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Sunday, 19 June 2011

DAMN! wasting 6 hours in office!


Yea you heard me.

Colleague informed me last night that I’m needed for an assignment at 8am. My partner is Alvin. Supposedly my original assignment is on 2pm. Ok fine.

So I reached office at 8am just now. First thing to do is to get the fax or details on the assignment. And guess what. The speech, opening ceremony and stuff is at 2pm! 2pm! 8am is just some minor things with no newsvalue.

So no need to go at 8am lo. 2pm only go out la.


aih. Wat the tut man wrong info?? How can you give us wrong info?? I hate it. Those who key in the details must be accurate la. Look at the fax or press release carefully. Don’t trouble your broadcast journalist and cameraman. Check the details properly and then only inform us. This is not the 1st time we got wrong information on the assignments.

Pissed off ok.

Nw nothing to do in the office. There’s nothing for us to do in the office as the intern. Alright im not going to go into that topic. I just express my disappointment and geramness je on my assignment this morning.

Geram geram geram!

Oh Chin Eng is wasting 6 hours in the office. Right now, there are only 2 people in the office including me. The rest? Sleeping la.

Damn! Tak marah kalau tak boleh la. Tell me how not to be angry in this situation. Anyone also will be angry la.

Wasted my sleeping time. If not because of this wrong info, I can go to office at 10am or 11am because my assignment is at 2pm not 8am.

Some more, I wear so nice (handsome) today ok. I’m planning to do stand upper ma. Stand upper is like u hold a mike and speak and appear on tv la. Ish. Ruin my mood and handsomeness.

*I’ll get angry and get over it soon. Hopefully. =p