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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

results of final exam of final semester is OUT!

alright I am so afraid right now. 

The moment is here. The results of my final exam of my final semester have just released.

Oh i am so excited. And i'm so happy for my classmates and friends as they are now officially graduated. Everyone is posting it on Facebook. 

But i haven't checked mine. I freak out.

Everything happened so fast. 

Just a few hours ago, i posted in my Facebook that "u worry abt not getting a job? i worry abt not passing my final final exam lo.. "

Now, UTAR announced the results. All this while i was anticipated for it but not this time.

I have some bad feeling. I just feel uneasy.

It's like something bad is gona happen.

There's a very thick insecurities built in me.

I have been so grumpy lately thinking of the results. 

homaigawad homaigawd.

I just want to pass la, not A...