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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

YOU are quoted

"You.. get angry for awhile and blame life for not being fair and then you try to hide your anger in front of your friend. But sooner or later, you learn that life's too short to hide anything. You then accept the hard truth, and try to make the best out of whatever time your friend has left. And along the way, you grow up a little."

~ Hor Wei Vern
~ 8.20pm via MSN

*hard to digest la.. but i like what you said. thanks alot.

old people #13

30/9/2009 2.04pm New Town, Kampar, Perak, Malaysia

A very old gardener that I found at the place I stay, Kampar. He and his another old Indian friend are the ones who cut the grass at my hostel area, Westlake. Two of them will cycle everywhere with their old black bicycles.

CRAVING for burger and lok-lok

im so KEMPUNAN burger and lok-lok right now. arrrghhh!

anyway kempunan means... er... i think it means ‘craving for’ or ‘dying for’ something.

Hehe. Yes im craving for roadside burger and lok-lok. Seriously roadside burger tastes better then any other burgers from the restaurant. Main point is it is CHEAP!

i miss them lar..  You can never get that taste in Kampar or anywhere else.

I’ve been in Penang for almost 4weeks and I haven’t tasted my favourite food. What the heck!

i wana go out to get burger right now but it's so damn late already la. Most of the burger stalls closed d. FINE! it's ok! i'll get that tomorrow! wahahah!

let's save! save money tonite! Sleep now!