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Monday, 8 November 2010

bad semester

alrite this will be the last post of the night. going to study after this. afterall, tak larat dah cuz pangsai again. aih..

A lot a lot and non-stop bad things continuously happening in this short semester. Pray harder people.


im feeling gay

hahaha! im feeling so gay tonite ah. appraisals are makin me fly. ok i'll work harder work harder.

oh ya! sedapnya sebatang banana yang gemuk, panjang dan berisi. Sexy!

thanks to my roomate for his huge banana from Teluk Intan. eh real banana ok! yellow color one la! hahaha!

photography is my life

Photography teaches me to appreciate and enjoy life. 

I learnt a lot about life and people.

Do it with a sincere heart and you'll get satisfaction and blessing out of it. 

Photography is just my life.



If you are given a second chance to change any moment in your life, what would it be?

Think hard about it..

No right or wrong answer for it.

You can still make a change.

Let go of the past, work for your future.

Sometimes there is no second chance in life.
Belum ronda, belum tahu. huhuhuhu.

You people always thought i apa pun taktau, actually i semua pun tau.

Tak kenal maka tak cinta. Tak kenal maka takkan approve friends in FB.