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Friday, 20 August 2010

i would love to..

I would love to be on stage again.

I would love to sparring again.

I would love to be a monk again.

I would love to paint again.

i would love to write poems again.

whole day on bed!!


Shit shit shit!

I just woke up! I slept whole day! whole man! This is so crazy! Arrghhh!

I couldn’t wake up. I skipped all my classes.


What the heck.

This is so UNPRODUCTIVE!!!

I had so many weird dreams.

I got stuck on my bed!

I feel so damn bad now..

I don't feel good at all..

Oh what should I do. It’s already dinner time!! It's nigh time already and i wasted one whole day doing nothing!

W A K E   U P   O C E!


escaped to Malim Nawar

Just reached home..

Feeling so much better and relieved.

Was so down early tonight. Tried to figure out the root cause but I failed. Is it because of I can’t make it for the dinner with PM Najib? Or is it because there’s some problems with my group’s presentation. Or because of something else?


So I escaped myself from this place. Im not running away from the problem but im just finding a way to comfort myself.

I went for dinner alone before 2 meetings. 1st meeting, duno where's the venue, i got lost. zzz.. 2nd meeting cancelled. What a boring night. I have academic stuffs to do but no time.

So jeng jeng jeng!

I went to Malim Nawar with my scooter at 10.30pm. Let’s call it Motorbike Ronda Malam. Woohooo! Malim Nawar is such a small town. Maybe I didn’t explore all yet. Malim Nawar is the nearest town to Kampar. Wanted to go somewhere else but too late and dangerous. 3 other friends were following me, a couple on a bike n I fetched another friend. If im alone, I dun mind go far far.

Don’t feel like talk about what happened throughout the journey. It’ll be too lengthy lah.

Anyway, Thanks Tze Huey, Edmund and Cynthia for the night. Thanks to Feli, Adeline, Miss Joethi and other friends as well for helping me in finding me a place to sleepover in KL.

God please bless these people..