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Saturday, 23 April 2011

i am teruk

I’m home in Penang.


Hahahaha. It’s fun catching up with old friend. It’s more fun talking to Dexter Khaw.

Dexter Khaw Kuo Wen, that’s the man who knows me well. He has been a loyal critiques of me for over don’t know how many years.

I am teruk.

Whenever we go out, I’ll be late and they have to wait for me. I always last minute. Besides, I always delay things. These are my suckiest weakness. I have bad time management. Because of this attitude, I face a lot of problems. My personal life is always not smooth and friendship got affected.

Dexter is not the only one who dislikes my bad time management attitude. Those who close to me know about it lah.


And guess what, he remembers all my bad things but not a single good thing. I asked him why. He said “keong kan you pernah buat benda baik for me to ingat ah?”

Well, it’s a pain truth but that’s the truth. I am teruk and Dexter know knows how teruk I am. Hahah.

Im such a bad ass lah. Ayooo.. He clearly remembers that I was late for an event for 1.5 hours back in 2003.

This means perangai buruk gua dah tersemai sejak berkurun lamanya. Ayoyoyoyoyo.

Dexter also hates me when I don’t do things that I said. For me, you must have a dream. You say it out and you try to do it. If you can’t achieve it, it’s ok at least you dare to dream and try to achieve it.

Yes he is cilakak but he is the most truthful guy friend I ever had.

He’ll just speak his mind out. He speaks nothing but truth.

I always mengata orang. Criticize this and that. But he never. He’ll only criticize when necessary.

Dexter Khaw, one of the very few steady men I have ever met.

He stood by his principles all the time. He’s free from problems as he knows clearly what he’s doing and he makes almost no mistake. He’s good to friends, family and himself..

He helped me a lot a lot of times.

He is there most of the times when I needed him. That’s what a friend is. I seldom help him. Why? Because he never needs my help. He seldom needs anyone’s help.

Before I end this post, I wana say something to myself, you can achieve many things in your life. But it’s not good enough if your attitude and personality is not good enough. You must good from outside and also from inside.