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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

selamat malam

Good night
I wana sleep d
Yea 10pm d
My teachers used to day must sleep at 10pm
Sufficient sleep is good for our body and mind
Im too tired la
Will wake up at 3am la
See u

selamat pagi

Good morning world!
What an achievement.
I didn’t sleep the whole night.
i guess the KOPI O KAO is too kao
I spent my night in front of my laptop.
Did many things.
My class at 10am.
Partial solar eclipse is gona happened later at abt 8.15am.
Hungry now.
Im going out to makan.
Wana join me? Let’s go! =p


orang yang patut baca tak baca...

my roomate kena SAMAN

this is a story abt my roomate, Gan Siang Yong.

He woke up around 11.50pm and he wanted to go out for supper wif my hsemate. he nk motor. I ok 2lend him bt duno y I din say yes. so finali dey keluar.

suddenly he called me at 12.37am. he kena saman! Shit la! he din wear helmet. I scold him! Den oni I realised he curi2 take my bike. I tot he din use cz he din ask da key from me. I was so angry n hot. Seriously!

Firstly he din ask me for the key n he took it curi2, use my bike without permission. Secondly he doesnt has lesen. Thirdly he din wear helmet! Wat if the polis 1 2 cari pasal and take away my bike?! Policemen can just accuse u and bully u especially if u r new to saman-ing and duno your basic rights. They can oso say dis is motor curi bcoz lesen talak, helmet pun talak!

I dun mind lend him my bike bt becareful la. see la now he kena saman. I hate ppl invade my privacy n use my ting without telling me. i pantang gila babi when the ting is so private. im soory la for being so honest. Good frens don’t mind if frens use their tings. But depends what is it.

Anyway my instinct was so chun. When he ask me can he use my bike jz nw, my mind was thinking abt him kena saman because more policemen on da road recently. Manatau cun-cun he kena. He's super lucky bcoz the policemen din ask for his lesen. if not die la!

He did smtg wic really annoyed and saddened me. He wanted to 'settle' it when the policemen stop him. So thhe policemen ask him 'brapa u mau kasi'. What the fuck la! GIVE U SHIT LA POLICEMEN! At the end my fren couldnt settle it because too many of dem. aih.. i HATE PPL GIVING AND RECEIVING BRIBE.

after he kena saman, he can still happily go yumcha n came bck oni at 1.20am. ayoyo amma! i feel like kick him at the ass!