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Friday, 31 December 2010

bye 2010

ok before the end of 2010, i would like to apologise to everyone for all my wrongdoings. i noe i made mistakes. i ask for forgiveness.

i humbly wish everyone a very happy new year and a great 2011.

alrite, i'm ready for 2011.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

time is getting less with family

holidays are gona ends soon, very soon.

3 weeks passed so fast.

I have another week to go before I go back to my uni. I supposed to have 4 weeks holidays until new semester starts on 17th but due to some commitments in university I have to be back 1 week earlier.

I already start to miss my state and my family especially my sister.

I still have many things haven's done and settled in Penang.

And guess what I’ll start working tomorrow, means no much time left for me to spend with my sister as her school going to reopen next Monday.

I don’t want her to always stay alone at home. She dislikes it. I hate it too. But what can I do. What can we do. Everyone needs to work to make ends meet.

So I plan to bring her for bowling now as I promised but my brother didn’t want to come. Aih.. why.. he has been very negative and not loving for the past few years.

I know he has trauma. I know he’s not happy. So do i. after all these bad growing up experiences with abusing environment, we know who’s lucky and who’s not. We used to feel that there’s not love in the family. And all the past has made him into what he is today. For me, I stay positive, I know I don’t have to shaped by the environment and the culture, I chose my own path and decide on my own. But it’s tough tough.

I believe one day my brother will open up his heart and care for the family.

as for now, when im still in Penang, i'll try to spend more time with my sister and my family.

Me and my brother didn't talk much as usual. But this will be my resolution for next year, to have a better relationship with him.


I tell you hor..

Pangsai is such a tiring activity.


So tired now.

Bo lat liao.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I love you, Ammi!

When was the last time I post a song?

I don’t remember.

But this song left my tears flowing..

I am not a mummy’s son. You know, that kind of boy who always glued to his mum. I seldom open up my heart to her. But she, gives me courage, showers me with unlimited love and raised me up to who I am today.

I thank her for that.

I never ever say to her face that I love her.

I don’t have the courage.

But, yes I do, I do love you, Ammi.


YOU are quoted

Sometimes you have to lose to win, to wrong to be right.

~ Fadzrina Ariffin
~ 28.12.2010
~ via FB

I wonder..

Why the mat salleh foreigners so rich 1 har? so damn kaya always travel here n thr. they eat kaya everyday kah? come sponsor me la!

where to before 2011?

It's the of the year before we usher in 2011.

I'm done with class trip to Kuantan n family trip to Genting.

But i have not yet spend time for myself.

I want my own personal quality time.

Where to after this for PERSONAL trip??


Saturday, 25 December 2010

Sweet and Sour of Xmas 2010

1)      Fire blazed 5 houses in Teluk Bahang and I was there, very fast, one of the first ‘reporters’ to be there. After 1.5 hours only the media arrived.
2)      I hurt my foot. I stepped onto either glass or nail.
3)      Went to Feli’s house for Xmas lunch.
4)      Sad can’t meet up with Yu Jean.
5)      Had another fail date for the second time. It’s all because of the fire.
6)      it feels so GREAT when u stopped ur bike at the traffic light to help a blind man to cross the road while everyone else of their vehicles just stood there, do nth n look at us. =p
7)      Mum prepared ‘hu chui’ the talisman/spiritual drink for safety purpose.
8)      Im going to Genting Highlands for family trip now. Coming back on 28th morning.

merry christmas hohoho


it's Christmas again!

merry Christmas to all of you.

Hope all my Christian friends will have a joyful and memorable Christmas this year.

It is time to partay, to have good food and share happiness together.

to those kaypo people who celebrate Christmas as if they are Christian, buy some gifts for your friends la.

It's kinda weird u noe cuz everyone celebrate xmas. yes many of you cbrate xmas. many of u happy that it's xmas. hahaha. cuz it's a off day right??

alrite im goin to Feli's house to EAT BIG now!! wohohohoho!!

Selamat Hari Natal people.


Friday, 24 December 2010

QUOTE of the day

You'll know if someone care, love, cherish, appreciate, and put you in their heart. You'll know..

3 weeks in Penang


finally i am home. i reached Penang on Wednesday morning. and i lost my handphone. i left it in the ferry.

this is the first time the exam for Journalism course finished earlier than other courses. most of the time, our paper is the last one.

last paper was on 18th. then i went to Kuantan from 19th to 21st. i had an enjoyable time with you Sotong, Dai Ka Jie, Jing Wen, Xiang Lin, Yat Kuan, and Siew King. Thanks for the great hospitality Yat Kuan.

i met up with Feli yesterday. it feels great to catch up with her again. she bought me a tie as a Christmas gift. lalalalala. and she made me walked in George Town and hopped into public bus instead of travelling with my scooter. it's nice to slow down and feel the life of Penang.

then i helped Sheau Fung from PHT to shift exhibition stuffs in the new Museum at Macalister Road. Everytime i come back to Penang, i sure look for her and help out whenever i can. she taught me a lot of things.

you know..  i just helped my mum to wash the dishes.

im glad i did.

this is the first time i helped her to wash the dishes eventhough she didn't ask me to do so.

i feel.. i duno. i should do something for this family, to ease her burden.

this semester break is the only time i have to be with my family and i'll make use of the time i have.

i'm going out now but my mum ask me to eat. hmmm.. but she has not finish cooking la and i am rushing. this is the situation i dislike the most. i know she wants us to eat. every mum in the world work so hard in the kitchen to prepare a meal for her family hoping that they will eat, stay healthy and not hungry when they are out of the house. i know she feels disappointed everytime i didn't eat.

well, i'll stay to have my lunch and be late for my date lah. =p

this semester break is quite long, a total of 4 weeks. but i only have 3 weeks cause i have to be back to uni for the new students Orientation. yeala that's my duty as SRC Chairman ma. 3 weeks is damn short la.. most of the time, i dun really care of holidays. but this time..


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

let me TELL you thisdd

How much times left for you to know ur uni mates, to spend time with them n to go crazy with them. well.. not much! so?? get ur ass up n do it b4 u graduate. =p

Monday, 20 December 2010

live from Pahang

Hi, it's me ur popular TV presenter, OCE reporting live from Gambang, Pahang.

it's a small cute little peaceful town with a lots of rumah burung or bird-bird house.

travelling here from Kampar is so damn fast but damn tired when your backpack is the biggest and heaviest among all.

the time now is 12.20am and i am feeling damn sleepy.

but im still fulled after the delicious local cuisine for dinner. wow! first time having wild boar as a dish.

with me here in the Yat Kuan's house are Sotong, Siew King, Dai Ga Jie, Jing Wen, and Xiang Lin and they are already sleeping.

i tell you, the house is damn BIG la!

we are going to depart to... don't know where at 9am later.

it was raining here during the day and it is so damn cold now.

last but not least, we are having a resort treatment although this supposed to be a backpack trip.

till then, sayonara.

see you at the same place and same time tomorrow for more updates. =p

*i miss my family. feeling a bit uncomfortable not because of the trip but partly because of it also lah. aih..

Saturday, 18 December 2010

It's me, OCE!

it has been so looooong since i post my photo.


Photo taken after the last paper of the year, completing my Year 2 Trimester 3 today. woah! go crazy go gila!

thanks Dai Ga Jie for the pic. nice! i like it! ada skill oo u. =p

I'm cleaning my room and packing for my trip to Kuantan tomorrow morning. can't wait go makan angin kentut angin minyak angin naik angin dan segala angin in the world.

well.. im still a bit depressed of the exam today. but aiyah forget about it la.

to my coursemates who are going back to hometown, please be safe ya. take care of your health. we shall meet again next year.

see 2010 is a good year, has been a good year.

Now, let's countdown to 2011 with better attitudes, greater achievements and stronger body.


camera coma again..


not again.. 

Congratulations! my camera broke down a day b4 my trip. how m i goin 2Kuantan tmr?! NOOOOO.. 

Sayang, u noe i love u rite? janganlah merajuk. later we go cbrate New Year countdown n c fireworks la..

this is the second time already. make it the last time ok??

faster recover and tomorrow we go travel. nak tak??

exam over, happy holiday

Finally exam is over. damn hard n sien lo. Public Administration easiest paper konon.. gone case d la. 

aiyah dun care la! better go pangsai, chase buffaloes, take pics, eat, ronda, sleep and holidays!! wohohoo!

anyway happy holidays to all my friends. enjoy to the max, be safe and INGATLAH ORANG YANG TERSAYANG.

i wana go out and snap snap Kampar Old Town before it is gone next year. tata.

Friday, 17 December 2010

last Kopi 'O Kao of the year

Oh yeh.. tomorrow morning at 9am is the last paper. Nomnomnom. And it’s the hardest paper of all, Public Administration. I hate that paper la I tell u. not interesting at all. Sien nia.. eeeww. 

Sumor the weather is so chilling, nice to sleep lo. And according to Kow Kwan Yee, bath is unnecessary lo. I totally agree! I tell u, I don’t bath lo if it’s too cold. Why wana bath when u r not sweating. Hahaha! U still smell good ok. =p

I duno what the notes are saying lo seriously. Wana get an ‘A’? hmmm.. fall in love with the subject first la ye.

Hehehe… I’m sipping my hot Kopi ‘O Kaokao with pleasure. Ahhh.. it’s so ada class gaya mutu keunggulan. The aroma is so strong n sexy. It gives you some kind of ‘chi’, some kind of drug to keep you awake. You feel so energetic everytime your tongue touches on the black thick coffee. Ahhh.. you melt once the coffee go through your throat and your mouth produces the hot air from the dark local-made coffee. 

Im drinking Kopi ‘O Kaokao for the one last time in the year 2010 to mark the end of my last paper tmr. Ahhhh… sexy! =p 

Im not gona drink anymore coffee for this year. No more.. u noe ah, I duno what im studying lo. Gona talk crap tmr with my general knowledge plus minus what I’ve studied. I still have a lot to memorize lah.


I’m already in the holiday mood and no mood to study la! Ayaaaaa!
Exam ends tomorrow. But actually im not going back to Penang yet la. I’m going to somewhere else. Hehehe.. shhhh! Dun tell anyone har. I tell you secretly, im going to Kuantan. Hehehe. Will be back to Penang on 22nd or 23rd la. Then cbrate xmas eve, have xmas lunch at Feli’s house the head to Genting on 25th or attend a friend’s wedding on 26th. Then Happy New Year!

Will do my reflections before end of 2010 la. I need to review what I’ve done and achieved throughout the year. U need to analyse one ma.. if u didn’t perform well this year, u perform better next year lo.

To my coursemates minoring in AV, especially the gatai Rachael, eh dun show off neh. I know u guys finis ur exam d today. I smack u ah. Hahahah! After tmr, we’ll be free too! I just had dinner with her, Tiffany, Sotong, and Vivien at Vegas. Good food. =p

Thanks to my roommate, Ah Liang for letting me use your computer. Without your computer I duno how am I going to survive and do my assignments. Thank you so much, wish u all the best for your final exam while im enjoying my holidays. Take care of our room baik-baik ye. Hehehe. 

Ok back to revision. It’s almost 11pm d. time to sleep. Hahah! NO WAY!! Study first la! Last paper d, do ur best la OCE. Ush!

YOU are quoted

"Take it easy. It's just an exam."

~ Miss Por Heong Hong
~ Lecturer of Culture and Communication
~ UTAR Kampar
~ Wednesday 15/12/2010

after Kopi 'O, Panadol.

It has been quite some time since i last blogged. yea some time. don't you think so huh?? don't you miss me?? alrite this question is so syiok sendiri. anyway im just kidding.

it's almost 4am now in few more minutes time.

You see, a blog, as what my lecturer Miss TanJJ also told us, is a personal diary. Yeah i agree. Blog is our own personal space for us to tell and to share our stories. Blog is also a place for us to know about other people. no one knows the truth of what is written here. Only the writers do.


i duno what's the purpose of this post.

maybe it has been too quiet. that's why i need to make it noisy for a while. =p

i actually have a lot of things to say, to blog but due to exam and other commitments plus no laptop, i didn't manage to do so. but luckily i still have my pen and notebook. i jot down in details of how i feel and my thoughts. and lucky me i have my handphone to type my mind out in the form of texts and then save it.

this semester i only have 2 subjects and now is the exam period. yea i didn't give all out. first paper was on last Wednesday. started first paper with Kopi 'O kao-kao. I need coffee to make me awake. but now oh shit, i am sick. my body is too hot. my hingus is red color. now im gona end my last paper with panadol. i dun wana be awake anymore. last paper is this Saturday but my head is gona explode soon. it's too painful and heavy. only panadol can make me sleep soundly.

anyway thanks to Jing Wen. i went to her house just now to study although she hesitate to let me in. haha not her fault la. i was so random n crazy that i suddenly 'visit' her and i didn't inform her before that. i studied from 9pm until 2am ok. =p

she prefers to study alone. she's an individualistic person. so do i, i guess. but when it comes to study, to avoid falling asleep on my comfy bed, i need to be with someone. at least when someone is around, i'll feel motivate, i won't simply lie down to sleep, and i can ask him/her if i don't understand anything. =p

life in Kampar has been great with friends around me. i have random, active and sporing people like Pei Suang, PC, Tai Ka Jie and so on. Oh ya, they are the Eastlake Gang, the united gang. it is true u noe.. they alwaz do this together bla3. here in Westlakes, everyone is scattered around and no one is like-minded like me. sorry to say classmates staying in Westlakes are passive. it's impossible if they follow me to ronda or makan etc. Different channel and personality ma..

3 years of studies are actually very short. blink blink oh 3 years d ah?! that's y i chose to spend more time with friends, do things together. after graduate, i might not see them as often as i used to be anymore.

but, sometimes i still prefer to be a lone melayani peraasan, to do what i want to do without restrictions. as a non-punctual person, i can follow my own time. i have absolute freedom. i only have to be responsible for my own life.

study hard for your exam la. i pray that my classmates can get better results. be safe wherever you go. please take care of your health. i know u all studying hard but u need to have enough sleep s well. look who's talking. im the one who's always sick but im asking other people to take care of their health. aaahhaha.

another thing is.. Force won't bring happiness lah. If people say no, don't keep asking anymore. You can persuade but take it if you are rejected. Never use force. 

to my seniors who are graduating soon, very soon after this exam, all the best in ur life. u r in the working period now. no more a student. hahah! no more PTPTN. whatever u do, always be responsible. do your best and no regrets. life is a long journey. it's ok if u change job. if u never try, u never know ma..

lastly, erm.. thx la to those caring people out there or those who are kaypo to drop by this space to see to feel and to know what i wana say... although what i say sometimes are nonsense and crappy.

okla c u tmr. need 1 more panadol. good nite. bye bye.

Monday, 13 December 2010

PERIBAHASA of the day

Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian apa pun tak dapat.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

notes missing?!


When im ready and have the mood to study, my notes go missing. hmmm.. bagusla tu. 

notes not complete how to study la..

I'm very particular one lo. before i start studying, i must arrange all my notes. i must make sure my notes are complete. so if i got tips oso no use cuz i can't start studying if one chapter is missing. =p


we study with what we have! i'll study EVERYTHING then only i'll sleep.

we are not stupid. I'm definitely not stupid. I'm just lazy. I tell u if i really study, sure get flying colors lo. by that time i sure can fly up the sky.

Annek, Kopi 'O KaoKao satu! POWER mia!

*listening to 988 while studying is great. Sunday nite is all about old songs. nostalgic leh. =p

STUDY, don't sleep!

People, exam period but u so lazy to study. always sleep, sleep, sleep. u scared no chance to sleep meh.. after u die, u can sleep as long as u want lo.

hahahah! hey people u don't get offended k. dun terasa.

I'm actually telling this to myself la.


so bad la. i've been sleeping the whole week. do nothing about my exam yet. i was so busy with events and other activities. i facebooking. i play non-stop. i take pics. kanasai me!

first paper is next Wednesday ok.

no way!


friends scold me lah if i don't study. =p

Saturday, 11 December 2010

QUOTE of the day

The only way to success is do it with your heart.

Friday, 10 December 2010

i want to have a peaceful sleep

Why is it so hard juz 2hav 1hour nap???

1st 30min: cant sleep.
2nd 30min: phone calls keep comin in.

aduih. see now cannot sleep d lo cuz i need to study.

i wish to sleep in peace la...

i don't blame those who call me la cuz i know they need me.

but seriously i'll consider to silent my phone when i'm sleeping next time.

cannot get me ah? ur problem lah! hahah.


Love should be long-lasting NOT lust-lasting.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Pantang Larang?

Pantang larang?? Do you know what it means? Well.. living in Malaysian generally and being a Chinese or any race in particular, we are born, nurtured and socialized with so much of cultures, beliefs, traditions, norms and pantang larang. Pantang larang or taboos or acts that are forbidden are different according to the ethnicity.

I’m a Chinese but that does not mean all the Chinese have the same pantang larangs. It is different according to your dialect, your hometown in China, your religion, your family culture, your environment and etc.

Haih… do we really need pantang larang? What say you? Sometimes I feel we do. But most of the time pantang larang is just pantang larang. Nothing scientific. Pantang larang basically means No, No and NO to whatever you want to do. Pantang larang is also some kind of law that you must follow to have a smooth and better life. And this law is an unwritten law. It is usually passed down from one generation to another generation.

Why so many pantang larangs? Is it necessary? Is it reasonable? Aduih.. sorry to say at this moment, I feel so geram that i used to practice some pantang larang and I feel so regret now.

When I was small, really small, I’m forbidden from:
1) looking at monkey
2) playing with monkeys
3) and even cannot say the word monkey in ‘Hokkien’
4) not allowed to look at the wake and funeral
5) not allowed to attend funeral

hmmm.. until this moment, I’m phobia, scared and I never say the word monkey in Hokkien. I even dare not to type out the word monkey in Hokkien. It’s a great fear ok. It has been instilled in my mind since young. So yea why can’t I look at monkeys? I duno. And I never ask. I dare not to ask.

So why can’t I attend funerals? Ok some say when we are too young, our ‘power’ or ‘chi’ is weak to hinder us from the bad spirits. The evil spirits will come and kacau and then we’ll get sick blablabla. Ok la I can accept that. BUT I am so sad I can’t even attend my Ah Chor’s funeral. What the tut is that! I love my Ah Chor so much ok. And she loves me too. That time I was just around 10 years old. Sad ok. What kind of pantang larang is this! Ah Chor is my ancestor lah.

I never ask why. In Chinese culture, never question the elders. If not they will say you are rude or kurang ajar. Due to this perception of ‘kurang ajar’, the youths of my age nowadays dare not to open up their mouth to question and to ask intellectually. They are scared, they are fear and they have no confidence.

As I grown up, I, not to say forgotten but I've leave behind a lot of pantang larangs because I don’t feel it is necessary. I do whatever I feel like doing as long as I don’t harm anyone and I don’t tarnish my family’s name.  I don’t merely follow pantang larangs anymore. I will question the relevance of it. My parents also no longer ask me not to do this and that and they accept when I attend a wake or funeral. I guess maybe because I’m adult already and the bad spirit can’t kacau me anymore or maybe because I’m free from any CURSE. Haha.

If you practice a pantang larang for a religion purpose, I can still accept that. Other than that, hmmm.. I won’t criticize la. It’s your right ma. Siao meh. Im not that racist, bias and discriminative ok. Wa banyak open punya.

You may say, if we don’t follow the pantang larang, our culture will be vanished. But culture is a very wide aspect. In this modern world, no one really care about their cultures and religions. Yes this is a fact. Everyone is living in their comfort zone. People do whatever they like without taking into consideration about their cultures, beliefs, norms, and traditions. People’s lifestyle has changed. Everything is based on science technology now. However, I still believed in religion but I’m no longer that strong in practicing my pantang larang as how I used to be when I was small.

I am not here questioning your pantang larang. This is just my point of view of my own cultures.

Tiada kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau yang mati ataupun yang sepera hidup dan mati.

QUOTE of the day

If you wana know what it feels like, do it for yourself, don't just watch and admire

Monday, 6 December 2010

back to life

I've reached home with scars, itchiness n loss of voice from the camp but sweet memories in the heart. tired but best!

I got an award for a video competition but it's the worst prize-giving ceremony i ever attended in my life. lucky but got cheated by the organiser!

anyhow, it's a bit of sueh plus funny and crazy weekends. =p

Friday, 3 December 2010

weekends in KL

this week is gona be a good week.

yes it will be!!

i woke up at 6.30am. damn early. n i'm feeling so sleepy right now.

ok got to go.

1) Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur camp

2) prize giving ceremony in Putrajaya

*tq so much Navin for ur sleeping beg, now only i noe whatis a sleeping beg! hahahah! malunya aku. syiok la so comfy. got ur smell. hehehe. thx. recover cepat2

Thursday, 2 December 2010


QUOTE of the day

It's ok if you are not pro in one particular field but u know a lot of things from different fields.

better photographer?

I tell u, if u can be crazier than me, u can definitely become a better photographer. 

But before that, you must learn how to act, pretend, cheat, jump, climb, crawl, run, langgar traffic, speed on bike n help other pressmen.

Good photographs also come from experience you know.. Not only talent, passion or good gadgets. 

Good night.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Beginning of the sem sick, now end of the sem also lagi sick!!

So sick ah!!

Everything also cannot do.

good night.

my dream house

what is your dream? where?

my dream house is an attap house and it must be in the jungle. it must be bext to a stream so that i can get water, pee and bathe.

why? cannot ah?

Monday, 29 November 2010

SRC Monthly Dialogue Session

Monthly Dialogue Session by Student Representatives Committee (SRC) of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Kampar is back.

Come and participate. Make your voice heard loud and clear.

We'll discuss a lot of issues that affect your welfare.

We want to listen to your complaints, suggestions and ideas. This will be the last dialogue session before we focus on our exam and have our holidays. This will also be the last chance for you to voice up in written form before we submit a memorandum on students' needs to the university.

Date: 30/11/10 Tuesday
Time: 5pm-7pm
Venue: B208

Hope to see you guys tomorrow. Please spread the news.

Thank you.

Oh Chin Eng,
UTAR Kampar

Saturday, 27 November 2010

QUOTE of the day

Don't run for election if you don't have the passion to serve the people

Thursday, 25 November 2010

now, i support autocracy

I am a firm believer of democracy.

i have been practicing it all this while.

i listen to everyone. i make sure they speak. i make sure they are heard. i want everyone to take part in the team. they must know that they are important and they can make a change too.

But now for once, i believe in autocracy.


so that there'll be only one voice that represents the team.

this might not sound good. BUt sometimes, it is necessary to make sure things are done. It's not good if no one listen to you. It will be messy if everyone wants to take the role of the head. no decision can be made if some people wants to be 'hero' or they have their own agenda.

i never command anyone to do anything that they are not willing to do. i never force them yet. i didn't raise my voice even when things are not done. i never even use my power as a chairman to scold, to complaint or to sack anyone.

I felt i don't have to do so because this is a team and we must always be united. All are adults and all know how to think. But some just know how to talk, know what they should do but never do.

Now, knowing that i have the power, thus i must exercise it.

Power is part of my responsibility.

I was given the power and mandate to stand with the people and serve them.

Before i can deal with anyone, i must make show my team are willing or at least listen to my order.

I must be firm, stern, straight forward and strong in my decision and principles.

I'm sorry and don't blame me if i scold anyone. I know im too soft when i deal with people. I also know i am not the best leader.

Let's just work all out for the last one semester.

Leave a good memories for yourself and your voters. Don't make yourself regret. 

It's ok if people don't praise you, just make sure they don't critisize you. =p

a need to practice what you learn

Seriously i miss the feeling of being assigned to cover news. you need to practice what you learn. if not, you'll even forget how to start the 1st paragraph.

I envy those who can still pen their thoughts, opinions or interviews on the piece of news. The nature of journalism is in me. The instinct of a journalist also in me. I was among the first ones to reach the scene everytime a news happened. Not to boast, but i love this job.


I know.. I can't practice it at the moment. I blame no one. No one's fault.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

fact of life

In reality, if u dun BODEK, u'll get less, or even nothing.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

you don't trust me at all

I think this is the very first time i blog about you.

I seldom blog nowadays but now i know what im gona write about in this post.

i know u are angry, u are sad because i went to other table to talk to my friends when i was having dinner with you.

i am sorry if i make u feel neglected or alone. I never meant to make u feel that way.

I apologised and explained.. I'll try not to be away for so long next time.

But you said..

"Do you think i will trust you again?"

er.. ok.. this is so hurtful.

Now i know..

You don't trust me at all.. 

Well, what can i say?

as far as i concern,i fulfilled my words.

I never cheat on you.

no matter how hurt or disappointed i was, i never say such words to you.

I still trust you even you break your promise.

You always say NO whenever i ask something from you. I'm ok with that. You always put other people as your priority. i also ok with that.

It's too hard for me to swallow your words. It's like burning charcoal flaming in my stomach.

I am a busy man. I have a lot of commitments and responsibilities. I have to always communicate and socialize with people. I have meetings to attend. I have to settle other people's problems. I am active, always go here and there, do this and that.

If you don't trust me..


QUOTE of the day

Don't force people to do things that they are not willing to do.

Saturday, 20 November 2010


What is your dream? Do you have one? Have you achieved it? What have u done to achieve it? Dream will remain as a dream if no action is taken to materialise it. It's not wrong if your dream is different from the others. It's ok if you have more than one dream.

Your dream is like your life. Dream keeps us alive. It gives us hopes, happiness and satisfaction.

Go make ur dream a reality.

I have many dreams too.. I'm achieving it one by one although it might take my entire life. =p

Friday, 19 November 2010

just for laugh

The best thing about farting is not on its smell but its melodious tone.

QUOTE of the day

No matter how good you are, never ever look down on others.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

the end

alrite no more facebook status for today 17.11.2010

i wana do my assignments.

i wana stay away from controversies, speculations, questions, criticisms, motivation and whatsoever things that people wana say in facebook la.

what i see what i hear is so depressing.

i cannot bear the pain and burden emotionally. 

don't wana care anymore.

everything else is not important except my studies.

study hard la.

do your best.

always know what you are doing and always do the right thing.

stand for what you believe in.

that's the end for tonight la.


panas baran

kebelakangan ini, Gunung Berapi OCE mudah meletup, dah sampai masa agaknya..

terlalu banyak perkara untuk difikirkan.

terlalu banyak perkara yang menggeramkan, menyedihkan dan meletupkan hati.

terperap lama di dalam hati membawa parah.

takde mood la.

tak rasa nak cakap dengan siapa-siapa.

tak tahu berkata-kata..

rasa macam nak jerit, nak lari kuat-kuat jauh-jauh.

lepas penat, terus rebah dan tidur.

i need a SPACE.

big one..

tiba-tiba alam ini rasanya begitu sunyi dan sepi..

di manakah keriangan dan kebahagiaan?

feeling so down. rimas! mixed feelings. duno wat to do..

if you ask me why, sorry i don't know. no specific answer.

assignments? har.. dun la..

jom bertafakur dan berchanting.

Monday, 15 November 2010

NO WAY presentation is tomorrow!!



I'm in BIG trouble now.

30 minutes ago only i know Public Administration presentation is tomorrow.


I'm now in Penang!

I didn' know it's tomorrow. Really. I didn't hear from the lecturer. No one tells me. No one says anything.

Maybe the lecturer informed them when i was away from the class.

Thx Tiff for telling me..

No resources and books here, how am i going to do the slides??


Sunday, 14 November 2010

QUOTE of the day

You got hurt the most by the person you love the most.

Friday, 12 November 2010

time to rest

ahhh.. finally.. everything is (almost) done.

No more major things-to-do this week.

i need a looooooooong sleep. i dun mind to sleep from now until next Monday morning. hahaha. 

it has been tiring n hectic week for most of the Y2S3 JR-ians. i noe they are tired. i am tired.  

what i can say is, no more deviant culture presentation for CnC, no more information technology assignment for Public Administration, no more meetings for XRC, no mor midterm, no more 'anything i can help ah' and satay or putu mayong for JR Gathering, no mor pimples, no more burung hantu.  

JR Gathering was.. haha! GOOD la! cuz everyone came together to help and do things together. i'll blog about this some other time.

It's Fri nite, we should jz sleep til Mon morn.

I'm cleaning my room now. Will do laundry, pack my stuffs and then i'll post photos of JR Gathering before i say good night Kampar. try la ok.. i have to alter 600+ photos ok. gila.

*good luck for coursemates for ur Moral campaign.

assignment rush


Live from 1194 Westlakes Homes.

A lot of Burung Hantus are awake tonight rushing for their assignment.

this is a good trend.

This is a week where all these burungs or birdbird sleep at 4am, 5am or even 7am.

for photo enthusiast, this is a good time to capture their photos when they are most active at night with their eyes half-opened.

and the wind is so strong and cool out there.

and the weather is so nice to sleep.

and a simple topic becomes so hard to explain.


*berita disampaikan oleh OCE.

YOU are quoted

If its not your problem, don't make it as part of your problem. If people wants to make it part of your problem, tell them "My problem ah?!"

~ Dexter Khaw Kuo Wen
~ 10.11.2010 9.43pm
~ via Facebook

Thursday, 11 November 2010

injection.. again!

this is not the first, definitely not the last time i got injection in Kampar.

I had any injection today.


got stung by some unknown insect while i was riding my bike!!

yea the thing stung me on the road!!


it stung my neck ok. within few minutes, my whole body became so itchy. the pain is just too much to bear. my neck turned red.

went to the clinic with my friend. thanks to her.

oh ya, had an injection there.


sakit gila beb.

u noe. i had mor injections in Kampar compare to my 20 years living in Penang.


life is good! =p i have a lot of things to do, schedule is packed. it's a good thing to keep us alive and life wouldn't be dull.

Im busy till next week.

Joint Operasi Lalang ( JR Gathering ) tomorrow. Balik kampung on Saturday.

good Culture n Communication presentation with Avinesh n Yogish today.

im now rushing for Public Administration assignment. SOrry im late.

the injection is making me so damn sleepy right now. eyes are shutting. tired! im like those drunk guy stim-stim blur-blur.

annek Kopi O' Kaokao satu.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

kata-kata hikmat

Jangan terlalu tamak, nanti apa pun tarak.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

hectic week

Everyone suffers in short semester.

Everyone will go crazy especially from week 3 - week 5.

I am so so gona go crazy.

yes, may things to do, many things happen in this week.

1) Public Administration midterm: today

2) Culture and Communication presentation: Thursday

3) Public Administration assignment: Friday

4) Treasure Hunt Competition: Wednesday

5) JR Gathering: Friday

6) Sister dancing competition: Sunday

7) Pay student bill

8) SRC: meeting, events, student welfare issues

9) etc etc.

Monday, 8 November 2010

bad semester

alrite this will be the last post of the night. going to study after this. afterall, tak larat dah cuz pangsai again. aih..

A lot a lot and non-stop bad things continuously happening in this short semester. Pray harder people.


im feeling gay

hahaha! im feeling so gay tonite ah. appraisals are makin me fly. ok i'll work harder work harder.

oh ya! sedapnya sebatang banana yang gemuk, panjang dan berisi. Sexy!

thanks to my roomate for his huge banana from Teluk Intan. eh real banana ok! yellow color one la! hahaha!

photography is my life

Photography teaches me to appreciate and enjoy life. 

I learnt a lot about life and people.

Do it with a sincere heart and you'll get satisfaction and blessing out of it. 

Photography is just my life.



If you are given a second chance to change any moment in your life, what would it be?

Think hard about it..

No right or wrong answer for it.

You can still make a change.

Let go of the past, work for your future.

Sometimes there is no second chance in life.
Belum ronda, belum tahu. huhuhuhu.

You people always thought i apa pun taktau, actually i semua pun tau.

Tak kenal maka tak cinta. Tak kenal maka takkan approve friends in FB.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

RIP Chloe

It's a truly sad moment for us.. at least me..

My heart feels so heavy right now. Speechless. Shocked. Stunned. Clueless. Feel like puking. Just a moment ago, i was so happy, laughing out loud, chilling, then i got a message that someone has just passed away..

i asked my friend to confirm it. Then a friend called to tell me the same thing, followed by a post in Facebook. A friend of the victim's brother said the same thing too. so it's true..

On the night of 29th October 2010 at around 9.10pm, a girl and a guy on a bike had a collision with a Mercedes outside of Westlake Homes, Kampar. Now the girl, Chiang Wei Shan (an ex-UTARian who supposed to resume her studies next Jan) has passed away at 6.48pm today (7.11.2010).

Who's fault? I don't know.

Someone posted this on her Facebook this morning: Chloe might not survive if she couldnt pass through today doctor said if she still remain the same after today as her brain is dead, they will shutdown the machine that keeps her survive right now. SO ALL THE PRAYER WE NEED YOUR HELP TO PRAY HARD FOR HER SO THAT SHE COULD GONE THROUGH TODAY!! ASK ALL YOUR FRIEN...DS TO HELP TO PRAY HARD FOR HER IN THE NAME OF LORD JESUS!!! 

Before this, i saw some posts in Facebook saying that she's in coma. I really hoped she'll be awake. But now, she's gone forever.. 

I was there at the scene to take photos ( The girl was so scared. She was screaming due to the unbearable pain. She hold tightly to her brother once she saw him. And she kept on apologising. I went to the hospital to follow up. I can see how great is the love of her brother. He was angry at the slow response from the hospital. I was pissed off too. So much delay at the hospital. If things could be faster at that time..

That's the first and last time i saw her..

I really hope someone actually witnessed the whole accident to give a justice to her.

Around this time last year, 3 UTAR students passed away too ( James Khor Wan Kai, Yew Shy Gin and Yew Ghim Chnieh got drowned at the Batu Berangkai Waterfall, Kampar on 1st Nov 2009. I was there, covering news. I was there, when they found the bodies. I was there, when their family members and friends broke down.

Now all their Facebook pages are flooded with wishes and condolence. They'll never have the chance to reply.. My heart breaks looking at the posts asking Chloe to wake up.

No one knows how miserable i am right now. I feel bad because i didn't got the chance to pass the accident photos that his brother asked from me.

I may not know her, but she has just left a very big impact on my life.

Coincidentally, these few days, i recalled the waterfall incident and now another death took place.

My deepest condolence and prayers to her family. Stay strong. She'll be sad if you are sad.

May her soul rest in peace.

My friends out there, Please.. Please.. drive safe. Please! i don't want to take pictures of your dead body on the road. i don't want to hear from anyone that you got knocked down by a car or lorry or what-so-ever vehicles. Think of your loved ones. If you scared you'll be late, depart early, don't speed. Follow traffic rules. Drive safe, drive slowly. Always say your prayer before you start your journey.

be safe..

Let me take this opportunity to say I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, and THANK YOU to all of you, each and every one of you including my family members who have came across my life, in case i don't have the chance to say or I'm too afraid to say it to you.

Let's all of us, in our own way, whether you believe in religion or not, pray for her and her family.

Sedekahkanlah doa buat mereka. Semoga rohnya dicucuhri rahmat.


God bless her.


3.0 to intern abroad!!

i always wanted to go study abroad. i missed the chance once and here I am in UTAR. But now i have the chance again through internship.

I'm looking through the Student Handout of Industrial Training Manual and i found this.

5.1.1       Industrial training/placement outside Malaysia
UTAR may look for internationally well-known companies for students interested in industrial training abroad. If the names of the internationally well-known companies are to be listed in UTAR website, students can view the list.  Should a student intend to undergo training with any one of the companies in the list, then the student would have to approach his/her respective faculty to arrange for industrial training. Otherwise, students could contact other company not in the Faculty List directly themselves.

Students must follow up with necessary documents as in guidelines below:
1.     CGPA of eligible candidate should be 3.0 and above.
2.     It is compulsory for the overseas company’s senior officer to send UTAR an official letter, and then UTAR would follow up with the company progressively.
3.     The Faculty Industrial Training Committee is required to go though the industrial training offer letter from the senior officer of the overseas company thoroughly.  If appropriate, the committee would bring up the recommendation to the Faculty Board/Management Committee for approval.
4.     If approved, DIIR and DISS would be informed of the decision to follow up with assisting the student in applying for the necessary e.g. application of visa, purchase of insurance, letters of indemnity.
5.     It is compulsory for foreign exchange student to purchase international medical and hospitalization insurance.
6.     It is the responsibility of the Faculty of the student to find out from the overseas employer, the type of Insurance the student has to buy before the student leaves Malaysia (e.g. Professional Indemnity Insurance).
7.     The Faculty has to ensure that the student is well prepared before going for industrial training overseas, such as
·         Purchase of  appropriate insurance not limited to personal accident policy, personal liability policy, medical, hospitalization and surgical policy and travel insurance; and to keep these insurance policies valid throughout the period of your stay/industrial training within and outside Malaysia,
·         Purchase of returning air ticket,
·         Preparation of legal document e.g. agreement letter signed between Candidate, UTAR and the Company, Indemnity Letter to be signed between the company and the candidate, and the parent has to sign to undertake the responsibility if the student damages any property in the company.
8.     You are required to fulfil the immigration requirements of the designated country of your industrial training/placement; find your own sponsor for the application of training pass or permit; keep the permit valid throughout the course of your industrial training/placement and to undertake to return home upon expiry of the permit.  Kindly contact the International Division of the University should you require any assistance or clarifications on immigration matters.
9.     You and/or your parents/guardian are required to bear all the costs and expenses including but not limited to visa fees, medical check-up fees, travelling expenses, your personal maintenance and stay expenses, repatriation expenses and any miscellaneous expenses as stipulated by the relevant authorities or the University or the Company.
10.  In exceptional cases subject to conditions, the university may consider acting as sponsor such as application of travel visit pass to Singapore.
11.  Visit by UTAR supervisor to overseas company may not be required.

5.1.2      The Rules and Regulations of the University govern your conduct during the industrial training period. Your industrial training contract with the company governs your time and effort that you will spend with the company.

5.1.3      You are reminded to uphold the good name of the University, abide by the code of conduct of the University, the Company, the industry, the terms of your industrial training contract, and any other relevant rules and regulations at all times during the course of the industrial training/placement.

5.1.4      You should also keep abreast with developments on campus.

To qualify for the application, my CGPA must be above 3.0

It's possible but it's hard.

hmmm... i screwed my previous exams la. My CGPA is just 2.6 now. How to jump up to 3.0 in this semester.

And to qualify is one thing, to compete with other applicants with higher CGPA is another challenge.

Oh God, i really need your help now. i'll work harder, can you show me some miracles? I need to get CGPA 3.0 by this semester la, if not i can't apply for abroad internship next semester.

kamsiah kamsiah!