. I asked her one funny question. If they fast 7 days, it is called as Puasa 7 is it. Hahah! No such thing CHIN ENG!! Ada Puasa 6 je la..

Anyway, although they must fast 6 days for Puasa 6, doesn’t mean they must fast 6 days continuosly. They can fast then stop then fast again. as long as it is within the Syawal month.

According to her Muslims miss Puasa 6. Why? Haha! this is because pahalanya besar. Pahala means.. the deed? Er.. the repay la. ok im bad in translation. If you fo Puasa 6, u’ll get pahala as if u puasa for a year. But hey! This doesn’t mean Muslim don’t have to fast during Ramadan la..

Besides, Puasa 6 also has many reasons behind it la. I don’t know what is it yet. I tel you all la when I know k? =p

You know what? The last day of Syawal is on my birthday, 19th October 2009. Wahahah. Bagus bagus!

I guess quite a number of Muslims will do this Puasa 6. It’s so good what. Furthermore, some may missed few days of fasting during Ramadan due to many reasons.

Thank you akak Fariza. Thx. Selamat berpuasa to those who do Puasa 6. =p

1.32am I Dissappeared

first time after using Facebook for so long, i noticed someone deletes me from their friend's list. and this person is someone that is always close to me. wow! how cool is that huh?? haha.

1.35am 13/10/09 she told me she just on with a guy
1.32am 14/10/09 she posted a pic of her n her bf wif the title 'love you sayang'
1.48am 14/10/09 she deleted me from her FB

cool man. COOL!

i have predicted and expected this to happen. memang betul jangkaan gua.

u noe wat? trust me, after this her new 'sayang' will delete me from his bf. i know her bf before we broke up that's why i have his Facebook. if he doesnt delete me, it'll be so damn weird.

what? can still be friends? ohhh! BULLSHIT!! she said berkali-kali over and over again that i have nothing to do with her anymore and she wants me to get away from her life FOREVER!! understand English rite??

i need to talk to someone. so badly... my heart is aching so badly. im hurt so deeply. i wana cry. i wana scream.

why must u delete me??!! why? Perlukah u delete i?? perlukah? I ni takde nilai at all dah ke in ur heart? Bila cinta datang, dunia bagaikan fantasi. Segala-galanya indah dan manis. Tapi bila cinta dah pergi, dunia bertukar neraka. Yang ditelan hanyalah api keperitan. Segala memori jadi mimpi ngeri.

dun wori, i wont backstand any of you, Nur Faizah and Nabil. although im hurt, but i still have dignity and i respect both of you.

thank you. thank you so much. i'll remember my 21st birthday. this is the present from you. wow!