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Saturday, 31 December 2011

bye 2011 hi 2012

Say bye to 2011 and say hie to 2012. I would like to take this chance to say zillions of thank you to everyone who came across my life and lend me their hands whenever I needed it. I’m sorry for all my cilakakness. Let’s learn from our mistakes and try to be a better person next year. Besides shouting like some mad fella at 12am later, maybe we can take 10 seconds to pray for world peace. I hope next year will be no war, no disaster and everyone will not be starving. Make 2012 more umpph than 2011. 2011 is awesome. 2012 will be lagi teramat awesome! USH!

oh, Penang state government..

OIK Penang government and municipal council!! U want to develop Penang but keep on demolishing old buildings. Tell me how many heritage buildings have you demolished? Don't talk about buffer zone or whatsoever zone. Whatever old but still functional and preservable buildings shud be protected and not to be sold to developers.

Development is not about more buildings or more highways, but the wellness of its people. It's useless if u have Grade A1 facilities or buildings but Grade F9 citizen and income!! i am so farking pissed off that some buildings are demolished again this week. And in few days time, some trees will be chopped off to widen the roads. Widen the roads can never ease traffic congestion la oik..
My Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, I hope u heard me. I think you do.

You often talk about transparency but you are not transparent enough! Sorry, but i dare the authority to make it public the buildings that they plan to demolish so that the public and NGOs are aware of it. Isn't this part of democracy where the people are consulted and their views taken into account? More citizen participation please.

i hate it and couldn't stand the fact that heritage buildings, nature, people, cultural and the source of income of people being sacrificed in the name of development. Penang pls don't do whatever you like.

TOlong la.. My beloved chief minister, don't forget to listen to the voice of your people.

Development is not destruction or devastation..

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

belilah baju CNY

belilah baju CNY sebelum anda dibelikan. I mean, belilah baju CNY sebeleum anda jadi lagi pokai akhir tahun ini, dalam masa 3 hari.

Quote from Ajahn Brahmavamso

Mind is the biggest thing in the world, neither elephant nor mountain. 

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Timing your warning

hohoho.. it's so heartening to see my photo appear in The Star Thumbnails again. I'm blessed. I really do. 

Sunday, 25 December 2011

quote of the day

If you really love your soulmate, be steady and hold his/her hand firmly wherever you go, whoever you meet.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

hard to make a living

aih.. mau cari makan memang susah. 

if you don't work hard, you'll earn less. 

Money will never fall from the sky.

some people enjoy first and work later.

for others, they work hard and enjoy later.

so which one do you prefer?

which one do you think is safer and more secure?


i want money and i want to enjoy life. Both can work at the same time.

ok i'll work hard in my wedding photoshoot tomorrow. =p

Sunday, 18 December 2011

i love to explore by bike

I love to travel. I love to go around. I love to explore and see lives. My eyes are hunger for new things that I never see. In Kampar, I have been using my bike to go around. First reason is because I don’t have a car. Second reason is because I don’t feel like travelling in a car. It’s better to go with a bike then only you can stop and see, feel and taste lives along the way. I feel life is so meaningless lo if you just wana reach your destination. . It’s not about whether you drive fast or slow. Sitting in a car is like being in a box. Go to a destination in a box and come back in a box. You don’t know what’s going on at your surrounding. That’s why I prefer to use bike if it’s in reachable distance. 

people i want to meet in Kampar

Ok i've finalised the list of people that i want to meet before i leave Kampar. Or left Kampar??

arghh! who cares! i just want to see them before i go back to Penang.

Can you see your name there?? =p

Thursday, 15 December 2011

quote of the day

People are success because of the effort they put in not because they are smarter than you.

i want to win again

It has been so long since the last time I won in a competition.

Dah lama sangat..

I miss the feeling of winning!!

I wana win again!

Oh yes I’m gona win again!

I feel the urge in me.

I can feel the flame again!


grrrhhh... I am so damn pissed off when people steal photos without acknowledging the photographer.

The least they can do is inform the photographer.

But no, they take, they use and they get the credits.

Stupid isn't it!

I like what Lilian said:

"And dun farking suggest to me to watermark my photos because people like us don't do such childish work. Only tarak standard people will grab pics from internet and use it for their commercial purpose without giving credit. People like these are like thieves. Or maybe warlords who think we minions are your slaves with cameras running around. Mind you, that camera is half mine, ok? It is my own personal lens."

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

quote of the day

It’s about the heart. Heart is so powerful that it can either make you win or fall. So if you set your heart and know what you want, then you can achieve it. 

Blessing in Disguise

I am happy.

I was chatting with a lecturer on what to do after graduation.

Then when i decided to start with a permanent job after graduation, i got to know that there's no vacancy in the company that i want to go.

It's kinda sad.

But she said this to me, "blessing in disguise."

At least i feel better.

Maybe everything happens for a reason. Ada hikmahnya segala yang berlaku. You won't know.

Maybe i will get something else in return.

I Googled the meaning of blessing in disguise and this is what i got.

1.      If some bad luck or misfortune ultimately results in something positive, it's a blessing in disguise.
2.      Is a good thing that you don't recognize at first as a good thing.
3.      Some people believe that good things are really "blessings" (gifts from God), that we don't always recognize for what they are at first.
4.      Something that at first seems bad, but later turns out to be beneficial.

I am worried, scared and feel insecured for not securing a job yet when i am graduating end of the year. 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

in deep trance

Thaipusam festival in Batu Caves (20/1/2011)

Nine Emporer Gods Festival in Penang (5/10/2011)

Monday, 12 December 2011

quote of the day

Everyone is valuable and priceless. Take time to figure out your selling point. You can be very expensive. =p


Counting down the last days in Kampar. I am so gona leave this place soon. Kampar is not a boring place at all. I’m enjoying it since the day I came to check out UTAR. I’ll definitely miss every single moment here. Before I leave, I wana repeat those crazy and memorable things I did in the past 3 years, meet those people that made my study life colourful, explore places that I’ve never been to, and take a closer look into Kampar.

Roti John for sale

Roti john for sale! Hot hot from the hawker! Original price RM2. Now selling for RM1.50 only. Siapa cepat dia dapat. Cepat sementara stok masih ada. Sedap sehingga menjilat jari dan kuku. Sos banyak basah wet wet! Tarikh tutup pembelian ini malam 11/12/11. okla siapa mau i kasi free. =p

*actually im fulled already. Cannot masuk perut anymore la..

Sunday, 11 December 2011

what the Total Lunar Eclipse..

What the moon!

What the total lunar eclipse.

I see almost nothing.


I was raining whole night here in Kampar.

People here are not that lucky.

The moon has been hiding behind the clouds.

Once a while it came out but not clear.

But ok la.. I can see the orange color.

I tried to snap some shots but it’s hard though due to the clouds and my unstable tripod.

I remember last year, about this time, there were shooting stars.

And the UTAR students, like today, flocking the road, looking up the sky..

But there are people who are not bothered about it. Yea what’s the fuss about it anyway??

No more moon tonight! Go back to study or sleep and see the sun tomorrow la.

These are the photos i took just now from my balcony.

No cropping. No editing.


*i'm surprised that i am posting all these photos although it's not nice. This time really cacat la. Usually i don't do that.*

Saturday, 10 December 2011

the rain is here

well the rain just stopped in Kampar.

And i saw another awesome moment of mother nature.

to see the photo and read the story, click this link


YOU are quoted

“Don't let what you can't do to stop you from what you can do.”

~ Lau Wei Han
~ 10/12/2011
~ via FB

Friday, 9 December 2011

idiot + moron student

This is what happened last night.

Some moron idiotic (student) out of nowhere threw a glass bottle on the road. What’s his problem! Pieces of glassed spread widely on the road. It’s ok if vehicles got punctured but how about the pedestrians? Stupid asshole! If you wana test your strength, go take part in Olympic la. Or throw away your coins. 

Out of concern aka kaypo, I picked up one by one, as much as I could. Aih..

Thursday, 8 December 2011

PERIBAHASA of the day

Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih

If you really want it, you will fight for it without giving excused to yourself. It’s about your heart. Strongwill, determination, hardwork will lead to success.

Air Asia RM0.10 crazy sales!

Suddenly my friend from Philippines told me that she’s getting married on 8th January 2012. That’s like next month??

And so coincidently that Air Asia is having its 10 year anniversary sales. The ticket is as low as RM0.10!! crazy or not!! GILA!

Without wasting time, I quickly surf Air Asia’s website. I have 2 good reasons to do that isn’t?

For the first time ever, I sit in from on the laptop until now, to fight with thousands of people to get cheap flight ticket.

The line is so laggy.

Oh what a life!

It’s ok. It’s fun!! I’m so excited right now. I wonder if the ticket is as cheap as RM0.10, then RM100.00 enough for me to travel around the world or not?? Hahaha! I’m dreaming!

Anyway I’ve checked the flight ticket to Philippines. OMG! It’s about RM1000! That’s a lot..

With RM1000, I can go back to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam with Kwan Yee and Pei Suang. Hehehe.

Sorry Carla, I can’t make it for your wedding. Wish you abundance of happiness and love for the rest of your life.

Those who are still trying their luck to fly, all the best.

I’m going off now. Tata!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


I feel so excited and flattered everytime I receive a letter, e-mail, sms or even a FB message from old friends and close friends, whether they are from Malaysia or oversea.

I love that feeling!

I’m happier than when I receive a gift.

Happiness is so innocent. Sometimes you feel silly to be overjoyed by something simple. =)

morning thought

Task given is a task to be completed. You don't always get a second or final chance. Treasure every single moment. Don't repeat the same mistake. good habit leads to success.

hi Penang

Date: 2/12/2011

Time: 10.56pm

Venue: on the sea, in between Penang Island and Butterwoth.

Penang Island as it is seen from the ferry.
By the way, the photo is meant to be blurry.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

David Goggins inspires..

David Goggins sleeps three hours a night. He has a resting heart rate of 32 beats per minute. He wakes up at 3.a.m. and runs 15 to 20 miles. He commutes 25 miles to work by bicycle. He is the only person to complete Navy SEALS “Hell Week” three times. He is the only person to complete Tactical Air Control, SEAL and Army Ranger training. With no special training, David Goggins ran 100 miles in 18 hours. In finishing that race, in 2006, he suffered stress fractures in his feet and shins, urinated blood and lost control of his bowels. David Goggins completed 10 100-mile races in 2007. He finished third at the 2007 Badwater, a 135-mile trek through Death Valley known as “The World’s Toughest Footrace.” He once ran 203.5 miles in 48 hours.

"With the Special Ops Warrior Foundation's help, we put 266 kids through college last year. And that's what keeps me going. I'll be honest, I don't like running. I don't like biking. I don't like swimming. I do it to raise money. But, now that I'm in this sport, I want to see how far I can push myself. What makes me tick is that pain you feel when you do these ultramarathons. I love knowing that everyone's suffering because I know I can suffer just a little bit more. I can take a lot of pain."

- David Goggins

Monday, 5 December 2011

quotable quotes

“ Winning doesn't always mean being first. Winning means you're doing better than you've ever done before.”

~ Bonnie Blair

Saturday, 3 December 2011

remember la..

Remember la, no one is great in the things that they do. So you don’t criticize as if you are a professional. Everyone tries their best to do something which is so alien to them. It’s something new but they try to work on it. You are not that good either.

be humble..

remember la.. 

Friday, 2 December 2011

Happy World AIDS Day

Before December 1st, 2011 ends, I would like to inform everyone that today is actually World AIDS Day. Happy World AIDS Day. Increase our understanding, do not spread rumours and false news and STOP discrimination. If one day I have AIDS, I am still Oh Chin Eng. 

Thursday, 1 December 2011

quotable quotes

It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. ~ Gautama Buddha.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

quote of the day

Laughter is not the best medicine. The best medicine is got to hear your mum's voice. =p

right brain right attitude





You must have the right things to be a right person.

You have have the right brain and right attitude in life.

I have the right brain but i don't have the right attitude.

Monday, 28 November 2011

pain like dying

i have been in severe pain since last Saturday.

i puke what i eat.

i got diarrhoea.

Most importantly my stomach is seriously extremely pain.

Doctor said i got gastric.

I got an injection. I paid a higher price for the so-called more powerful medicines.

But no difference.

i can just curl up myself on the bed everyday.

I feel like a deadman.

Feel so disabled.

so useless..

There's nothing i can do.

I cant even sit on the chair.

I cant stand when i bath.

I cant walk properly.

I shiver when i ride my bike.

It just feels like i'm dying.

the pain is unbearable.

i always got stomachpain. I always lausai. my stomach always not ok. But it never as pain as this.


Why now..

I have my Final Year Project presentation on Wednesday and an assignment's presentation on Friday.

I cant afford to be hospitalised.

I'm holding on.

But.. It feels so impossible,

Time is running out.

you may think it's not that serious but wait until you come and look it yourself.

why i still blog.

cuz i dun have to think academically when i write.

i need to blog so that at least people know what happened if i died.. or if i'm hospitalised.

i've shrink..

i wana go home..

my family didn't know i'm sick.

ok.. back to the patient's bed.

*everyone will die. so do it. but before i die, at least let me get a scroll for my family first.*

new day

Date: 14/2/2011

Time: 7.54am

Venue: Penang

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Lord Buddha...

Lord Buddha, thr's only one thing i wish for now.. Pls cure my sickness by tonite as i  hv few important things to do next week. The pain is unbearable. I cant afford to be sick n unable to do anything.. =(

Friday, 25 November 2011


Date: 24/11/2011

Time: 2.20pm

Venue: Kampar

Thursday, 24 November 2011

quote of the day

You may run, you may hide but problems can never be solved.

Sahabat Selamana - Padi

This song is dedicated to the people whom i called friends..

Kita sahabat selamanya.. Walau apa pun yang berlaku..

Kata-kata hikmat

Bila kita diam, hati pun rasa lebih senang, lebih tenang..

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

pesan mama

Mama gua selalu pesan jangan buat jahat kat orang. Dia kata hari ni kalau u buat jahat kat orang, nanti hari esok orang akan buat jahat kat u pula. 


sigh of relief

*photo by Hah Haw Yeen*


I hope this will be my last semester.

Yes, i am working towards it.

If it's materialised, then i can have a sigh of relief.

I will be very glad because i don't have to trouble anyone anymore.

I'm a trouble maker.

I always need people's help.

Some were forced to lend a hand.

But for those who did it willingly, i thank you.

I can't repay your good deeds but you will be given merits by your Creator.

I was lazy... I was lazy yesterday. But i'm a little hardworking today.

I jogged. I studied for tomorrow's midterm. And i did my assignment.

One step by one step la.

After exam, i will be free. I need a break, an escapade.

I'll go for a meditation course. Maybe i'll go travel as well. Most importantly, be away from the internet as much as possible for some time.

I feel calmer now after listening to Buddhist chanting and music. It's nice you know especially when my room is clean and full with aroma from the candle burner. =p

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

best hardest lesson in 3 years

Doing my Degree for 3 years and finishing it at the end of the year, I got the best lesson ever in my university’s life.

It’s through a very hard way.

It’s my fault. It’s my bad attitude. It’s what I deserved.

My legs are painful but it’s not as severe as the jab on my heart.

You know.. I was shivering, body temperature is so high and I so wana puke.

But it’s worth it i guess.. I will remember today.

I am tired of arguing.

So if you guys feel like procrastinating, you better don’t. =p



Some thoughts to ponder..

1.           If you fall, remember to stand up again. The world is not always dark.
2.           You don’t tell the whole word the bad things about your friends. Yes, your friends.
3.           If you make mistakes, admit it and don’t repeat it again.
4.           When you are in trouble, then you will know who your friends are and what it means to be a friend. The term is very subjective.
5.           It’s unforgivable if you keep on repeating the same mistakes.
6.           Teamwork is when everyone helps everyone and not getting a black sheep.
7.           You have to bear the consequences of the mistakes you made.
8.           Silence is not golden when there is crisis.
9.           Face the problem, never hide from it.
10.       Jobs delayed are jobs not done.
11.       The last thing you ever feel like doing in life is procrastination.
12.       It’s easier to blame others than to be responsible.
13.       True friends will not only say good things about you but the hurtful but truthful words too.
14.       It’s a human nature that when you make mistakes, they will tend to forget all the good things that you have done.
15.       It’s scary when a friend can say something bad behind you and a minute after that be so nice in front of you.
16.       Some people seem to be a good friend in front of people but they not always at the back.
17.       Nothing is sadder than someone that you trusted so much side others.
18.       In every dark clouds, there will be golden ray of lights at the end of the day.
19.       Hati budi manusia paling senang untuk dilihat apabila anda di dalam kesusahan.
20.       Seringkali gajah depan hidung tak nampak, semut seberang laut pula jelas kelihatan.

congratulations Malaysia!

Monday, 21 November 2011


It’s always very important not to only listen to your heart but you must follow what your hearts says than to follow what the majority do. 

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Penang Bridge, 21KM, i am coming!

It’s time. about 1 hour from now I will be running on Penang Bridge, a marathon event that will be endorsed by the Malaysia’s Book of Records.

My heart pumping fast just by just looking at the 21km marathon route. Still couldn’t believe that I am running Half Marathon 21km.

This is my first time joining half marathon for any running competition.

I never felt as excited, nervous and anxious as before in any running competition. I couldn’t sleep thinking of the run later.

I must thank Edmund for the inspiration. It’s because of his challenge that I joined Half Marathon. But sadly he can’t join because he is hospitalized for denggi. I will complete the run for him.

The starting time is so crazy. 3am is the starting time. 3am is a sleeping time la aduih. We are givern 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete the race in order to get a certificate and a finishing medal. 

Someone I know is running blindfolded for a charity. Please donate some money for his noble cause. Click this link to know more

I bought a Powerbar just nw. . It’s an energy booster. It contains 9g of proein. Uhhh.. that’s high. I need it for my run later. The price is high too. RM9 for something like Cloud 9. What to do.. Wa bo lat ma.

I slept for only 1 hour. Just hope that I wont fall asleep while running.

Oh ye OCE! Go go go!

Im coming Allianz Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011. It’s about the heart n mind. C u guys on the bridge. Watch out for the runner with a DSLR!

All the best everyone! 

I am not aiming to be the champion, What I want is to just complete the race in 3 hours. 

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2011, Half Marathon info

Race Date: Sunday, 20th November 2011
Start Time: 0300 am (Men)
Start Time: 0315 am (Women)
Finishing Time: 3.5 hours (Three and a half hours)
Start Location: Queensbay Mall
Closing registration date: 21st October 2011
Distance: 21.0975KM
AIMS Course Measurement Certificate number: MAS2009/031

Registration Fees (In Ringgit Malaysia):
Half Marathon
Early Bird: RM45 (April to 30th June 2011)
Normal Fees: RM50 (1st July to 30th Sept 2011)
Late Registration: RM60 (1st Oct to 20th Oct 2011)
Registration closed on 21st Oct 2011

Courier Service fees:
Fees: RM10 - Delivery to Peninsula Malaysia Only.

PBIM 2011 partner for courier service:

(please take note that the courier service option for PBIM runners will no longer available if registration after 15th September 2011)

Goodies bag:
Local participants Self pick up:
1) Self pick up in Penang at QB Mall on 12th & 13th Nov 2011. 10am to 10pm 9pm
2) For outstation participants, self pick up on 18th and 19th Nov 2011 (10am to before 5pm on 19th Nov 2011)

Singapore participants can opt for self pick up at our agent office or self pick up at PBIM venue:
1) Self pick up in Singapore on 7th to 11th Nov 2011 8th to 12th Nov 2011 (date changed due to public holiday in Singapore on 7th Nov)
Address in Singapore:
Athlete's Circle
27 Boon Tat Street
Singapore 069623
Tel: +6563726388
Time: 10am to 7pm
(please take note that self pick up option for Singapore runners will no longer available if registration after 15th September 2011)

2)  Self pick up in Penang at QB Mall on 18th and 19th Nov 2011 (before 5pm on 19th Nov 2011)

Running singlet / Running bibs:
Half Marathon running bib number starts with:
D - Half Marathon Men Open
E - Half Marathon Women Open
F - Half Marathon Men Veteran
G - Half Marathon Women Veteran

Thursday, 17 November 2011

thank you roomates

I am very thankful and grateful that throughout my 3 years of Degree studies in Kampar, i have 2 good roomates who are always there.

The first roomate was Siang Yong, my classmate.

Now it's Ah Liang, 3 years younger than me.

Thank you. 

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

It's about the heart

Remember.. Everything is about the heart. Don’t give excuses. If you really want it, nothing can stop you. 

hectic weeks ahead

This short semester is ending very soon.

Today is Tuesday of Week 5.

Another 3 weeks to go for before the semester ends and I’ll have my final exam for the one last time before I graduate.

To be exact,
17 days left in 7 weeks of studies.
15 days before we say hie to December.
27 days before exam week starts.

The remaining 15 days of the month will be the most hectic one. It’s kind of critical.

There are so many things to settle.

And the most important one is about studies.

It’s the time to settle all of them and it must be done by this month.

There are 2 presentations, 1 radio assignment, 1 video assignment, 1 mid-term, 1 written assignment, 1 report and FYP!


Yes I can handle it. Yes I can! Yes I can. yes I can…

There are more things that i want to do.

This is my last chance and i will do the very best for year 2010.

Cut down your time on FB.
Don’t eat so long.
Don’t sleep so much.
Control yourself, don’t play too much,
Don’t talk too much.
Cut down unnecessarily activities.
Sleep late and wake up early!


Moonstruck in The Star

I'm thankful that my photo appeared in The Star again 2 days ago on Nov 13. =p

quote of the day

If you ever feel jealous of people’s achievements, work hard and get it yourself.

Monday, 14 November 2011

lives found in Kampar

I got some really hot and sexy girls photos to show. Really!! Are you ready?

Jeng jeng jeng..

Ok? Set? ON!

You cilakak pervert!

If you really scroll the page down to look at hot babes, then you are really shit la. hahaha. Sorry ya I didn’t take any photos of girl today.

Ladies and gentlemen, today is about animals.


Say wohooo!

Wo.. hooo!

Today was a very productive day. I had an assignment discussion with Sarah, Rachael and Tiffany in my house. Amirah and Poovan were not here. It has been so long since we were last together to do assignment. I miss those days.

Then, all of the sudden I got emo in the early evening. Stress I guess. Too many thoughts were running wild in my mind.

So I went into the jungle to look for ducks and chickens.

Manatau satu ekor itik dengan ayam semua pun takda.

At the end I found something else. Look at the photos and you’ll know what it is.

And it’s this something else that cheered up my day.

Kampar is such a beautiful and amazing place.

You’ll be amazed with its scenery and breathtaking view. You’ll be surprised to see animals that you might only able to see from textbook.

Staying in Kampar for 3 years, I’ve seen cow, buffalo, firefly, migratory birds, frog, monitor lizard and so on.

If i can materialized my dream house, it would be a small hut in the middle of the jungle.

A cute puppy in Westlake. It's so damn black. It's so cute. The puppy is just 2 months old. I never really play with a doggy before but i fall in love with this one. I wana take it and run away! This puppy must be from the same family as Hwei Huih's Lucky i think. 


Look carefully. It's actually a spider. =p

I guess this is called caterpillar.

Ok this is ant. In Bahasa Malaysia, this is called semut. 

Haha. Now who can tell me what is this? I don't know what creature is this. 

Ladybird. So tiny and cute..

This is epic. A group of buffaloes are having their evening bath. Buffaloes or kerbau can actually dive into the water!! They can swim! wow!

katak di bawah tempurung

Kenapa dipanggil katak di bawah tempurung? Kerana katak itu asyik berada di bawah tempurung. Katak bodoh. Katak hanya tahu duduk diam di satu tempat dan melihat-lihat. Kalau katak itu sanggup dan berani keluar daripada tempurung, maka tiada lagi katak di bawah tempurung. Jangan jadi katak di bawah tempurung. Jangan kau digelar katak di bawah tempurung. Jadilah katak di atas, tepi ataupun luar tempurung. Setiap tempurung itu boleh dipecahkan.

Hidup ini terlalu indah dan singkat untuk kita hanya melakukan perkara yang sama setiap hari.


YOU are quoted

"Do not mourn for the past, or worry about the future, but do live in the present moment wisely and earnestly. Then, happiness comes."

~ Kow Kwan Yee
~ 9.14pm
~ 12/11/2011
~ via FB

new song by Penny 戴佩妮 - 回家路上

hey listen to this song. you Chinese song listeners must really listen to this song.

I like the melody. The MV is even better.

She went to India to shoot her video clip.

Oh i must go to India one day.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Happy Birthday Cynthia Lim

i like banana

I love banana.

I was so desperate to get one after dinner.

So I went to the Mamak shop to get one.

Ahhh.. sexy! Damn nice.

I bought a sebatang fat sweet and long banana for 50 cent.

Cheap and yummy!

Banana is very good for health ok.

It contains potassium.

But sometimes after you eat, you might need to go sit in the toilet.

For your information, single banana can be bought from mamak restaurants in Kampar.

You can go to Ghany, Maha Maju or Premas.

Makanlah banana sebelum anda dibananakan!

quote of the day

It does not matter how long you took to finish a run as long as you completed it. 

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Run OCE Run


I am so kuailan to dig my own grave.

I didn't exercise for so long but tomorrow i'm going for a 7KM Trekathon at Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam. It’s organized by my uni. Since this is my last semester already, I just go and have fun la. 

It's my first time to run in KL.

Next week I’ll go for 21km Penang Bridge Run.

I am crazy I know. Seriously I feel like smack my head for registering 21KM Penang Bridge Marathon. I never run for such a long distance before. The most is 10KM.

I was in dilemma whether to run 10KM or 21KM. At the end I chose 21KM. I want to challenge myself. I have never done it before and I want to do it. I want to achieve something that i know it’s hard to achieve. I know that the decisions I make always come with a heavy price, but I still want to do it. The hardest it is, the happier I am. If I don’t do it now, I might not able to do next year. I believe that as we grow older, we will be less adventurous. We will be less brave.

That’s why I am always that crazy, do the things that majority of the people don’t do.  Haha.

Baguslah! Tolong sediakan paramedic for the run. I might need it. Tq.

I remember when I was small during primary school time, I always want to join marathon. When I reached the qualifying age at bout 12, I started to run until I was 17. In one year, I joined about 5 runs and i love to collect the participation certificate. But as I grown up, I slow down. And after my high school, I seldom join any run anymore. Lazy..

Tapi saya masih suka aktiviti lasak. I’m born for adventurous and challenging activity. I kecik-kecik tapi kuat jugak tau.

Running is actually a very miraculous thing when you can sweat out all your tense and stress.

I love running but my stamina is not that strong.

Strength does not come from your feet but your mind.

Kalau hati dan minda kuat, kaki pun akan kuat.

Kekuatan kita bukan terletak pada anggota badan tapi hati.

It’s ok I will complete the run tomorrow and I will never finish last!

I will wake up earlier to warm up.. last minute warm up.


OCE bokiasi!

I run when i have to run and i want to run like Forrest Gump.

Run OCE run!

"lu mai knua wa san-san cit ki kut. wa holiao lu knua beh chut!"

Quote from Miss Lydia Yeow: gaya masa berlari. mutu nampak dar kasut pelari. keunggulan gua rasa boleh nampak masa masuk ambulance