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Saturday, 13 February 2010

last minute shopping

Finally I officially finished shopping for CNY. woohoo! Im tired. I reached Penang yesterday n I reached home in the midnite.

Then today at 4pm I went to cut my hair, buy socks, buy oranges and 2boxers. Hehehe. The hair cut cost me rm20, expensive betul. Usually rm10 only but CNY, they naik harga cekik darah. Last minute shopping is so stressful but it's worth it cz everything also got discount.

I was so shocked to find out that I actually cought a lot of shirts. This is the first year I have so many new clothes.

9 shirts
2 long pants
1 short pants
2 boxers
1 belt
1 hankerchief
3 socks
1 shoelace
1 specs

Damn! How much have I spent?!! Hahaha! IT’S OK LA!! im addicted to shopping this year. I dun mind spend a little bit to look good. Wheeee….

Btw, I just shaved my moustache n I look so clean. Hahah. Ok got to go. it’s time for reunion dinner aka makan besark.

Happy chinese new year everyone. Drive safe. Tata.