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Monday, 30 November 2009


Ok a very fast n ‘short’ post blog about what has just happened.

Woah! I feel so powerful tonight. Zzzz.. not Power Rangers la. I mean… I feel so got umpphh tonite. High in spirit. Bersemangat. N im so happy.

These people made up my night. who??

Cheah Chin Liang.

Cheong Jing Wen

Saravani Selvam

Cheah Chin Liang is a reporter in a Chinese newspaper back in Penang. He’s my so-called Sifu. Always give me a lot of advise, call me in the midnight when there are events. =p

So I asked for his help to give me some powerful sentences in Chinese since im a BANANAMAN. He asked me to think myself. What the. But then he said some else that really motivate me to the max although it is FARNEE!

“I highly hope on you. Haha. Those stupid p*liticians  will headache because of you next time. Really, because you KUAILAN enough. We need reporter who is KUAILAN.”

~ 30/11/2009 8.46PM via MSN Messenger

Hahaha! That’s so sweet of you. Thanks for the motivation for the future, for the laughter to accompany me tonight and the courage for my public speaking competition this Wednesday.

Cheong Jing Wen and Saravani Selvam are my coursemates. We are not in the same class this semester but they have been so helpful all this while.

I want my speech to be colourful and unique. I want to use some Chinese and Tamil words. So Jing Wen help me in Chinese and Sara in Tamil.

These are the 2 sentences in Chinese from Jing Wen.

wo men shuo bu tong de yu yan,wo men you bu tong de wen hua,dan wo men zhu zai tong yi pian tu di.”

“bu lun wo men zuo ren he shi qing, bu lun wo men shen zai he fang, jin guan wo men shuo bu tong de yu yan, jin guan wo men you bu tong de wen hua,wo men shi zhong ji de ma lai si ya shi wo men de jia.”

And these are the 2 sentences in Tamil by Sara.



Im not gona translate the sentences. U go and ASK your friends to translate la! haha. I love the sentences my friends. Ada power man! Fuiyo! BANGGA gila!

I’ll use that in my speech. I duno how am I going to read those sentences. Practice makes PERFECT I noe.. My speech is almost complete. Just a bit more. =p

I’ll work hard this Wednesday. Yes I WILL!

Thank you. Kamsiah. Xie xie. Terima kasih. Nandri vanakem.


UTAR Kampar Public Speaking Competition

This is the FIRST public speaking competition organised by UTAR Kampar for its students.

UTAR's Department of Soft Skills Competency.

3 language categories:
English, Bahasa Kebangsaan, and Chinese.

1 Malaysia

English: Steps Towards Achiveing 1 Malaysia
Bahasa Kebangsaan: Ke Arah Pencapaian 1 Malaysia
Chinese: *don't know how to read

1/12/2009 English
2/12/2009 Bahasa Kebangsaan
3/12/2009 Chinese


UTAR Kampar's Cafeteria

1st RM600
2nd RM300
3rd RM100

This is just the Preliminary Round. 5 minutes prepared speech. 5 winners per category to the Final.


Teaser - Indian Puberty Ceremony

I was invited, I was hired and I attented this special celebration of the Indians last Saturday.

This is the Indian Puberty Ceremony or you can call it Coming of Age Ceremony.

This girl is 12 n she just finished her Standard 6 UPSR exam with an excellent results.

This is the first celebration of its kind that I attended. The Chinese don’t have such celebration la.

Nice or not the photo?? I think it’s nice la. one of the best photos of that night. Wahahah!

okok be humble people. be humble. i still have a lot to learn n improve.

QUOTE of the day

There’s no empty failure. Every failure comes with a lesson.

O.T. ends

Arghh! Omg! Suddenly headache la. so painful. Head feels so tight.

Can’t think of anything. I find it so hard to make a constructive n convincing sentence. Memory loss again. when I need to recall something important, I keep forget.

I have been working on my speech the whole night. The competition is on Wednesday n haven’t come up with a good speech YET!

O.T. (overtime) ends now.

Ok, sleep NOW. continue and FINISH it before 1pm tomorrow.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

last night's thoughts tonight

Had some thoughts last night before I slept. So this was what in my mind last night.

1.       Waaaa.. the moon is so bright tonight. So romantic. Waaaa look at the stars. Twinkle twinkle little stars. How nice if I have a mat now. I’ll definitely sleep under the sky accompanied by the moon n the stars.

2.       Hmmm.. the whole house is so empty tonite. EMPTY! QUIET! SUNYI! SEPI! DIAM! Eeew.. everyone has gone back to their hometown because of Hari Raya Haji public holiday. Again, im all alone in this 3-storey mansion. Roommate also went back.

3.       The whole Westlake is like a dead town. Everyone went home. Many of them will have their unofficial holidays for next week, continue by study week. Then only they’ll come back here for exam. they don’t care avout the attendance already la. barred list is out. Most of the subjects are Pass/Fail subjects. No one really study hard for it.

4.       What should I wear for my public speaking competition huh? Samfu? Bcoz I nvr wear that in UTAR yet. Baju Melayu? Bcoz the 3 judges r Malay, can impress them la. 1Malaysia ma.

5.       I wana go home. So sudden I know. Just feel like going home la. hmmm.. should I should i? =p if I go back, I’ll go lepak or I’ll just sleep at home la. hmmm.. I won’t do my speech.

6.       When I go home next Saturday, I wana go watch 2012 or New Moon. I wana ask her out. I know it’s not gona work, but ask only ma..

7.       Now I realised what she used to tell me is true. Im not saying that I didn’t trust her just that it’s not my culture to put some water on the plate after we finish eating. Malay n Indians share this belief. Im smiling alone in my room, recalling the moment she poured water on my plate and said ‘mama I kata lepas makan mesti letak air. Tak baik biar pinggan kering.’ =p

PERIBAHASA of the day

Biar putih tulang, jangan kuning gigi.


This is me, Oh Chin Eng. Picture taken by me, Oh Chin Eng.

I took this pic in the fitting room of Giordano, Jaya Jusco, Ipoh,Perak, Malaysia on 22/11/2009 at 12.07pm. hehe went there with my coursemates.

I like that shirt so much la. but damn it! So cilaka expensive. I didn’t buy lo, but I got the pic of the shirt. Hehe. Nice right??

I seldom have pics of myself taken by others. So I take pics of myself by myself. Hehhe.

I’ll definitely look better if I have more flesh. Hmmm.. what to do. I eat so much, grow so less. Aih.. work out also I’ll look the same. I need to gain weigh. I must!!

Then only I’ll look HANDSOME!! =p

QUOTE of the day

A good picture comes from the person behind the camera, not the gadget that is being used.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

a NOTHING-LESS saturday

Hmm… how to start?? What to say first??

I planned to go see cows being slaughtered this morning at 8am but I woke up at 4am ++. Damn early. So I slept again until 9am ++. I woke up then I slept again til 10am ++. I washed my face, changed my clothes then I surf Google Map to look for Kampung Sikh at Tanjung Tualang. There’s a Sikh wedding there today at 11am.

What the hell, I slept again in my nice clothes. Arrgghhh. I woke up and I slept again. I woke up and I slept again for many times at 12pm ++, 3pm ++ until just now 4pm ++. At the end, I didn’t go to see cow, nor the wedding and I skipped my French classes for the first time although im not sick.

I duno why. I duno what happen. I duno. I duno. I really duno la. i duno. don't know.. you know.. you want to wake up, but ur body is sticking tightly onto ur bed. you are not sleepy but u just wana lie down.

I still feel so sleepy right now. I can hardly open my eyes.

I feel so lifeless, tak larat, not spirited, lazy etc today.. I don’t feel like doing anything. No, I have many things to do. But something is like stopping me. I didn’t even step out from my room today.

I feel my memory is getting bad. I forget things easily. I take a very long time to recall on something.

I feel lonely suddenly.. I feel so empty.. Evrerything is upside down. life has been so good and colourful lately. I have laughters every single day. But not today. Something is wrong somewhere but I don’t know what is it.

I’ll sleep alone tonight because my roommate has housemate and levelmates have gone back to their hometown. The whole Westlake is so quiet.

I can see rain starting to pour out there.

Please don’t rain because I have promised some Indian here in Kampar to take photo of her daughter’s puberty celebration.

Friday, 27 November 2009

NO moo mooO

Im home! Just reached home at 5.40pm. arrghh! Im super tired, exhausted, pancit! It’s raining heavily out there and im all wet and freezing cold. My battery is out of battery.

Ok so last night I said I wana go look for cow right? Nak p tengok lembu korban rite? I did. My coursemate, Jing Wen followed me. I didn’t go to the Old Town PAS mosque because a Malay guy on Wednesday told me that, that mosque is not having any lembu korban. He asked me to go to Mambang Di Awan, after Kampar town. The place is quite far.

So we didn’t go to that mosque. We went to UMNO mosque at Kampar. No cows!! I didn’t see any cows there.  FINE! So we went to Mambang Di Awan. After I stopped for 3 times to asked for mosque, then only the Muslims told me that they won’t sacrifice the cows today.

WHAT!!! Why?? The men said it’s because today is Friday, so they’ll have Friday Prayer / Sembahayang Jumaat. I see.. yeala. All the Muslims will perform this prayer in the afternoon. To slaughter a cow, they need a lot of time. I think they are worried that they are late for the prayer. They’ll also be very tired then.

So they postponed it to tomorrow, Saturday. Haih.. no COW!! Talak LEMBU!!

What a dissappointment. BUT!! Haha! something else happened. I didn’t want to go back yet bcoz we already travelled that far. I sacrificed my morning sleep to see lembu korban you know..

As usual, Chin Eng did what he’s good at. EXPLORE! Hehehe. Yea we explored Perak. We went to MANY places. Damn syiok la. I spent 8 hours exploring. My neck was so tired. My hands were numb. But every second I spent is worth while. The experience that I get is too valuable and you can even get it if you are RICH!

On the way to sent Jing Wen home, we passed by the Old Town PAS Mosque. WTH we saw cows. We went in and asked the man there. he said they will slaughter them tomorrow, Saturday. Arrgghhh! I can see the celebration here. Why the ****** in the world I travel so far?? Im out of my mind! craze!!

Zzz.. but hmmm.. ok look from the bright side. If I don’t look for cows from other places, I wouldn’t have been to so many places, tasted so many nice food, met with nice people, went into temples and pray, and get free fruit. There is always two sides of a coin.

Haih.. what a day!! Im so sleepy now. my skin is darker again.

I’ll blog about the 8 hours journey and the photos i took when im free la. =p

Ok I wana go bath now. then go have my dinner. Then go prepare for my speaking test for French tomorrow. Then send an email b4 12am.

Till then, see you tomorrow. Tata.

comment that put you to nice sleep

Someone commented on my blog post ‘LembooO korban’ at 3.01am. It’s from an anonymous lah.

It says: orang "FAKIR" miskin bukan "KAFIR".

I was like oh shit! I typed wrongly. It supposed to be Fakir, which means the poor people. It also means the disabled, yang sebab kekurangan, yang tidak mampu, dan orang yang mengemis.

Kafir means the people who are bad, stingy, not considerate, jahil, jahat, teruk, buruk, kedekut and and mengingkari Tuhan. Betul kot..

hehehehe. so funny la from Fakir to Kafir. The K n the F terbalik. So people, it’s FAKIR, not KAFIR.

Ok im shocked! WOW!! Im curious who’s that person who dropped me that comment. I thought of one person only. I only have on eperson in my mind. I didn’t take even a minute to figure out who’s that person. I don’t need the anonymous to tell me who is he/she.

I think I know who’s that person. I KNOW IT! It’s a she. It’s her. I know it’s her. I believe my instinct. Yes. Im confident that it’s her. I can feel it. Wahahah! Confirmed! Confirmed. Aku confirmed!! I’ve checked! 100% SURE!! Woohooo!!

Thank God I made a mistake. Syukur..

If you are reading this now, thank you. Thank you.

Thank you not because of your comment. Thank you because you drop by my blog. It makes a lot of difference.

Anyway thank you also for correcting me. terima kasih.

Hohoho. Im gona sleep now with a smile on my face.

Gnite ppl. Love you. Muax. Tata! =p

Thursday, 26 November 2009

LembooO korban

Helooo people! It’s me again. today I I wana talk about lembooo. To be specific sikit, lembu korban untuk Hari Raya Haji esok. So what is lembu korban? Lembu korban is a lembu la. in English you call them cow. C.O.W. cow.

So apa beza lembu korban dengan lembu biasa? Same-same but different lah. Lemboo-lemboo ini meragut, bukan beg pompuan tapi rumput yang warnanya hijau. Kalau rumput warna koko, dia olang tak makan. Sebab itu bukan rumput, itu lalang. Lemboo-lemboo ini juga mempunya tetek, entahla berapa tapi adalah tetek-teteknya. If nak tau berapa, you cangkung la kat bawah lembu tu n u tengokla sendiri. If u lucky, kau tak kena penangan dari lemboo tu la. n if u lucky, taik cirit taik baja lembu tak kena muka u la.

Lemboo-lemboo ini juga menghasilkan susu. Susu lembu sangat berkhasiat. Tak payah pi supermarket beli susu lembu yang tepung. Just go to any sexy female cow u like, then picit je. just squezze. Susu terus pancut kat hang! Hah! Kan bagus! Sedap! Berkhasiat! Cepat! Dan PANAS!

But one thing I don’t understand. Why human love to drink cow and goat’s milk huh? Manusia talak susu ka? Human no milk is it?? Hmmm… we always drink their milk. Then the children of cows n goats gona drink whose milk? Our milk? Your milk? I CANNOT produce milk. Hmmm…


So what is the difference between these lemboos?? Try guess. Try la. can?? Cannot ah? Try again la.. just try.. pi la! mana ada difference??! No difference la! lembu is lembu la! cow is cow la. if like that also you don’t know, u r the real LEMBU! BOO sama you! LEMBOO!


Lembu korban is a lembu that akan dikorbankan. Means that these cow will be sacrificed for Hari Raya Haji tomorrow. Kalau tak silap I, lembu ini akan dapat pahala la sebab dikorbankan. Ini kerana mereka bukan disembelih saja-saja tapi daging mereka akan dibahagi-bahagikan dan diberikan kepada kafir miskin dan orang-orang yang sama waktu dengannya.

So mari semua orang kampung orang Bandar dan orang hutan, mari kita bersama-sama pergi masjid, memeriahkan lagi proses penyembelihan lemboos ini, mari kita memberikan sokongan yang padu kepada lembu-lembu dan si penyembelihnyer.

I’ll definitely go la. I never seen people slaughter cow for Hari Raya Haji. As a Malaysian, we should and I feel we must see, experience, explore and learn the cultures and the way of living of our friends form other ethnic groups. This is Malaysia ma, u have everything here. So why always stay at home, watch TV, online to get the news.


Enjoy life man! Life is SO interesting. Do something different then what you usually do. As we grow up, we see different things every second. Don’t wait things to happen in front of you. Go see it yourself. Go get yourself dirty. Go feel the atmosphere, smell the aroma, feel the happiness, hear to the music, let your senses go wild, meet new people and learn new things.

Go and explore your life and the world. Go n experience the rich cultures of your own ethnic and other ethnics or religions. Believe me, it’ll broaden n open up your mind.

Well, it’s just a day in a year. U don’t always have the chance you know. how long do you think can survive in this world? U might bye-bye tomorrow. =p

To see is to learn. Many people are phobia, scared and have this midset that you’ll be converted if you visit religious buildings or if you participate in other religions’ festivals. COME ON la! don’t be so katak di bawah tempurung! OPEN up ur mind la! don’t listen to others. Lisen to yourself. Have faith in yourself. If u r a true devotee to ur religion, no one can convert u lah! You won’t be converted if you go experience or learn about other religion festivals.


The only thing that you musn’t do is to chop off a cow’s head and go make party or do demonstration with it. DON’T!! JANGAN! AWAS! We must respect other religions as well. The Muslims eat beef but not the Hindus. Cow is a sacred animal in Hinduism. So don’t ask for beef if you go to Indian house and don’t eat beef in front of them. same goes to the pork eater. Muslims don’t eat pork. So pork-eater don’t eat pork in front of the Muslims. We respect each other la. understand each other’s belief and sensitivity. then NO PROBLEM loh!


So now u choose la any lemboo u wana sembelih. Got black color, brown color and white color. U choose la any size u want: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. Can tapau la if you want. If got stock, sell to you la. if talak, book now and take next year la.

Ok now everyone LAUGH! Wahahahah!


Selamat Hari Raya Aldiladha / Hari Raya Haji 2009

I love raya. I love more is it’s kongsi raya or deepa raya. Syiok man!

I love being a Malaysian. U can get food from other ethnic groups for FREE. Free is not the thing, but the merryness and the happiness that shown in every festivals that matter. If you are in other countries, do you think you can just go into your friends or neighbours house and taste their food which are different from house. NO!! Malaysia is a lovely country lah. We don’t have to go to restaurant just to eat Chinese, Malay, Indian, Sikh, Mamak, Nyonya or some other ethnic groups food. We have open house. No open house also, people will still flock your house.

Kita Olang Malaisia ma.

They are willing to accept you to their celebrations, their festivals and their events.


What is Hari Raya Aidiladha or Hari Raya Haji.

Okla a brief description or explanation about this festival.

(("Festival of Sacrifice" or "Greater Eid" is a holiday celebrated by Muslims (including the Druze) worldwide to commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God. Eid al-Adha is the latter of two Eid festivals celebrated by Muslims, whose basis comes from the Quran.[1] Like Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha begins with a short prayer followed by a sermon (khuṭba). Eid al-Adha annually falls on the 10th day of the month of Dhul Hijja (ذو الحجة) of the lunar Islamic calendar. The festivities last for three days or more depending on the country. Eid al-Adha occurs the day after the pilgrims conducting Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia by Muslims worldwide, descend from Mount Arafat. It happens to be approximately 70 days after the end of the month of Ramadan.))

*ni dapat dari Google.

Kalau nak tau more, go Google or ask ur Muslim friends la. ada Muslim friends kan?

This Raya is one of the biggest celebrations celebrated by the Muslims in the world. Kalau kat Malaysia, Hari Raya Aldilfitri yang meletup, Raya Haji taklah sangat. But in other Muslim countries, Hari Raya Haji yang paling meletup. Different countries different style lah.

This year Hari Raya Aildiladha falls on tomorrow, which is Friday. Woohooo. It’s public holiday. No school. Many people will balik kampung. The Southern Thailand people who work here also go back. so no Tom Yam or Nasi Goreng Kampung.

Kepada orang-orang yang suka tengok atau teringin nak tengok atau tak pernah tengok atau takde kerja lain nak buat atau nak kaypo atau nak rasa budaya orang Melayu, bolehla pi masjid-masjid utama yang berdekatan untuk ‘menyaksikan’ lemboo-lemboo, kambinggg-kambinggg dan kerbow-kerbow disembalih. Jangan lupa bawa camera n video camera. If tak ada, handphone pun jadila.

In this celebration, these animals will be sacrificed la. U can see la all those politikus politikus donate these animals untuk disembelih. Then these animals akandibahagi-bahagi dan disedekahkan.

So yang balik kampung tu, hati-hati ok. Bawa kereta hati-hati dan cermat. Naik bas kalau duduk baik-baik. If nk kencing, bagitau driver. Yang bawak motor, ingat baju hujan. Yang bawa basikal, jangan bawa tengah jalan kereta jalan tu bukan jalan moyang hang. Mulakan perjalanan anda dengan Bismillah, sudahkan dengan Alhamdullilah.

Bermaafan-maafan la. Let’s celebrate this joyous festival with sharing, forgiving and remembering the God. So a happy Hari Raya Aidiladha and Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all especially my Muslim friends whether you are from Malaysia, Thailand, or UK.

May God bless our multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-language and multi-cultural society.

muax muax muax.

QUOTE of the day

Fikir -> Cakap - > Buat -> Dapat -> Puas!!

Think -> Say -> Do -> Get -> Satisfy!!


Vivien Chang Wei Lin is caught camwhoring in my room with my wife. She sedang bergatai dengan ganasnya n ghairahnya with my camera.

Dia cakap:

"See la u do too much until longgar already. I think he fuck his camera too much than anything else."

zzzzzzzzz.... somone help me PLEASE!

my camera longgar, NOT Vivien! I didn't do ANYTHING

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

5 things

nyeh nyeh nyeh.

nyeh what nyeh??

nyeh you lah!!

hohoho. 3 things to be accomplished tonight. ONLY for tonight!

are you ready ladies n gentlemen??

jeng jeng jeng!!

1. wash the plates then EAT! MAKAN! CHIAK!

2. study 4 chapters for Moral test tomorrow morning at 8am.

3. try to finish and compile the Moral assignment by TONIGHT!

4. 2 more blog posts including PHOTOS. =p

5. sleep BEFORE 3am!

quotable quote

When hearts are harden, even the hottest fire can't melt it. When true passions of love arises, even the coldest ice will melt.

~ author unknown.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

good Tuesday (UPDATED)

Tuesday is gona ends soon. a quick round-up before Wednesday comes.

as you can see at the title of this post, Today, Tuesday is a good day. hehe. a very good day indeed. i love today. muax muax muax. so what happened today?

1. i woke up early in the morning n i went for breakfast. i ordered Kopi O', Roti Bakar n 2 half boiled eggs. i wait for 20mins for my toast n eggs. fine. i pecahkan the first egg. OMG! holy SHIT! it's raw!! i asked for half-boiled egg la! grrrhhh. i feel like puking seriously. the smell is aweful! so i asked the anne to go n boil again my second egg. then i pecahkan the egg again. damn! it's not so boiled. i kept asking them to boil it long long, i want it to be half-cooked. i geli tengok kuning-kuning and water-water. eee... at the end, i put

Lesson: Never order half boiled egg from Ghany. Home made food is always better.

2. i S*REW the guard of my uni. cilaka babi la the guard! grrrhhh! i hate the guards of UTAR-most of them. caukia betul. i went to uni this morning at 10am with my at bike. i dun have Motor Sticker. yeala, cz i only have 2 days of class. And sometimes i cycle to school. So i don't see there's a need for me to pay for the motor sticker. Plus, the guards always curi tulang and never really jaga.

so there were 4 guards at the entrance. they didn't stop me, but i stopped. as usual, the most F*cking young kurang ajar kurang asam small Indian guard was there. n u guess what he said. 'GET OUT! GET OUT!' WTF man! cannot talk properly ah. for the first time in UTAR, i argued with a guard. usually i'll just walk away then scold them in my heart, but this time i let it out. i gave him a deep stare. a cunning one. a killing stare. i just stared at him and i said 'TAK BOLEH CAKAP BAIK-BAIK KA?!' He was stunned and speechless. then i repeat what again. the other 3 guards just kept quiet.

the guard said i dun have sticker so cannot go in. i said 'SEKARANG DAH BULAN 12 KAN NAK APPLY MACAM MANA?? U PUN MAU KERJA, I PUN MAU P STUDY.' He said cannot again. he's so damn kurang ajar! talk to me nicely la. I feel like give him a punch. im gona make a complain. anyway everyone was quiet. suddenly so tensed. so i made a U turn. before i left, i stared at the Indian guard again n i said 'U INGAT U BAGUI SANGAT AH?!' which means u tot u r so great ah. wahahah! puas!

3. I went for a sharing by an outstanding student from UTAR Setapak campus organised by Counselling Department. The session is about how to be success la etc. The happy part is i SPEAK. i said la i got inspired by the speaker and im moving towards achieving my dreams in photography.

First, i wana have my own photography exhibition by the age of 21.

Second, i wana be a National Geography's photographer.


4. Before i left, the counsellor called me. She said the photo i took of her is SO nice. i was like... !!!!!!! wohohohoh! REALLY?!!! yeah!! her family members love it so much. i took her picture last semester because some reporter needs her picture for an article about her. so the reporter used the photo and published it in the newspaper lo. She was so happy n i was so paiseh. haha.

5. my faculty, Faculty of Arts and Social Science was having a luncheon for all the lecturers n staffs from FAS. so after they left, me n Poovan went inside la to look for my lecturer. so MUCH food left. wasted. so you know la im a good citizen, i ate some lo. some only la. a liitle but only since i had my lunch already. i took some watermelons, a nugget n an egg tart only. i LOVE free food.

6. there was a booth in my cafeteria promoting UTAR MODEL SEARCH 2010. so i asked the girls there la when is it. they thought i wana take part. CRAZY! if i take part, everyone sure PENGSAN. i wana take photos only la. they were so happy.. they asked for my contact numbers and put me in their helper list. hohoho. im somehow part of the committee now and i'll be their OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER. =p i'll cover the events for them free la.

7. I've decided to give 3 months of FREE photography service to ANYONE for any events from January - March 2010. =p

8. right now, im doing Moral assignment with Tiffany, Pang Chong and Poovan in my room. oh.. i like this moment when all of us can sit together, discus, chit chat like how we used to be in Semester 1. 5 in a group actually but another groupmate, Hong from AV left early because he has something else to do. We r not planning to sleep tonight. =p Tiff even brought her skinny bolster here.

photo news

19/9/2009 12.56am Air Itam, Penang.
Heavy rain in Penang has caused flash flood in many parts of the island. Vehicles were stuck at the massive jamn for at least 3 hours. Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration was affected.

3 + 1 = friends forever

from L to R: The Sampat Vivien, The Ganas Tiffany, The Cool Racheal, and The Cute Chin Eng.

hahaha. i found this picture when i was about to sleep. we took this picture in the midnight of 13/11/2009 after i got ambushed by 3 of them. everyone looks so nice. oh i like this picture cuz i look good. hohoho. i love you 3 cracko! 3 of u made my life so colourful in Kampar.

gnite ppl. xoxo.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Semester 3 Final Exam Timetable

Hohoho! Final exam timetable of this Semester 3 is out! Im so happy. I think im not the only one who feel so happy. why?? Haha! let me tell you why.

Semester 3 is a short semester. We study for 7 weeks only from 19/10/2009 to 6/12/2009. Then one week of study break from 7/12/2009 13/12/2009. Then exam.

Based on my syllabus for this semester, me n my coursemates have to take 2 subjects only but im taking 3 subjects. And these 3 subjects are Pass/Fail subjects. No grade will be given. You Do or you DIE! the subjects are:

1.       Sun Zi’s Art of War and Business Strategies (compulsory)
2.       Introduction to French (choose between 3 languages)
3.       Pendidikan Moral (extra)

Moral is in Year 2 Semester 3 syllabus but im taking it now because im super free this sem, i can manage to take extra subject, i wana reduce my subjects for nx yr, n a nice funny lecturer is teaching the subject.

See how nice only 2 subjects for us. Surprisingly we don’t have exam for Sun Zi’s Art of War and Business Strategies. We’ll be given grade based on assignment. This means my friends only have one paper. And I have 2 papers. How nice is that huh? And how funny is that. This is the first time in my life that I’m taking only 2 papers in an exam. WOW!

Anyway this is the exam timetable.

1.       Pendidikan Moral 19/12/2009
2.       Introduction to French 21/12/2009

Hohoho. I have such a loooooooooong study break. My last class is on 5/12/2009 Saturday. Then I’ll go back to Penang in the evening. I have 14 days until my first paper. Im gona eat n sleep n go jolly go jalan jalan go makan-makan in these 2 weeks. I’ll have plenty of time to study…if im hardworking la.

Another good thing is the gap between my papers are just 2days. 19th is Saturday and 21st is Monday. So I won’t feel boring and have to wait in between these 2 papers. At least I still have Sunday to study.

There are cons too. Most of us will surely go back for study break. Then we have to come back to Kampar to take the exam. my friends only have one paper. Come back here for a day, then go back to hometown again. haha. what a ‘holiday’. I bet some of them will feel geram. Yeala, waste of money come back here 1 day then go back hometown. Haha. stay here lo if wana save.

But i think that most of my friends who are taking Introduction to Japanese, they won't go back to their hometown because the exam is on 12/12/2009 Saturday. It'll be a waste of time and money to travel. Just stay here to study la..

I went back to Penang already last 2 weeks. I’ll only be back again during the semester break because I’m really busy these 2 weeks. I have to pass up 2 assignments for 2 subjects. I have French test on Saturdays. And the most important thing is, I have public speaking competition next Wednesday 2/12/2009.

As you all know, the subjects im taking are PASS/FAIL subjects. I actually prefer if they give grade for it. At least the students can improve their CGPA ma. Less subjects, higher chance to get higher CGPA.

For the first time in UTAR, im happy with UTAR Examination and Evaluation Department. So fast they published the exam timetable. It’s easier for the students from Sabah and Sarawak to plan and book their tickets back home. BAGUS! Keep it up! =p


well, this is the parcel, a gift that never reached the receiver. aih.. i thought she received it already.. so sad you know, you did ur best to give something to someone but then it got LOST! WHERE IS IT NOW?!!! =(

quotable quotes

"Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."

~ George Orwell

QUOTE of the day

Human nature: after someone passed away only we feel how much that person meant for us, how significant that person is in our life and how badly we have taken them for granted.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

PERIBAHASA of the day

Harapkan pagar, pagar makan karat.

Class Photo of Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Journalism, UTAR Kampar, January 2009 Intake

Ladies and Gentlemen.....

Proudly present...

Jeng jeng jeng...

Photographer: MR. OH CHIN ENG

Saturday, 21 November 2009

MUST do tonight

1. Upload pics to FB

2. 1 more blog post before sleep

3. Sweep n mop the floor

4. Eat

5. Drink milk from COW’s breast

6. Bathe

7. Chant

8. Check the guidelines for Moral assignment

9. Plan my schedule

10. Kill the ANTS

11. Tidy up my room

12. my clothes

13. Unload stuffs from Penang

14. wash the plates

15. Finish up the letter and send it



suara hati berkata...

Hidup ini satu lawak jenaka. Ada sesetengah perkataan tidak sempat untuk diluahkan. Ada sesetengah perkara tidak sempat untuk dilakukan. Kemudian.. orang itu pergi.. dan tidak pernah kembali lagi. Hidup ini satu dusta. Kau menipu dan ditipu. Pada suatu ketika, ada insan yang begitu memahami dan rapat dengan anda. Tetapi kemudian, tiba-tiba insan paling istimewa itu begitu asing dengan anda. Kau terkial-kial untuk mencari balik apa yang telah hilang dalam hidup. Kau berjuang dan berjuang.. Hati kecil terus cekal kerana kau percaya selagi ada impian, segala itu ada harapan. Kehidupan ini tiada yang pasti kecuali cinta Dia yang suci.

spritzer? no, it's pulitzer.

Pulitzer Prize.

oh Pulitzer Prize.

i WANT! oh i want u so much! you wait for me. Wait!! im coming. Im coming to you my love. oh... my love. my darling.

i want u so badly.

come sleep next to me tonight baby.

DOINK!! im gona get you back to my home ONE day. SOMEDAY.

you watch out PULITZER PRIZE! jaga sikit kau! jangan main-main!

Friday, 20 November 2009


sometimes not only words that are spoken can kill, but words that are written too.

sometimes not things that are said to you can kill, but things that are said to others can kill too.

sometimes it's better not to know something then to know.

sometimes it's better to give up then to fight on.

sometimes i just wish to be mute, deaf and blind, so i would not have to bear all the pain.

blame the rain

well, i have one lecture at 5pm but now it's almost 6pm.

How to go?? It's raining la out there. the weather is so what the crap la. the whole morning was ok. then suddenly raining. drizzling.. but 4.55pm suddenly dush!! dash! dish! the rain became so super damn heavy.

yea i have a bike here. but my raincoat also cannot cover my skinny body lah. the rain really makes me so lazy to go to class. so i waited for the rain to stop but it didn't. and right now it's still raining although it is not as heavy as just now.

so what to do? Have to ponteng la. who ask the rain to rain huh?? Not my fault u know? I really don’t wana ponteng..

ok i admit im lazy today plus tired plus the RAIN.

“hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih??”



nvmla i'll stay at home n study for my French exam tomorrow early morning. =p

public announcement.. on 'us'



5cm to Hospital

Once again, i saw an incident that nearly cost a life to an end. This time, it's not from a teenager, not an adult, but a primary school children.

I was on my way home from Kampar Old Town when i saw that incident happened. I was riding my scooter behind a white Kancil car. Then there was this little Malay girl cycling on the grass at the left hand side of the road heading towards our direction. I guess she's in Standard 3 to Standard 5.

Suddenly she lost her balance. Then in just a second, her bicycle went to the main road. She was struggling so hard to balance her bicycle. At that time the girl is just in front of the Kancil and the Kancil was kind of fast. I felt like scream my lungs out but no, it didn't happen. I was so helpless at that time. My heart my thumping so fast. My hand automatically tried to reach out my camera to snap what's gona happen next. The girl SCREAMED!

Luckily the Kancil managed to break. fuh.. And the girl escaped unhurt from being bang over. The distance between the girl and the car is just 5cm! FIVE! Go and get your ruler and check how long is 5cm. She was still trying to balance her bicycle after the escape. From cycling towards us, now she's in the same direction with us. She crossed the road to the right hand side where a playground is. She was really freak out. She was shy and she didd't know what to do, so she just went off to some place.

I saw her shoe on the road. I think she slipped it when she was struggling to balance her bicycle. So i picked up her shoe and i bring it over to her. She talked to me in Bahasa Malaysia. She said 'terima kasih, Aunty.' Which means thank you Aunty. er.. ok... nevermind. She told me her leg is pain. so i asked her where. She didn't answer my question. Instead, she said her bicycle got problem. Before i left, she thanked me. Surprisingly, she kept calling me aunty, aunty and aunty.

hmmm... which parts of me look like an aunty huh?? haha. See, she was in trauma. She shivered. She couldn't think rationally.

I saw a packet of noodle in the bicycle's basket. I think it's her breakfast and she's on her way home. What if the girl couldn't make her trip home after she brought her breakfast? She doesn't has an IC yet. Nor a handphone. How is her parents going to reach her?

hmmm.. Thank God the incident didn't become an accident. Becareful people wherever you go. Life is fragile.

Always start your journey or activity with a prayer. Insya-Allah semuanya akan lancar.

5cm makes a lot of difference.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

after 1 month

today is 19th. exactly one month after my 21st birthday.


*wait wait. more to come.

Bye Penang Helo Kampar

good morning. i just woke up at 6.40pm.

i've reached Kampar. Im back in Kampar. my bus departed at 9am from Butterworth. I took Transnasional, the best bus to get back here. i slept for 1 hour only last night, then woke up at 6am ++. i rushed to pack to finished up the big photo to bring it back here. my sister n mum woke up at 6am because my sister is going for a school trip to Kelantan. so far. i wanted to go for breakfast but i couldnt finish packing. so mum made me breakfast: bread, sausage n egg. hmmm.. I don't know since when she has become so western. haha.

then at 8am my mum sent me to Penang Jetty. She said i went back to Penang with 2 begs n now im going back to Kampar with 2 bigger begs. haha! i always bring a lot of stuffs back to university. food, books, clothes, snacks etc. Anyway, i have to take ferry to Butterwoth to take my bus. the ferry was so empty. the sky was so bright n cool.

i slept in the bus all the way back to Kampar. I very very seldom sleep in the bus. But this time i was too tired, lack of sleep n the weather out there is just superb. More then half of the seats are unoccupied. traffic was so smooth, not many cars. in just 3 hours, i reached Kampar. that's super fast. usually the journey will takes at least 3 hours n 30 mins. thanks to Shi Han for fetching me Old Town...without helmet. haha. he forot to bring. so i used my sweater to cover cover lo. =p

i wanted to stay longer in Penang. i told my mum that i wana take afternoon bus then skip my 2pm class today. But she said no. she asked me not to ponteng. Cannot skip class. aih.. fine.. i miss home, that's why i wana stay longer. but if can, i don't want to skip any classes. so i took 9am bus because that's the only bus that i can make it for 2pm class. the next bus trip will be at 2pm. too late.

my maternal grandma said "if you wana stay in Penang, don't go so far to Kampar to study."

i reached my hostel at 12am smtg. i set my alarm at 1.30pm. i planned to hav a short nap. n guess what?? i woke up at 2.50pm. wat the heck!! arrgghhhh! damn it! im so late to the class. super late!! i set alarm in my 2 handphones but i didn't hear any of the phones ring at all. so... yea i skipped the class because i overslept, i cannot wake up. grrrhhh. this is the 2nd time it happened. my mum is gona nag me if she knows about it. no no, cannot let her know. =p

i didn't go to uni then. by the time i get ready, clean up myself, cycle to school, it will be 3.30pm then. so i slept again.. i hate it when im sleeping, someone call me. but i always answer the calls. someone called me just now so many times. unknown number. i was like damn it, must be the nurse from the clinic. first call, i didn't pick up. second cal, i picked up n i simply press my hp, then she hung up. third cal, i answered but i kept quiet, she halo, i quietly hung up. heheh. the voice is so similar to the nurse's voice. she didn't cal me again after that. hahahaha.

im hungry now. let's go makan ppl. if you are in Penang, i recommend u to go to Kapitan at Chulia Street, or Line Clear at Penang Road, or Padang at Dato Keramat, or Ananda Bahvan at Market Street, or SuaKenari at Chulia Street.

u wont regret. tasty and cheap and HALAL!

3 hours 5 minutes


OMG! Damn! Oh gosh! Someone please SLAP me. PLEASE!

I was making a fram

Suddenly my phone rang at 1.40am. I was so shocked. No one will call me at this time. Oni my sayang will do. But that was like so long ago. Yeah, coz we are no more together.

I rushed to my room

My eyes blinked few times in a second.

It was her!! arrghh!

My heart nk tercabut!

X sgka.

Well, duri dalam hati dah dikeluarkan.

Chalee was right. She still care.

So what will happen after I this? Haha entahla. Life goes on, as normal lah. We lead separate lives now n we are happy with it.

Kalau kita nak, mesti ada cara kan? =p


Wednesday, 18 November 2009

YOU are quoted... AGAIN!

"Pi suntik la boloh. Sakit itu otak cakap sakit. Apa mia OCE ni. Sipek open minded and willing to try apa apa punya laki takut jarum kaneh. Pengecut lar hang OCE hampakan wa. OCE is my idol tapi takut jarum haha."

~ Dexter Khaw Kuo Wen
~ 10.17pm
~ 18/11/2009 Wednesday
~ via MSN Messenger

* u r funny my fren. anyone who reads this sure LAUGH!
* thanks anyway. that's so sweet of u lah.
* but im not ready la. sakit! next time la. =p
* hohoho. don't be jelaous Nixon Lai Chia Huey. i quote u next time ok? kuai..

Runaway from Doctor

At the time im writing this, 7.55pm, it’s drizzling out there. I just reached home. My heart is till pounding so hard. It feels like popping out from my ribs.

The reason is.. I just went to the clinic. If you still remember, I once said that some part of my body is itchy. Some part which is too sensitive. It started in mid-May when I came back Penang for my sememster break. At first, I thought the itchiness is normal. But then when I sweat, It becomes itchier. Then, slowly, it spreads around. The wound becomes bigger. My skin becomes red. I have to always scratch n scratch n scratch. GATAL ma. My skin is peeling off. It becomes so sensitive. Sometimes it bleeds. It’s so irritating because it’s so itchy when I sweat. It’s so uncomfortable.

I’m not sure what’s the cause of it. Allergy? Or something else? So finally after 6 MONTHS, I went to the clinic in Pulau Tikus. Clinic Ev*ng*l. Heard of it? There was no any patient there besides me. I brought my sister along. When I register, the nurse asked me what sickness. I said itchy. She asked where. I said my body. I felt so uncomfortable with her questions. Then she asked whole body is it. I said no, just some parts la. I’m not gona tell her where I feel itchy! Anyway the nurse is very friendly. She asked me a lot of question about myself. she said being a journalist is good. I said got pros n cons la. She asked me to study hard and be a obedient son.

Ok… after a long chat, the nurse asked me to go in. The doctor looks like a Singh but he has some weird name. I don’t know what is he. So this doctor, asked me many questions again. what I do. Where I study. What course. Where I stay. Bla bla bla. The irritating part is I have to repeat my answers at least thrice. He has hearing problem la! ayooo!

After the nurse left us, I told the doctor, my sickness is something very personal. Private. So I told him what happened. I explained the symptoms. It’s not easy ok. The sickness im having is unusual. Then he asked me to sit on the bed. He pulled the curtain and he asked the nurse to stay away. Fuh.. my heart was beating damn fast. I can’t tell you how afraid I was. I was so freak out and I was shivering. He asked me to show him. Yea show him!! So what to do. I have to la. I pulled up my shirt and I showed him…not all! I cover cover a bit. This is the very first time some stranger is seeing it. Grrrhhh!

I’ve lost my JANTANNESS!

He asked me when did it happened. I said since May. He kept asking me the same ques. So I changed my answer to ‘6 months already.’ He still asked me the same questions for many TIMES. His ears really got problem. Then he got shocked why now only I went to see him. Hmmm.. I was scared and shy. I thought it will cure by itself.

Guess what the doctor wana do to it. He said ‘INJECT, APPLY CREAM AND TAKE MEDICINE.’ I was like what??!!! INJECT?!! Not on my hand but my BUTTOCK!! Ouch!! No way. Im afraid of needle. PAINFUL la! I asked the doctor what is the cause of it. The doctor didn’t answer me. he just said that I must put the cream n take medicine. What the tut!! Just tell me la why it happened!

Then he said after the antibiotic injection, I must come back in five days to follow up. I told him im going back to university tomoroow morning. He didn’t get what I said. He called his 2 nurses. I don’t know why. So I quickly told them that I can’t come back for follow up. the doctor said I must come back, at least let him know when.

So I went out to check when I can come back to Penang again. I’ll be very busy after I go back to Kampar. I have to submit my assignments next week then I have public competition the week after. The earliest I can come back is after three weeks. The nice nurse came out and she showed the ‘$’ sign, asking I don’t have money is it. I said no. I have RM50 with me.

After some time, I went in again. I wanted to lie to the doctor that I’ll come back again next week. You know.. maybe he won’t give me so many tablets and I don’t have to pay that much. But before I tell him anything, he asked me to lie down. The two nurses were there. I was so nervous. I don’t want. I kept asking the doctor is it necessary. I told them I’m scared of needle. It’s painful. The 2 nurses said no, it’s not. Then he said I have to pay RM120. Er.. ok.. so fast tell me how much it costs. Sadly I only have RM50. I told him and I showed him my RM50 note. The doctor was so speechles. I asked him not to worried. I said I’ll get the injection because it’s a must. The doctor asked me to go get $. I agreed and I said I’ll come back.

I walked out from the room. My sister kept asking me since we reached the clinic, what’s wrong. Why I went to see doctor? What doctor said? Why the doctor never give me any medicine. Etc etc etc. I didn’t tell her anything. I lied that I got stomachache. I don’t want her to know anything. And most importantly I don’t want my parents to know.

After a long thought, I came home. I didn’t go to get $ from the bank. I’m afraid of needle. I’m phobia to it. And I feel RM120 is just too expensive. It’s just an allergy afterall. I didn’t go to Government Hospital (GH) because I thought clinic won’t be that expensive. I don’t have time to wait for the long queue in GH and Im not convinced with GH.

Im waiting for the nurse to call me. she must ne wondering why I didn’t go back to the clinic. I didn’t pay a cent..yet. you know.. consultation fee. No, I’m not going back there. I’m scared. Just let it be lah. If the doctor is so desperate for consultation fee, come and find me la. he has my address and phone number.

Someone called me just now at 8.40pm. The number is from a house number. It’s from Digi. I didn’t pick up. who knows it’s the doctor. Sorry la im scared la.

Im kind of worried right now. I lost my appetite to eat. What if it’s more then allergy?

‘She’ asked me to go and check last month. You might be some diseases..


Shit! i forgot to ask my sister not to tell my parents that we went to the clinic.


Chin Eng says..

ohhh... i feel so in love by browsing through all da pics i took ever since i had my first digital camera back in 2002. Not to forget the film pictures from my analog camera too. It's so heartwarming to look at the places i've been, the food i had, the wonderful n CILAKA people i met along the way, the one and only SAYANG that came into my life, my crazy and helpful buddies in Sekolah Menengah Hutchings and St. Xavier's Institution etc. I had so much sweet memories n great achievements. I can c how i changed physically and personally. I've grown to be who I am today. I learn frm my xprience..through da pics n my writings. thx everyone n everything dat came into my life. God bless you.

PHOTO of the day

12/2/2007 2.04pm

from L to R: Lee Khai Keat, Oh Chin Eng, Lau Wei Han.

we were having our lunch after our school. that was Upper Six time, we were 19 back then. this pic is just so cute lah. sebijik macam apek lancia. the old Chinese people especially will come here to have their meal. it's cheap n delicious. some of them will squad on this bench facing all the dishes. i don't think you can fine this style of eating anywhere else in Penang. n u know what? this picture came out in The Star newspaper. hehee.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Qin Ge - Fish Leong

SONG of the day

Songs from Fish Leong never fail to make her listeners fall in love, appreciate love and looking for love. She is the Love Ballads Queen. I have been listening to her song since her first album. People laugh and curious because Im a banana man n i listen to Chinese Song. Some people also feel surprised because they thought i listen only to Malay songs. haha.


now go n listen to this song!

this song is nice lah.. im moved by its melody. ohhhhh....

* see im so nice. i have chinese n english lyrics for you people. got translation some more. =p

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

shi guang shi hu po
Time is drops of tears
lei yi di di
being locked
bei fan suo
in an amber.
qing shu zai bu xiu
No matter how immortal the love letters are,
ye mo cheng sha luo
it'll still grinded into sand, leaking away.
qing chun de shang you
On the top of youthfulness,
bai yun fei zou
white clouds are flying pass
cang gou yu hai ou
turning into dogs and seagulls.
shan guo de nian tou
These flashy thoughts
chan chan de liu zou
are slipping away.

ming yun hao you mo
Fate is very humorous.
rang ai de ren dou chen mo
It makes people in love silent
yi zheng ge yu zhou
(and) willing to trade in the universe
huan yi ke hong dou
for a red bean.
hui yi ru kun shou
Memories is like a monster
ji mo tai jiu
that'll eventually became gentle
er jian jian wen rou
from being lonely for a long time.
fang kai le quan tou
Letting go of (it's) fist,
fan er geng zi you
(it feels) much freer.

man dong zuo
In slow motion
qian quan jiao juan
chong bo mo pian
(and) replaying the silent film,
ding ge yi shun jian
(I've) stopped for a moment.
wo men zai gao bie de yan chang hui
In our farewell concert,
shuo hao bu zai jian
(we've) said that we won't met again.

ni xie gei wo
You wrote me
wo de di yi shou ge
my first song.
ni he wo shi zhi jin kou
You and I were hand in hand
mo xie qian zou
(and) writing the prelude from (our) memory.
ke shi na ran hou ne
But what now?
hai hao wo you
At least I still have
wo zhe yi shou qing ge
this love song.
輕輕的 輕輕哼著
qing qing de qing qing heng zhe
Lightly humming,
哭著笑著 我的
ku zhe xiao wo de
crying and smiling at my
tian chang di jiu

ming yun hao you mo
Fate is very humorous.
rang ai de ren dou chen mo
It makes people in love silent
yi zheng ge yu zhou
(and) willing to trade in the universe
huan yi ke hong dou
for a red bean.
hui yi ru kun shou
Memories is like a monster
ji mo tai jiu
that'll eventually became gentle
er jian jian wen rou
from being lonely for a long time.
fang kai le quan tou
Letting go of (it's) fist,
fan er geng zi you
(it feels) much freer.

chang jin tou
The long camera shot
yue la yue yuan
is pulling further and further,
yue la yue yuan
further and further.
shi ge hao ji nian
After a couple years from this,
wo men zai
we are at
huai nian de yan chang hui
(our) memorable concert
li mao de wen bie
politely kissing good bye.

ni xie gei wo
You wrote me
wo de di yi shou ge
my first song.
ni he wo shi zhi jin kou
You and I were hand in hand
mo xie qian zou
(and) writing the prelude from (our) memory.
ke shi na ran hou ne
But what now?
hai hao wo you
At least I still have
wo zhe yi shou qing ge
this love song.
輕輕的 輕輕哼著
qing qing de qing qing heng zhe
Lightly humming,
哭著笑著 我的
ku zhe xiao wo de
crying and smiling at my
tian chang di jiu

pei wo chang ge
Sing with me.
qing chang ni de qing ge
Sing acapella to your love song.
捨不得 短短副歌
she bu de duan duan fu ge
(I) don't want the short chorus to end.
xin hai re zhe
My heart is still hot,
ye gai gao yi duan luo
but it should come to an end.
hai hao wo you
At least I still have
wo xia yi shou qing ge
my next love song.
生命宛如 靜靜的
sheng ming wan ru jing jing de
Life is like a calm river
相擁的河 永遠
xiang yong de he yong yuan
embracing each other for
tian chang di jiu

i miss you

I never really dedicate a blog post for someone. As in write about someone. Especially for someone saying that i miss him/her. Oh maybe I did la to my sayang. But this blog post is not about her. today I wana talk about my good friends.

I miss two of them so much. Im missing them now. miss you miss you!

These two girls are the very few best and good girl friends I have. I mean.. I don’t mean that my other girl friends are bad but these two are special. These two are special in my age range. Im now 21 la. im trying to say that I have other best girl friends too but not in my age range.

Ok what the hell im talking about. Grrrrhh! Im not good in words la especially when it comes to describing a person.

Anyway these two girls are Tan Lay Nee and Carla Cardoniga.

Tan Lay Nee or Lay Nee. She’s now 20. Doing her degree in Australia! N im now in Malaysia!! I’ve known her for like.. haha many years oo. Since Form 2 or Form 3? That time I was 14/15. We were in PBSM or MRCS, a first aid society la. she was from MGS n I was from SMH. she’s helpful. Intelligent. A leader. Friendly. Very helpful. She’s small in size. A conflict that happened made us closer to each other. Somehow she became one of the girls that I trusted a lot at that time. I was the shy shy silly guy at that time. Yeah we do talked a lot but you know.. I was shy all the time. =p It’s still fresh in my memory when she won a footdrill competition. She was the commander at that time.  Im so proud of you Lay Nee. I can’t wait to see you back to Penang. But by that time, I’ll be back in Kampar. Wait for me lah. =p have a safe journey k.

Carla Cardoniga. Wooooo this girl.. she’s not a Chinese. She’s not a Malay. She’s not an Indian. She’s not a Malaysian la. She’s from Phillippines. Cool huh I have a friend there. =p she’s just 20 this year and she’s doing her degree. I feel so old n outdated. We know each other in Thailand. We were participating in a Youth for Peace Conference there. I represent Malaysia n she represents Phillippines. So that’s how I know her lah. Well.. she is pretty. Yes she is. She’s very nice n warm to talk to. N yeah she has a boyfriend. =p One week in Thailand may seems very short but it has built up our friendship across two regions. Im glad that we still keep in touch n care for each other. We’ll meet up again one day. =p

How nice if two of u are in front of me right now. wana give both of you a tight hug. Haha! I just miss you two sooooooooooooo much tonite. Greedy huh? Gatai?? Nola.

U girls must be proud because I only miss people who are special and meaningful in my life. Im sorry if I ever said or did something that hurt you. Hehe..

Pls take good care of yourselves wherever you are. Eat well sleep well. Don’t forget to pray. I love you my friends. Friends forever.

*if I dun say I miss you, doesn’t mean I dun miss u k. =p

Menstrual Pain?

Oh… Saravani.. what a joke. I mean.. I never expected that answer from you. But luckily u r fine la. fuh..

I got to know that my bestie in UTAR was sick. Racheal said in Facebook that Sara is sick n she wants to visit her.

I was like so scared n freaked out. I really thought something bad happened to her.

I straight away called her. that was like few minutes ago. After some time, she picked up. Yea she’s sick. She sounded weak.

I asked her la what happened. She kept saying that she’s sick. What kind of sickness la?? I insisted. Hmmm.. the answer is Menstrual Pain. Aduh..

I ingatkan apa jadi. Aiyah..

I asked her housemate to take care of her. guess what she said. She asked me what should she does. Haloooooooooooo! How would I noe lah! Memang krike la. im not a girl.

Sara was there when I was sick in UTAR. She’s the girl who first came to visit me. she was there everytime im sick. We became closer in Semester 2 because we were in the same class. I skipped classes n I always came up with excuses. She can tell you all the excuses that I’ll give. Haha. she’s a really really nice girl. Really nice. N she’s sarcastic..but in a good way.

Thank you Sara. My life in UTAR would be totally different without you. Thanks for the free medicines, 100 plus, food, joys n laughters.

Hope you’ll recover soon k.

Ejek me la. I dun mind. hehe.