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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

my advisor is KENG

I duno whether you guys have this Advisor-Advisee programme in your university or not but I have it in my university.

And I tell you it’s a good programme if your advisor really concern and treat you like how they treat their friends or family members lah.


And I must really salute my advisor. Not to bodek her. I memang tak suka kerja bodek. When we praise someone, we do it because we acknowledge that person and because that person is really good. Not because we want to get something in return. That is so not sincere.

So anyway, I was so pissed off and sipek tulan before my Feature Writing Tutorial at 6pm.

Then at the end of the class at 7.30pm, all the students cabut already and the lecturer was alone. So I waited for her since it’s late already. We had a light chat.

I didn’t tell her how I feel la. but I feel so much better and calm after hear what she said.

“Time heals. Be patience.”

That’s all. The speech might not be as great as the nation leaders’ speech but at least it works for me.

I felt so relieved after that.

It always feels so nice after talk to her. hehehe.

random thought

there must be a little devil lives in human because it's hard n impossible to be a true purely good human. don't get bullied. self-defense!

YOU are quoted

"When you love someone, you don't set standards. True friends accept the best and the worst in one another. Love is kind, and is not selfish. Just like that."

~ Hor Wei Vern
~ 11/8/2010
~ via FB

Happy Ramadhan

It’s puasa time again. or you can call it fasting.

I started to fast ever since 2006 Raya and if I fast again this year, It will be the fifth year already.

Hmm.. im thinking of a reason to puasa this year. Yeala.. u noe.. now im single. It’s not like im with my ex anymore. but last time I puasa it’s not because of her solely lah. I wanted to try to fast then im addicted to it. And I feel bad If I dun fast.

But this year is kind of different. What is so different. Im not so sure about it. I can fast if I want. I don’t mind. but.. hmm..

We’ll see how la. most probably I’ll fast but I’ll eat whenever I want. Haha. can ah can ah? Nola, I won’t do that la. I fast properly in terms of food, mental, behaviour and whatsoever things la.

And I can’t wait to see Amirah wears tudung! Hahaha! Sure chomel! And that time she cannot go kacau and tease people anymore cuz she’s fasting.

Anyway maaf zahir dan batin ye. In Malaysia, everything is so mixed up and rojak. I know im a Chinese but I also practice and adapt Malays and Indians culture. Aduih.. this is what you call diversity and plurality. Im proud of it.

Bermaaf-maafan la time puasa ni. Stay away from sins and mistakes. Jgn marah, jgn dengki, jgn kutuk, jgn dendam, jgn tipu.. Be a good person at least for a month. Insya-Allah besar berkatnya.

Selamat berpuasa to my Muslim friends. And for those non-Muslims who wish to puasa, selamat berpuasa and bertahan for you too. =p

Semoga tahun ni lebih baik daripada tahun-tahun yang sebelumnya.

me n Facebook (1)

Bukan I sombong. I am not racist. I am not showing off or being exclusive. Wa bo haulian. Wa bo lansi. Not at all.

Wa tarak kenal tarak add tarak approve.

No hypocrite. No compromise. No pura-pura.

This is my policy.

I am just being honest with myself and everyone else.

Sorry. Thank you.