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Wednesday, 26 September 2007


wahahaha! i c pictures!! i c pictures!! finally im realised that i haven't click the 'PUBLISH POST' button, that's y the pictures nvr appear.

hahah! im nt dat bodoh after all. so hapi! but hor......da headline picture is SOOOO damn big. do u hav any idea how 2kecikkan??

anyway!! i am free!! free from the second last war. 2day is the last day of PERCUBAAN STPM SXI. i didn't really study 4it. lazy.

But HEI at least im better then:

those who alwaz nt in the class,

those who never turn up 4the exam,

those who alwaz sleep in the class,

those who TIRU in the exam hall, n

those who kuailan n buat bising in da class.

*hei dun terasa if u r 1of dem. im nt shooting u. =p

i did study a bit la... da important chapters oni. I had my sejarah 1 2day. it was ok..... i did better den sejarah 2. i used 6papers ok?? SIX er...... dun play-play!! i wonder how many pages contain the right answers. arrrgghhh... the trial was reali hard la. Even the belajar gila-gila punya students oso agree with this ok!! wish u all da best!!

2let u noe, STPM students oni hav about 55days 2study.

n SPM students oni have about 50days 2do all ur revision.

aih......... studyla anda sebelum anda distudykan. It's wasted if u dun get gud results. Waste ur time, waste ur parents $$ n duno where 2hide ur face. So, wat r u waiting for?? go STUDY la!!

gud luck n all da best 4da SPM n STPM students. ush!! AIM 4it n push urself HARDER!!

why?? why!!

arrrrgghh!!! geram geram!! why!!! why kenot post pictures 1?? cacatnya!! eeeee............ my blog is nt colorful enough.

okok i admit im not celik IT. hahah!!

anyway 4u all punya information, my BIRTHDAY WISH LIST n BIRTHDAY PRESENTS INVITATION CARD is coming out. so u all be prepared la ya. =p