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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

im in Age of Glory 2

Age of Glory 2.

Phewwit! Woot woot!

Finally this drama is out in NTV7 since last night, every Monday to Friday at 10pm.

Believe me or not?

 Im in the drama. Haha. yes I am.

I was so happy when my mum called my last night. I’ve been so busy until I didn’t call back home. That was the first time I listen to her voice ever since I came back to Kampar 3 weeks ago.

“Your drama started already.” That’s the first thing she said.

I was like huh? Then I smiled and laughed. Haha. she n my sister must be waiting anxiously in front of the square box to see my acting.

It’s a great experience to be in the production. I know im just an extra but it’s ok. I appeared a few times. A few scenes. A few characters. And it’s a prominent one. From triad member to hawker to passenger and to Chingay troupe member.

It’s a must watch drama. Not because im in there but because the drama is good. The storyline is good. The songs are nice. And the story has to do with our history.

And i saw my photo in 'the making'. I was half naked. hahaha. See you peopel can guess la my skinny boney sexy body. Go to ntv7 website to know more about this drama.

I must watch it tonight, no matter what.

But I duno which episode im in wor..



Be clear of what you wana do, don’t mix and do two things together.It’s unfair for yourself and others. Organised and manage your time properly. Things will work better in that way.

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