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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

nightly QUOTE

If you work hard and you do your best, whether the end result is good or bad, you can still be proud of yourself. Remember to recognize, appreciate and remember those people who help you along the way. =p

I'm gona appear in NTV7 news at 7pm later =p

Good things are floating my life today.

Definitely not to boast, I am so thankful to those who made these happened.

After few times of rejection and continuous support and guidance from helpful seniors, finally, finally.. I'm given the chance to do stand upper and voice over.

This means i'm gona appear on NTV7 Malay news at 7pm today.

This is so unexpected and unbelievable!

I'm right now waiting nervously for the news to be aired in the newsroom. fuh..

Some of the seniors already congratulate me and they are so excited. Hahaha. Thanks Nadia, Sarah and Bob.

Thanks to Julie for encouraging me to try to do stand upper after I told her that the editors didn’t used it before. She helped me a lot in arranging the points and my presentation.

Thank you too to Kak Ron. She’s so high today. She freak me off with her harimau betina voice. But she is nice la. She can be playful when she’s not stress. I was so shocked when she’s ok to used my stand upper.

And I’m totally shocked.

I still have a lot to learn and a lot more to improve.

This experience is gona push me to do better.

Afterall, my internship is going to end soon. I’m leaving at the end of August.

Ok people let us countdown. Ehhee.