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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

today do what ah

today is so hot ah. panas nak mampui.

The Earth is on fire! do something or u gona die terbakar.

haha. since i only have one class today, im super free!

free time must filled with something.

ok things-to-do today. it should be things-must-do today.

1) laundry. i have more than 20 clothes to wash today. and i need to wash my towels and bed sheet as well.

2) house keeping. finally im free to clear the mess in my room n the coomon area. yeala i was busy ma dats y my room kena tornado, hurricane n tsunami ler..

3) choose pictures for travel article assignment n also photostory assignment. too many pictures la.. have to do a light touch up also.

4) have a nap. 1 hour? =p

5) read a lengthy article for Contemporary Malaysian Politics.

6) bank in $ for my room rental.

SRC first meeting at 8pm. finally we r meeting up although SRC members are not full yet. i can't wait any longer. we must start do something now. 1 year is so short.

i terponteng class

i have only one class today. From 8-9.30am.

I didn't set my alarm but i woke up at 7.05am. WOW!

But i accidentally fell on my bed and asleep at 7.07am.

Thank God i woke up again but it's already 8.30am! arggggggggghhhhhhhh!!


so i tido until now.. zzz..

i feel so bad.

conclusion: I TERPONTENG. bukannya i sengaja ok.. not on purpose. What, excuse? This is the fact laaaaaa... See i woke up but i blur blur fell on my bed again. Not my fault ma.. nvm, i'll replace it with another time slot lo.

Miss Tan Jue Jun always say INTENTION. what is ur intention. is it good or bad. so i never have the intention to skip her class this morning. so im not a BAD STUDENT lah. hehehe. =p

*ok housekeeping today. =p

Lagenda - Sheila Majid

Sheila Majid, the Jazz Queen of Malaysia, one of the best female soul singers that I’ve known.

She’s always that sweet and young.

Everytime she sings, u can feel her. You can feel her sincerity and the message through her songs. you can even cry because her voice is touching.

Sheila Majid, you are the legend!

Eh, I want people to remember after I die lo.. I wana be a legend lo. Cannot meh.. =p