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Sunday, 16 January 2011


Don’t understand why some ppl so stingy to give a smile. So hard meh to smile. Smile only ma, can die meh?

EH i always smile to people one ok. it's some kind of greeting and respect ma.

Not that i wana show off or attract their attention la.

But it's normal la you smile to people.

when you don't smile, you really look not frienly ok.

so grumpy for what?!

wana show that you are fierce hor?

Go ciaksai la. Si bak bin!


*ok i duno y im so behsyiok. maybe i can't stand my new housemates. never once they smile. as if i owe them money like that. if not happy, don't stay here lah!*

i made it to buddhist camp (part 1)

Im glad I made it to Buddhist Camp organised by UTAR Budhhist Society. It was well-planned and meaningful. Although im a banana but the committee took the trouble to translate, explain n key in hanyupinyin for us. Campsite was like heaven bcoz no one backstab, lie, steal or pretend. Now, I know more about Buddhism. It has enlighten my lost soul. Somehow I think found the thing that I was looking for. I found peace.