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Thursday, 25 November 2010

now, i support autocracy

I am a firm believer of democracy.

i have been practicing it all this while.

i listen to everyone. i make sure they speak. i make sure they are heard. i want everyone to take part in the team. they must know that they are important and they can make a change too.

But now for once, i believe in autocracy.


so that there'll be only one voice that represents the team.

this might not sound good. BUt sometimes, it is necessary to make sure things are done. It's not good if no one listen to you. It will be messy if everyone wants to take the role of the head. no decision can be made if some people wants to be 'hero' or they have their own agenda.

i never command anyone to do anything that they are not willing to do. i never force them yet. i didn't raise my voice even when things are not done. i never even use my power as a chairman to scold, to complaint or to sack anyone.

I felt i don't have to do so because this is a team and we must always be united. All are adults and all know how to think. But some just know how to talk, know what they should do but never do.

Now, knowing that i have the power, thus i must exercise it.

Power is part of my responsibility.

I was given the power and mandate to stand with the people and serve them.

Before i can deal with anyone, i must make show my team are willing or at least listen to my order.

I must be firm, stern, straight forward and strong in my decision and principles.

I'm sorry and don't blame me if i scold anyone. I know im too soft when i deal with people. I also know i am not the best leader.

Let's just work all out for the last one semester.

Leave a good memories for yourself and your voters. Don't make yourself regret. 

It's ok if people don't praise you, just make sure they don't critisize you. =p

a need to practice what you learn

Seriously i miss the feeling of being assigned to cover news. you need to practice what you learn. if not, you'll even forget how to start the 1st paragraph.

I envy those who can still pen their thoughts, opinions or interviews on the piece of news. The nature of journalism is in me. The instinct of a journalist also in me. I was among the first ones to reach the scene everytime a news happened. Not to boast, but i love this job.


I know.. I can't practice it at the moment. I blame no one. No one's fault.