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Friday, 8 October 2010

Mee Pata/Mee Sotong

Mee Pata from Esplanade/Padang Kota Lama, Penang.


  1. Ha? I never heard about mee Pata or mee Sotong. But the pic is likely to show he's frying some of murukus not mee at all. Probably bcoz of d mee's colour eh? haha ^__^ N now I'm hungry already =.=' Ich bin hungrig.

    Kruk keruk perut lapar berbunyi,
    sebab tgk itu gambar mee pata,
    bile dah kenyang, sure bunyi berhenti,
    ha, Chin Eng, U send me d real one la...

    Hahaha ^__^ - miss anonymous

  2. hahaha! man, my favourit mee last time, the mee pata at padang kota lama!! hahahah! XD

    but now, i prefer the mee goreng at sungai nibong. u know, near the tapak pesta.

  3. Miss A: arrghhhh! i typed so long my reply but the lptop suddenly jam. arrrghhhH! grrrhhh! geramnya. sedihnya. eeeeeeeee! eh u shud come here n i bring u go makan. the Mee Sotong is the one and only in penang ok. u have to wait at least 15mins to have a taste on it. anyway chomelnya ur pantun. haha.

    Danial: i mz try ur version nx time,

    C.Pei: heheh. free 1 atuali. he was at an Open House.