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Sunday, 1 November 2009

UTAR students missing at waterfall (update 3)

Breaking news! 3 students from UTAR, Kampar, Perak went missing at Kampar waterfalls. Alert came in at 5.45pm. Rescue and search operation is going on despite the heavy rain. And now i shall head out to the scene!

saya baru menghubungi Balai Polis Kampar untuk mendapatkan maklumat terkini. lokasi kejadian dia Kuala Dipang Waterfall. operasi mencari dan menyelamatkan masih dijalankan. menurut Koperal Suhaimi, 3 pelajar tersebut dikhuatiri telah dihanyutkan. pihak polis meminta bantuan pelajar-pelajar UTAR supaya menghubungi pihak universiti ataupun lecturers supaya berhubung dengan Balai Polis Kampar sekarang. dan saya berharap kita semua doakanlah rakan seuniversiti kita selamat. ok nak keluar pi scene sekarang! lapar..

According to the police, 2 boys and 1 girl were swimming at the waterfall when a sudden flow of water swept 3 of them away. Their male friend who was not in the water with them rushed to ask for help from the police station.

2 november 2009

i left the location n headed to Hospital Kampar.

i finally reached home. fuh.. what a day. All 3 bodies have been found-2 boys 1 girls. I was the first ‘journalist’ to reached the scene and I got the pic of the first body and their IC photos. Press asked the pics from me. oh know they know me-Oh Chin Eng, the enthusiastic Journalism student from UTAR. bad things happened too. I fell twice in the jungle n I fell from my bike. Doctor gave me an injection. It’s my first accident and injection in Kampar. During the press conference, MB of Perak, YAB Dato' Seri Dr. Zambry bin Abd. Kadir told the press that I was the one who torched him when he enter the jungle n he asked them to get the pic of the 1st body that was found from me. =p I just had my bfast, lunch, dinner n supper for y’day. Im run out of energy. Thank God Im safe. Im so gald that im still alive. My heart breaks when I see the victim’s family members cried. I love you mum, dad, bro, sis, NF n my frens. Gona pangsai, clean up myself, sleep n wake up at 8am to check my photos in the newsppr and blog abt it. Too tired lah!

my roomate, Gan Siang Yong just help me to translate the news in Chinese for me. China Press published the pics with my name on it. hehe. i dun want to be a BANANAMAN! im gona learn Chinese by hook or by crook. yesh!

i just bathed n it's raining again..

i was google-ing the news from the press. saw the photos i took. the press used it but without crediting me. zzz.. hope that the printed version will have my name on it la. im not trying to be popular but this is ethics and they promised me that they gona put my name of it. afterall i took the photos. gona sleep now. be strong ppl. pray. love. gnite. see ya later. tata.

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