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Sunday, 7 November 2010

RIP Chloe

It's a truly sad moment for us.. at least me..

My heart feels so heavy right now. Speechless. Shocked. Stunned. Clueless. Feel like puking. Just a moment ago, i was so happy, laughing out loud, chilling, then i got a message that someone has just passed away..

i asked my friend to confirm it. Then a friend called to tell me the same thing, followed by a post in Facebook. A friend of the victim's brother said the same thing too. so it's true..

On the night of 29th October 2010 at around 9.10pm, a girl and a guy on a bike had a collision with a Mercedes outside of Westlake Homes, Kampar. Now the girl, Chiang Wei Shan (an ex-UTARian who supposed to resume her studies next Jan) has passed away at 6.48pm today (7.11.2010).

Who's fault? I don't know.

Someone posted this on her Facebook this morning: Chloe might not survive if she couldnt pass through today doctor said if she still remain the same after today as her brain is dead, they will shutdown the machine that keeps her survive right now. SO ALL THE PRAYER WE NEED YOUR HELP TO PRAY HARD FOR HER SO THAT SHE COULD GONE THROUGH TODAY!! ASK ALL YOUR FRIEN...DS TO HELP TO PRAY HARD FOR HER IN THE NAME OF LORD JESUS!!! 

Before this, i saw some posts in Facebook saying that she's in coma. I really hoped she'll be awake. But now, she's gone forever.. 

I was there at the scene to take photos ( The girl was so scared. She was screaming due to the unbearable pain. She hold tightly to her brother once she saw him. And she kept on apologising. I went to the hospital to follow up. I can see how great is the love of her brother. He was angry at the slow response from the hospital. I was pissed off too. So much delay at the hospital. If things could be faster at that time..

That's the first and last time i saw her..

I really hope someone actually witnessed the whole accident to give a justice to her.

Around this time last year, 3 UTAR students passed away too ( James Khor Wan Kai, Yew Shy Gin and Yew Ghim Chnieh got drowned at the Batu Berangkai Waterfall, Kampar on 1st Nov 2009. I was there, covering news. I was there, when they found the bodies. I was there, when their family members and friends broke down.

Now all their Facebook pages are flooded with wishes and condolence. They'll never have the chance to reply.. My heart breaks looking at the posts asking Chloe to wake up.

No one knows how miserable i am right now. I feel bad because i didn't got the chance to pass the accident photos that his brother asked from me.

I may not know her, but she has just left a very big impact on my life.

Coincidentally, these few days, i recalled the waterfall incident and now another death took place.

My deepest condolence and prayers to her family. Stay strong. She'll be sad if you are sad.

May her soul rest in peace.

My friends out there, Please.. Please.. drive safe. Please! i don't want to take pictures of your dead body on the road. i don't want to hear from anyone that you got knocked down by a car or lorry or what-so-ever vehicles. Think of your loved ones. If you scared you'll be late, depart early, don't speed. Follow traffic rules. Drive safe, drive slowly. Always say your prayer before you start your journey.

be safe..

Let me take this opportunity to say I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, and THANK YOU to all of you, each and every one of you including my family members who have came across my life, in case i don't have the chance to say or I'm too afraid to say it to you.

Let's all of us, in our own way, whether you believe in religion or not, pray for her and her family.

Sedekahkanlah doa buat mereka. Semoga rohnya dicucuhri rahmat.


God bless her.



  1. RIP really shock me too...i can understand the feeling it is really super heavy you said depart early same goes to you...your riding skill also dangerous sometimes it worry me also...

  2. i noe i noe.. i always speed. i alwaz sms when im riding. i shortcut here n there. hmmm.. i'll be more careful la.

  3. well my dear bro, life's is short! its not how "old" we can live to.. but the "deepth" of our life impact on others. chloe, though i dun know her, but from your article, i can see, how much IMPACT she have shown to you. treasure our life is the key! as we always see that yesterday is history, tomorrow is myterious and the greatest gift of all, TODAY is PRESENT! i personally thank God for each day breath He have given me. God's grace is enough for our daily life. and i thank God that Westlake, a humble house - a shelter to protect u all, and this house eventually bring you all to me, and in the aid of technology, Facebook let us know each other better. as per chloe facebook, i am sure she is a dear friend... therefore, so so many great wishes from her friends... i am sure she have placed a very part in each of her friends' heart. all things on earth decay, life is temporal, we all are like visitors passing through the earth, everything will sure come to the very end day DEATH! and because of so, i am here as the YINSOH managing director... nothing can be changed when death taken place.. but LOVE can endour for a lifetime... we need a lot of support when someone is SHUT DOWN forever, morally, spiritually, financially ..

    dear bro, may Lord quiet and calm your heart. bring you love and hope. and much importantly, you - the first hand report newsboy - may Lord God protect you and send angels ahead of you to clear your road, and bring you journeymercy whenever you go. :-) as He is our HOPE, our PEACE and our JOY!

    note: luckily i am not the "dead body" pictured by you when i was meeting an accident on OCT 12, here i am , in perfect one piece, you too, JAGA YOURSELF brother!! :-) @@

  4. hahahah waleuh eh my nice house owner, ur comment damn long ah. ur post always very LOOOOOOOONG one! but haha nvm! i like it! really really thank you. it's a masterpiece. i'm touched.