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Monday, 2 November 2009

JOKE of the day

just found out from my friend that some people in UTAR actually hate me 4who i am-carrying a camera everywhere i go n having a malay gf. they say i have prob wif my brain.

WTF man! so what? u mana sakit? u envy the attention i get is it? let me be what i wana be! im proud to be myself n being different! stop being so judgemental and racist! you dun really know who i am. FUCK off la!

get your FACTS right nx time. never in my life i have a malay gf. boloh..

ok now everyone pls laugh! a round of applause to these SHITTY people!

cilaka babi! cokodok basi! pungkok tak cuci! jaga later u cirit! kurang asam! Kanasai! Gundechi ombodeh la!

sending off James Khor Wan Kai, Yew Ghim Chnieh, Yew Shy Gin

James furneral-2molo 12.30pm Batu Gantong nearby kelab lumba kuda opposite 协和中学.4 those who want go, bus is provided (Total bus fees will be divided). Pls submit ur name 2 Ms Esther DSA if u r attending BEFORE 5PM, TODAY.2molo 7am gather at Blk D. UTAR T-shirt. Class attendance cant exempt. Everything at own responsibility. More info, pls call Mei 0166791283. Pls spread new as much as possible. UTARIAN only! Tx

To friends of James Khor Wan Kai, Yew Shy Gin and Yew Ghim Chnieh who wish to pass their last massage to them, there will be a small ceremony in westlake basketball court tonight monday 02/11/2009 at 9pm to 11pm. Friends may bring their last tribute to the victims (flower, card, ect) may they be rest in peace, thank you.

* infos taken from James Khor Fan Club in Facebook

Students Swept Away...AGAIN

Batu Berangkai, Kampar: Body of James Wan Kai Khor, 20 from Penang was the first of missing victims that was found yesterday by the 2 villagers at about 9.40pm yesterday. He was among the 3 missing UTAR students who got drowned at about 5.30pm at Batu Berangkai Waterfall when a sudden gush of water swept them away. The waterfall is about 10km away from the collapsed suspension bridge where 3 pupils drowned in the river just a week ago here in Kampar. Looking on is Perak MB, YAB Dato' Seri Dr. Zambry bin Abd. Kadir, wearing black cap.

*I was the first journalist/photographer to reached the scene n got the photo. Nyeh nyeh nyeh!

I’ll upload more pics. Sabar…


Tq. =p

virus attack in CF card

damn it!

my memory card got virus. must be definitely 100% from the reporters' laptops. shit la!

my laptop just suddenly black off. im trying hard to get the pics in my memory card back.

this is i hate the most being a photographer-you lost all the pics.


all the best

good morning! im feeling so sleepy n hungry now. i slept at 7.30am n i woke up at 9am. then i slept again till now.

seriously im worn out. my friend asks me to get more rest. but i have important stuff to do today. upload the photos n finish up my blog post. pls sabar k ppl.

but before that, i have something more important to do:

All the best to my friends or people that i know that are having their final exam now especially a university in Melaka. Hope you all will do well. I noe exam has started but i guess sempat lagi to wish kan?

Ingat baca doa dulu sebelum start exam. relaxkan your mind. hopfuli apa yg dibaca tu keluar. kalau tak keluar, kelentong je.. =p

okla go break the legs. study la. jangan nanti nak merengek nak regret sebab tak study. stop playing n flirting and couple-ing for a while. sleep well. eat well. study well. lastly, dun fall into the well.

QUOTE of the day

Tell the people that you love, you love them, as if you'll never have the chance to say that anymore.