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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

farewell to Penang

Finally the time has come after a 2 enjoyable week semester break in Penang.

I am leaving today at 11.45am. Destination? Kuala Lumpur.

I'll b there for 3 months internshipin NTV7 starting next Monday.

But i have to go earlier to settle some stuff and attend a programme.

Well, somehow, my dream comes true. I can go far to do what i love to do.


I am sad..

I am sad that I'm leaving my family to somewhere so far than Kampar, and for 3 months long.

I know 3 months will end very fast.

I know i'll see a lot of new different things and meet a lot of people.

I hope everything will be fine. I hope i can stand with KL's life. and I hope there'll be more opportnities for me in KL.

I am truly excited for my new life and i'm nervous too.

ok i have to go.

Haven't done with packing yet. hahaa.

My brother will send me to bus station later with car. got 3 BIG bags to bring ma..

ok people. see you. Penang byebye. KL hi hi. =p