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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

people i want to meet

My internship is ending very soon.

About one week from now, I’ll be leaving KL.

Time flies so fast. I’m here in KL for 3 months already.

I still have many things that I wana do here but time is running out.

I feel a bit sad for leaving this place especially the people here.

What makes me stronger each day staying in this concrete and alien jungle is friendship. Without friends, my life will be so dull.

They lighted up my life. They added colours to KL.

I may forget to thanks them in person all the time, but I thank them deep inside my heart and I keep them in my prayers. I remember them.

There are people who i already met but I wana meet them again. And there are people who I haven’t met and I definitely want to meet them before I go back to Penang.

Well, they are not superstars, VIPs or celebrities. They are friends..

I know it will be hard because I wana meet so many people and we all have our own things to do. I’m here for only about 7 days. I’m working everyday from morning till late evening and I’m involved in a theatre production every night. I haven’t done cleaning my room and packing my luggage.


Anyhow, I would still love to meet up and have a short chat with you..

Miss Joethi

Adeline Wok


Yam Phui Yee


Nora Murat

Geng Qian

Song Heart

Drop by my place whenever you are free. I don't have my own transport here.

*i perasan yang takda laki-laki. i duno why. laki-laki tak pandai in communication kot. ahaha.*