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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

we break up la

Inspired! I'm so awake. Oh i am awake now. I feel like.. I feel like a nice slap on my head. I mean, a nice one. Yea positive one. It's all just because of a message by someone you respect and inspire.

"...ei, u ar, study hard la...," KKY.
~ 10.18pm 22/9/2010

so now im gona say bye to Twitter, Facebook and Blogspot until 1am later and continue studying. yes! 

hmmpphh! we BREAK UP la tonight! u go break ur leg la. or break the glass la! BYE!! off! 

-the end-

it's not about luck

Hahah! Lucky?? Nothing is about good luck. Life is not about luck. Success is not about luck. If you work hard, then you'll be lucky. You deserved what you have been working for. Luck won’t be at your side if you just sit there and do nothing. Do more good deeds and you'll be sparkling bright as the lucky stars. Luck is just a bonus. Everything else, it's about your ACTION!

Anyway, good luck!

Believe in Karma..



Do you know that it is so painful and suffering when you are so fulled but your mouth damn itchy and you must keep on eating? Arrghh! I couldn't resist the lure and temptation of food. Food is so seductive!

oh i tak tahan la...


don't care la!


Eating is a good stress therapy.


Adalah ini dengan bangga dan sukacitanya diumumkan bahawa, hujan yang gila lebat taik cirit telah dengan selamat dan jayanya berhenti di Kampar, Perak. Rakyat jelata dijemput beramai-ramai ke pasar malam dan lepak bersama tanglung dengan gayanya di bawah sinaran bulan penuh yang masih belum kelihatan. Ingin diingatkan bahawa play at your own risk, hujan akan turun lagi. Kalau basah, bagusla. wahahahaha! =p


Halo halo! Last call last call! Me n my friends made a amateur video for a competition. It's not that GREAT la but please support by clicking on this link to watch. The number of viewership will determine the winner. Tolong tolong help to spread around too. Deadline is tomorrow. TQ!

You people very nice and kind-hearted one right?? =p

QUOTE of the day

If you keep giving yourself excuses, you are not going anywhere, nothing is achievable.

中秋节快乐 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

According to Chinese Lunar Calender, today is the 15th of the 8th month.

We can see full moon on every 15th of the month.

But today is not about the moon.

Today the Chinese all over the world is celebrating a festival.

15th of the 8th month is about something else. 

Here i wish everyone a very Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, Selamat Hari Kuih Bulan @ Pesta Tanglung, Tong Chiu Jie Khuai Lok and 中秋节快乐. 

Don't burn down ur house with lanterns. 

Eat more mooncake and u'll become beautiful like the moon. 

Don't forget and always remember to do charity no matter where you are, what you do, 

Share your happiness with the unfortunate ones.

Life will be more meaningful.


I present you with this song on this very special day.