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Friday, 19 March 2010

me n Mr. Black

It's Mr. Wong Chin Huat la. He is a great speaker and i'm impressed by his talk. He came to UTAR Kampar today for the sharing session organised by the Journalism Department of FAS, UTAR.

QUOTE of the day

"You can change things. You don't need great people to change things."

~ Mr. Wong Chin Huat
~ 19/3/2010
~ Sharing Session with UTAR Kampar students

Block B Under Bluish Sky

19/3/2010 3.32pm

Picture of Block B UTAR Kampar taken from Block G.

skip and sleep

good morning people. =p


hehee i have a class actually from 8am to 11am. but im here, at home!!

hahahaa... never mind la i didn't really ponteng yet. I'm really tired la, i need a long sleep. if possible, i want to sleep till tomorrow.

yesterday was so packed with activities and mixed emotions.

and i have to submit an assignment by 12pm today.

so i decided to skip the class, rest more and then do the assignment.

okla i know i shoudn't skip classes but what to do, the class is at 8am n i cannot tahan la.

it's time for a long break i guess. everyone is so worn out this few weeks.

i need a vacation to pamper and to rejuvenate and recharge myself.


Mr. Wong Chin Huat is coming!

WOhoooOO! one of my favourite political activists is coming to my university, UTAR Kampar.

If u are studying here, do join me.

for more information please click here.

thank you.