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Monday, 31 October 2011

I Am A Lonely Photographer

Photo courtesy of Rachael Soh. 

It’s raining so heavily here in Kampar. It’s flooded again. And again, I went out to snap some photos.

And I was alone..again.

When I went backpack, my friend said I'm a lonely photographer.

Well, she is right.

Now I get what she meant. I bet many people who saw me on the street have the thought also.

I never follow a photography trip before. Neither do I go for a photography outing.

I don’t feel comfortable.

But I will purposely go out to snap something that I feel is meaningful. For example if a building is going to be demolished. Or if the sky is beautiful.

It's ok la.. I enjoy what I'm doing and i don't need a bunch of photographers to make me good.

Whenever people see me, they will see my camera too.


I don’t know why I’m suddenly so down. Maybe because I saw some outing photos from my friends in Facebook. It’s ok.. I am not jealous at all.

It just makes me realized many things. I’ll just keep those thoughts in myself.

I thank God for giving me good eyes to see. Sometimes my eyes see something that the other people don’t see and that’s what makes my photos special. I’m thankful for having a heart that cares and I express it through images. I’m glad I’m always alert with my surrounding too.

I don’t have the intention to praise myself but I always share my experience with my friends. I am so much happy everytime I see their happy face. The satisfaction of getting a good shot is extraordinary.

As I’m writing this, it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

Becareful on the road.

If you are a lonely photographer like me too, don’t be sad. It’s an enjoyable thing to snap pictures with all the freedom you need. Whatever you do, you just need to enjoy it and you will do it well. 

I am happy being a lonely photographer. 

梦一场 (Meng Yi Chang) - 萧敬腾 (Xiao Jing Teng)

我們都因為寂寞而給對方承諾 我們都因為折磨而厭倦了生活
只是這樣的日子 同樣的方式 還要多久
我們改變了態度而接納了對方 我們委屈了自己成全誰的夢想
只是這樣的日子 還剩下多少 已不重要
時常想起過去的溫存 它讓我在夜裡不會冷
你說一個人的美麗是認真 兩個人能在一起是緣份
早知道是這樣 像夢一場 我又何必把愛都放在同一個地方
我能原諒 你的荒唐 荒唐的是我不能自己遺忘
早知道是這樣 如夢一場 我又何必把淚都鎖在自己的眼眶
讓你去瘋 讓你去狂 讓你在沒有我的地方堅強
時常想起過去的溫存 它讓我在夜裡不會冷
你說一個人的美麗是認真 兩個人能在一起是緣份
早知道是這樣 像夢一場 我又何必把愛都放在同一個地方
我能原諒 你的荒唐 荒唐的是我不能自己遺忘
早知道是這樣 如夢一場 我又何必把淚都鎖在自己的眼眶
讓你去瘋 讓你去狂 讓你在沒有我的地方堅強

Wǒmen dōu yīnwèi jìmò ér gěi duìfāng chéngnuò wǒmen dōu yīnwèi zhémó ér yànjuànle shēnghuó
Zhǐshì zhèyàng de rì zǐ tóngyàng de fāngshì hái yào duōjiǔ
Wǒmen gǎibiànle tàidù ér jiēnàle duìfāng wǒmen wěiqule zìjǐ chéngquán shuí de mèngxiǎng
Zhǐshì zhèyàng de rì zǐ huán shèng xià duōshǎo yǐ bù chóng yào
Shícháng xiǎngqǐ guòqù de wēncún tā ràng wǒ zài yèlǐ bù huì lěng
Nǐ shuō yīgèrén dì měilì shì rènzhēn liǎng gè rén néng zài yīqǐ shì yuán fèn
Zǎo zhīdào shì zhèyàng xiàng mèng yī chǎng wǒ yòu hébì bǎ ài dū fàng zài tóng yīgè dìfāng
Wǒ néng yuánliàng nǐ de huāngtáng huāngtáng de shì wǒ bùnéng zìjǐ yíwàng
Zǎo zhīdào shì zhèyàng rú mèng yī chǎng wǒ yòu hébì bǎ lèi dōu suǒ zài zìjǐ de yǎnkuàng
Ràng nǐ qù fēng ràng nǐ qù kuáng ràng nǐ zài méiyǒu wǒ dì dìfāng jiānqiáng
(Guòchǎng jiàn zòu)
Shícháng xiǎngqǐ guòqù de wēncún tā ràng wǒ zài yèlǐ bù huì lěng
Nǐ shuō yīgèrén dì měilì shì rènzhēn liǎng gè rén néng zài yīqǐ shì yuán fèn
Zǎo zhīdào shì zhèyàng xiàng mèng yī chǎng wǒ yòu hébì bǎ ài dū fàng zài tóng yīgè dìfāng
Wǒ néng yuánliàng nǐ de huāngtáng huāngtáng de shì wǒ bùnéng zìjǐ yíwàng
Zǎo zhīdào shì zhèyàng rú mèng yī chǎng wǒ yòu hébì bǎ lèi dōu suǒ zài zìjǐ de yǎnkuàng
Ràng nǐ qù fēng ràng nǐ qù kuáng ràng nǐ zài méiyǒu wǒ dì dìfāng jiānqiáng
Ràng wǒ zài méiyǒu nǐ dì dìfāng liáo shāng

Lovely song.. Have been listening to it since last night.. And it helps to recall a lot of childhood memories. It helps me to open up my eyes on how to 'see' people. It take away my stress,


keep quiet

Talk too much is not always good. Sometimes, we just have to be quiet in order to listen to others.

Talk too much is too noisy.

Talk too much is annoying.

I'm a bit tired of talking.

My point of view is not always right.

Today is Monday and the day is so beautiful.

I wana enjoy the day and talk less.

There are many more things can be done other than talking.

Oh I can do that. i can do that.

Don't skip class today OCE! you better don't do that!


150 respondents for FYP! =p

30/10/2011 5.38pm

That’s the end for my FYP questionnaire. The answering session is now closed. Kedai dah tutup. 150 people have responded and I’ve achieved my target.

I finish setting the questions on Saturday 5am in the morning on October 29.

Then I sent the questionnaire to my friends at about 6am through Facebook since the questionnaire is in digital form. It’s easier, faster and cheaper. Most importantly, it’s confidential since I don’t know who does it.

My junior, K was the first one to answer it at 6.23am. Don’t worry the respondents answers will be kept confidential. Haha.

I was targeting only 100 people for my questionnaire.

But I was so surprise by the good response. I achieved my target at 5.58pm, just after 12-hour. Technology really helps me a lot.

Then I increase the respondents to 150. It was risky. Thank God I achieved the target at 5.38pm today, October 30.

What is this? A report on my FYP ah? Haha.

To all, thank you so much for your time and honest answers. Some of the answers really opened up my eyes. I learnt from you. This research will never be completed without all of you. Oh Chin Eng thanks all of you again. May you be blessed always.

There are respondents who didn’t answer. Some even simply type words that don’t exist such as “fvjhdfutk,”. But it’s ok. I guess this is normal for a questionnaire. And some people are playful.

Now it’s the time for analysis and discussion part. It’s the lengthiest part of all but I know I’ll enhoy doing it because I love this topic. The hardest for me I think it’s the literature review.

I must specially thanks Agkillah, Felicita and Qistina for helping me sending out the questionnaire to their friends. Coincidentally all of them are from SGGS Penang. Not to forget, thanks to Lay Nee, Ai Chun as well.

I must also thank Edmund and Cynthia for staying up late, going through the questions with me. Thanks to them, the questions sounds better and more relevant. If I were to do it, people sure behsyiok with the way I ask. Hahaa. 

Thank you again. Ok bye. FYP belum habis!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

so embarrasing!

Malu besar!

something embarrassing just happened!

Went for a meal but forgot to bring money!


so hutang first.

pay next time.

the boss said pay next time ok. =p

quote of the day

It may be a small thing but it is definitely a happy thing when you are able to help and bring joy to the people. 

Saturday, 29 October 2011

please.. have mercy on my FYP

A note to my friends. I thank you from deep inside my heart for helping me to complete my FYP questionnaire. I chose you specifically because i trust you out of so many people. But please be considerate, don't spoil it. If you don't understand, you can ask your friends or me. If you don't feel like doing it, you have all the rights in the world not to do it. I never force you. But don't simply tick and simply type rubbish words on the answer box. I'm just asking for a small favour and a few minutes of your life to answer a few simple questions. Why must you spam, hack, and ruin it? Don't you feel it's very irresponsible, childish and stupid? There are at least 3 respondents who did that and this is very sad lo. You can hate me. You can talk bad about me. You can spam my wall. But please don't ruin my work. Please.. Thank you. 

May you be blessed always..

*Whatever bad things you do to people today, it will come back and haunt you in the future. Mark my words.*

My FYP questionnaire

Friday, 28 October 2011

Finally in The Star

This was from The Star today. Friday 28/10/2011.

After waiting and trying hard for months since June, i'm seeing my name in The Star Thumbnails again today. 

Feel so touched and thankful.

Welcome to UTAR Kampar

If you want to have a real student life, come to UTAR Kampar.

If you want to have an affordable education fees, come to UTAR Kampar.

Most importantly, if you want to feel the breathtaking scenic view, nature, fresh air, golden sunset, chilling wind, and the laid back life, you MUST come to UTAR Kampar.

For more photos of beautiful Kampar, pls visit my photo album in Facebook.


*I don't get paid for promoting UTAR Kampar ok. I just love being here. =p*

Give Thais A Helping Hand

Bangkok's landmark Grand Palace is seen flooded October 27, 2011. The floods are expected to take a toll on Thailand's tourism industry, which employs more than 2 million people and makes up 6 percent of GDP. -REUTERS/Bazuki Muhammad - 27 October, 2011

ST John Ambulance Malaysia’s (SJAM) Penang branch is initiating a project to assist disaster relief efforts for flood victims in Thailand.

SJAM state commander Datuk Dr Yee Thiam Sun said the project, named ‘Humanitarian Mission for Thailand’, was carried out in response to instructions given by the Prime Minister’s Department.

“We are ordered by the department to be the main coordinator in the northern region to gather resources from various NGOs and charity organisations here to help Thailand,” he said.

He said a centre would be set up at SJAM Penang headquarters on Grove Road to collect items that meet the immediate needs of flood victims.

Yee said items needed are first aid kits, survival kits, drinking water, life jackets, camping lamps, flashlights, mosquito repellent, mosquito nets, rowing boats, rafts, tents, rubber boots, effective microorganism (EM), water pumps, electricity generators, drinking water supply mobile units, drinking water tanks and mobile toilets.

“We need help from the public. They are welcome to bring the items to the collecting centre during office hours, which is from 9am to 5pm,” he told a press conference in George Town.

He added that SJAM would like to recruit volunteers for a trip to Bangkok for disaster relief and restoration works.

“We have yet to finalise the time to go there, it depends on the coordination with the Thai government,” he said.

Thai consul-general Voradet Viravakin, who was also at the press conference, said he appreciated SJAM’s offer to help Thailand battle the worst floods in 50 years.

For item contribution and volunteer recruitment, call SJAM Penang on 04-8285972 during office hours.

Donations can be deposited into SJAM’s savings account at Public Bank Berhad. The account number is 3170193000.

Nabi S.A.W. bersabda..

Dari Abu Hurairah r.a bahwasanya Nabi S.A.W. bersabda: ( sebaik-baik hari dimana matahari terbit adalah hari Juma'at, di hari itu Adam diciptakan, dan pada hari itu dimasukkan ke syurga, dan pada hari itu dikeluarkan darinya, dan tidak terjadi hari kiamat kecuali pada hari Juma'at) (HR. Muslim)

is Thailand ok?

The flood in Thailand is getting worse.

I pity them la. What can we do in Malaysia to help?

They are lack of food supply. Homes got swept away. Crime will increase. Students cant go to school. People can't go to work. They can't move around. They don't have clean water to drink. If the water level is too high, people can get gush away also you know.. Everything will be so problematic and chaotic.

I wonder if Thailand needs volunteer or first aider or not. I'm so willing to go there to lend my hand.

Buddha please bless Thailand and its people. Make sure they are safe. Materials broken or go missing can't be buy back but not lives.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

cycling life in UTAR

This is when i cycled to Temoh from Kampar. =p

Only in UTAR Kampar, we got the chance to own a bicycle and to cycle around for at least 3years. Some may not like it but where and when else we can do that in life? It’s such a joy to cycle with friends and laugh at each other when someone fell down.

I think we all should appreciate the moments in life than to condemn, complaint and make a fuss on it. It’s the little things and imperfections that make our life colourful and beautiful.

These are the part and parcel of life.

I should cycle more because after i graduate i won’t have the opportunity anymore.

This is my last semester in UTAR and in Kampar. 2 more months to go. Well OCE faster finish your FYP and assignments so that you can explore Kampar. =p

Don’t make yourself regret.

YOU are quoted

“Don't be naughty. be good boy. i don wan to see you in utar for another sem. you have a bigger world out there waiting for you.

~ Elween Locke
~ 26/10/2011
~ 9.51pm
~ via FB

mixed feelings

I feel that I blog too much recently. Too much of blogging. Too much of time used on unnecessarily things.

While I was on FB earlier, a senior of mine who’s now working for a press, left a comment on my Facebook and I was touched for a moment. I seldom get to hear that from Elween Locke. His words kinda shot me straight to the heart. So I went back to do my FYP. Haha.

I was so stressed up tonight. Bored as well.

Westlake is getting quieter. Not because everyone has gone back to their hometown but because many classmates have moved away. I thought by the end of our studies, all of us will get closer, but I might be wrong. I don’t know..

I used to cycle to S’s house. I used to simply go to JW’s house. I used to chitchat whole night at T’s room. I used to see V in her crazy nonsense stupid actions. I used to see PC playing basketball. I used to play cat with AY. I used to do assignment at M’s place. I used to scream at R from her window. I used to fetch P home.

Majority of them are not here anymore.

Haha. Memories. Histories..

So I listened to Jack Johnson’s songs. It’s so soothing. I bought his CD from Vietnam.

Then I put on the oil candle burner I bought from Cambodia. Haha. I love aromatherapy. My whole room smells green tea, just a very light green tea smell. Mmm..

Wow! Romantic isnt’t it?

Just a while ago, suddenly I got the inspiration to take pictures of fire and flames. So I ask my roommate, Aik Liang to help me.

Below is the link to see our masterpiece. Thanks Ah Liang.

I will never be as calm as Nathan Khor but I am feeling better now after the aromatherapy, music, photography and expressing my feelings here.

Got to go back to my project. Good night and sweet dreams to you too Jing Wen. Tata. =p

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

quote of the day

Yes I may failed to achieve it but I tried. I am better than you who never try anything at all.


I am not an artistic photographer. I am just a realistic documenter. You may not like what I snap. But it is all the truth. My photos tell stories. 

Happy Deepavali. Selamat Hari Deepavali. Deepavali Nalvazhthukkal

Oh Chin Eng aka OCE would like to wish everyone especially his Hindu friends Happy Deepavali. Everyone should go and pay visit to our Indian friends and experience the harmony living in Malaysia.

Let this festival of light lighten up and open up our hearts to humanity, humility, modesty, respect and acceptance towards each other.

Let's celebrate it altogether in peace, joy and harmony.

I wish that today will be a day without extremism, racism, bigotry, biasness and discrimination.

Happy Deepavali to all my friends. May your Deepavali this year be a very good one.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I am a Chinese, a Malaysian Chinese but I have been celebrating Deepavali since primary school, as far as I can remember.

I celebrate Hari Raya and Christmas as well. It’s part of me. By celebrating all these festivals, it does not make me any less Chinese or I’m trying to embrace other religion. This perception is totally wrong.

Actually I am sad that I can’t visit my friends in Penang this year.

I wish I am in Penang right now. But I am stuck here in Kampar. I need to finish up my Final Year Project before I can submit it next Monday. I am sorry to my Indian friends in Penang.

I wanted to go to my classmate’s house in Kuala Kangsar but it’s just too far la. Maybe next time ok Saravani? =p

This is the price you have to pay to produce a good work. This is also the responsibilities you have to bear to graduate. Some friends have gone back hometown and put aside their FYP but I better don’t do that.

I am feeling bored right nw. where to go? I don’t have class from today, Wednesday, 26/10/2011 until this Sunday.

Mana boleh deepavali tak pergi rumah kawan, tak makan muruku, tak pakai baju India. Ayooo, I cannot oo. I am not gona stuck in my hostel!

Come on OCE!

OCE is good at making the best out of what he has la! OCE can adapt easily to the environment and society! OCE can survive anywhere he goes! OCE can OCE is good at exploring. OCE is multi-talented!


Alright I’m going to kaypo now.

If anyone of u in Kampar going anywhere to celebrate Deepavali, let me know ok. I don’t mind to follow. =p

Happy Deepavali. Selamat Hari Deepavali. Deepavali Nalvazhthukkal.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

me in backpack trip

so boring la tonight. Kampar so quiet. everyone has gone back for Deepavali and public holiday tomorow. i also wana relax tonight. i freak out with the name of FYP already. let me rest for a night la ok..

I think many of you know that I went for a backpacking trip last month. The trip lasted for 10 days. I haven’t written about the trip yet although I have a journal with me along the trip. I haven’t posted up any photos yet too.

These are some of the photos (of me) in that trip. Syiok sendiri punya photo la. I brought along plain A4 papers and a black marker pen. Then i wrote down the location on the paper and posed for photo as memory. lame.. nevermind. i like it!!

Other photos next time la. =p

Day 1 2.14pm (Malaysia's time) 20/9/2011 Butterwoth Train Station, Penang, Malaysia.
Started my trip with a train ride to Thailand.

Day 2 7.08pm (Thailand's time) 21/9/2011 Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand.

Day 4 10.23am (Cambodia's time) 23/9/2011 Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Day 8 2.50pm (Vietnam's time) 27/9/2011 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Day 11 8.04am (Cambodia's time) 30/9/2011 Siem Reap International Airport, Cambodia.
It's time to say goodbye. Flew back to Malaysia by flight.

*Credit to the photographer, my travelmate, my uni buddy, Lee Pei Suang. All the photos here are taken by her. She suffered and stressed a lot because i am too demanding. She was sweating everytime she tried to take my photos. hahah. Thank you. I always ask you to take pictures of me because i have faith on you and i know you can.*


I saw a friend post this on Facebook.

TGIF is not TGI Friday anymore.

It is..



Deepavali send-off

Deepavali is coming again and it’s tomorrow.

I’m still thinking whether to go back to Penang but I feel I won’t because I don’t have the time. I have to submit my FYP next Monday.

Oh I miss Penang, my Indian friends and their Deepavali delicacies.

So I might be going to Sara’s house tomorrow. Or I’ll just to go Kampar Indians house la.

I fetched my classmate to the bus-stop tomorrow. Poovan has gone back earlier for Deepavali although we have class today. It’s a boring class, so it’s ok to ponteng. =p

My 3 years of studies here is gona end soon. I remember I used to fetch Poovan around as he does not own a bike here. I’m happy to do that.

That’s what friend is for. You are there all the time. but some people eventhough they are there, they are not willing to lend a hand.

Let this festival of light lighten up and open up our hearts to humanity, humility, modesty, respect and acceptance towards each other.

Let's celebrate it altogether with in peace, joy and harmony. 

Happy Deepavali to all my friends. May your Deepavali be a very good one. 

Monday, 24 October 2011

Lightning from Kampar

Hohohoh! I feel so gay right now. Why so?? It’s because that for the first time I successfully managed to take pictures of lightning.

The cool thing was I didn’t use tripod because I didn’t expect there’ll be lightning. I stopped my bike by the roadside and I placed my camera on my bike.

Earlier, it was raining heavily in Kampar. The downpour lasted for about an hour. The place I stay, Westlake flooded a little bit.

After the rain stopped the lightning striked non-stop. The lightning damn awesome I tell you. I stood in front of the huge field enjoying the magnificent incredible electrifying lighting.

It was like watching a live National Geography documentary. I’ve never seen such a beautiful lightning before. Too bad my camera is not that super pro. I only managed to capture a few photographs.

Click at the link to view the photos.

*jaw drops*

Cute Amma

Date: 24/10/2011

Time: 11.25am

Venue: Old Town Kampar

cheer me up

Family, friends, society, government, technology, and weather may bring me down but never the old people when they always lighten up my day by just a toothless smile. =)

I was down. Maybe because i was sleepy. I slept very late last night and woke up so early. I becomes so grumpy. But after snapping photos of old people, i totally cheered up =p

come on FYP!

mmm… ahhh having Kopi 'O Super Kao Kao Salute Brand tonight while doing FYP. Im gona say byebye to 8am class later. The tutorial class is boring la. lalalala. I know it’s my last semester already..

It’s exactly 7 days from now that I have to submit the first and lengthy draft of my Final Year Project (FYP).

Unable to finish my FYP on time, no graduation for me and I don’t want to extend my 3-year Journalism degree. There are so many things I wana do in life, I don’t want to stuck here.

I have been doing FYP the whole day and it feels so nice (with the intermission from FB).

I felt so spirited to do FYP this few days. And the determination is so strong today.

umpph dah mali. oomph lai liao. kick is here.

Aih.. After delay for so long, now only go all out. I know my friends are finishing their FYPs already.. It’s ok.. I’ll work harder lo..

The line is so sucky this few days. Damn lag. It’s so frustrating when you are so focus into your research, the technology is holding you back.

I have been reading a lot and I read everyday. There’s a lot of new general infos going into my brain. But all of them got nothing to do with my FYP.

Alright got to go.

By the way, Lee Chong Wei just lost to Chen Long is Denmark Open. aih.. so sad la. You people la never support him. Keep on MU MU MU. U la! orang sendiri tak nak support tapi duk suport orang luar. go stay with MU la.. =(

Sunday, 23 October 2011

heavy ass

i think the heaviest part of our body is the backside cuz after a year, my tilam kemek in the middle..

Saturday, 22 October 2011


I’m a person who’ll go and give a try if given a chance and opportunity to do new things. I’ll put away other things and grab the chance. You don’t always get the opportunity you know. I don’t want to regret later on.

Friday, 21 October 2011


makin kita berusaha, makin kita membuat kesilapan, makin kita belajar, makin kita maju, makin kita pandai, makin kita berjaya. usaha=kejayaan.

selamat berdemo kawan UIA

Kepada kawan-kawan yang akan berdemodi UIA menentang ketidakadilan univerisiti menggantung tugas Profesor Dr Abdul Aziz Bari, selamat berdemo, selamat berjuang. Kembalikanlah martabat profesionalisma dan intelektualisma para akademik kita. My prayer is with you.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

爷爷 Ah Kong

Date: 16/9/2011

Time: 10.02am

Venue: Jalan Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Ghum song

SO nice to hear this song. This is one my favorite Bollywood movies. I bought the VCD when it was first released. That's the first and the only Hindustan movie i bought. I still keep it till today. It's a very touching movie with a lot of lessons in it.

eh muhibbah kan?? hahaha.

KATA-KATA hikmat

Kalau buat sikit-sikit lama-lama jadilah bukit. Kalau apa pun tak buat, rumput pun tak ada.

first day of JR Y3 S3

17/10/2011 Monday

birthday wish now and then

Before the internet being globalized, people will call or at least send a sms to wish their friends happy birthday. But now, every single thing also pours on Facebook, as if everyone is a celebrity. As if we will die without Facebook. As if it's not sincere if the wish is not made in Facebook. Everything is so public now. Somehow, I prefer the privacy and friendship without the public’s attention. I would love to get a one-to-one birthday wish, like how it used to be...

Monday, 17 October 2011


Eh please la, tolong la. You people who read news, have interest in politics, love to kaypo OR got nothing to do in FB, don’t simply post and share around negative news in the web la. Stop the false speculation. Check the facts before you say anything. Don’t act smart la. You are just adding salt to the wound. TQ.

last semester first day

Finally after months away from UTAR, today is the first day of new and the last semester.

The weather is so good.

I see skies of blue, clouds of white, what a brightness Monday, 8am class is saying hi, and i say to myself, this will be a wonderful new semester..

I still don’t know what to wear for my first day.

Well, I’m excited actually.

I can't wait to meet my classmates and unimates.

Alright I should go now. I don’t wana be late. The motor park will surely be crowded.

Today will be a good day =p

Sunday, 16 October 2011

kata pujangga

Akar yang baik akan melahirkan pokok yang baik. Sama juga dengan kehidupan manusia..

Saturday, 15 October 2011

hai FYP

Langsir ditutup rapi
Cahaya terik dilitupi
Bilik jadi gelap gelita
Kipas berpusing laju
Bagai diserang histeria
Sedap untuk tidur mati

Jam berdetik
Tiada tanda akan berhenti

Masa menyusur
Hati resah
Nafas sesak
Kerja berlambak

Tapi malas menguasai diri
Ku jadi pemarah dan moody
Bukan kehendak menjadi begini
Tapi ku lemah di sanubari

Penat mencari motivasi
Di mana kau inspirasi
Hilang kau diterminasi
Mana pergi..

Aku perlu berhenti berkasih
Berhenti berpacaran dengan teknologi
Diramas idea materialistik
Dan sepastik
Kembali ke dunia hakiki
Balik ke jalan
Menuju ke FYP

Biar yang pergi berlalu pergi
Usah diungkit kembali
Sedangkan pokok boleh bercambah lagi

Fotografi kau blah dari sini
Akan ku ceraikan mu
Kau menghancur konsentrasi ku
Takpe, kita masih boleh bermadu
Perkara lain-lain, letak ke tepi
FYP jadi prioriti

Bangunlah kau

Akan ku bangun dari kerusi
FB kau berambus dari sini
Biar cahaya masuk ke mari
Biar kejahatan berlalu pergi
Biar otak bersih berseri
Biar ku setia pada mu FYP

Mai aku siapkan kau FYP
Officially starts malam ini
Susah akan ku harungi
Kalau tidak
Tiadalah graduasi


That's me!!

who doesn't recognize my apek's specs la..

i met this cute uncle at Jalan Petaling last month.

Both of us wear the old-fashioned specs, quite similiar check shirt and same style of shoe but different color.

haha. i just love to take picture of and with the old people. =p

Friday, 14 October 2011

QUOTE of the day

To be a successful person, one must not only good in one aspect but also in everything, education, career, relationship, hobby, social, health, spiritual etc.

你快樂(所以我快樂) / 王菲 (Faye Wong)

oh madu, oh bulan

oh bulan, usah malu, mari kita bermadu di kala malam yang pilu sambil bercumbu-cubu dalam kelambu. huhuhu. =p

*i think i am high. what to do. the moon was so bright, nice and sexy tonight. Moon Halo phenomenon is awesome!*

Jalan Sultan shophouss will not be demolished!!

Don’t you feel happy by just reading at the title??

I am happy!

Finally an assurance is given by the government. I hope they keep their words.

Last month, a government agency, SPAD said it won’t be demolished. But it’s just an agency, they don’t have much say. Read this

But today the good news came from a minister. The good news can be read here from The Star.

Jln Sultan shophouses won't be demolished for MRT, Govt assures

Alternative MRT route looked at to save KL heritage buildings

So  betul ya?? sure ya?? BN, u wont say different things if u won the next generl election right??

My Prime Minister, Najib Razak u noe abt this, don't you??

Don't demolished la k.. tak baik roboh bangunan lama yang masih elok.

Dengarlah cakap, baru orang vote sama  lu. Heheh. =p

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ah Kong, Tataa, தாத்தா

Date: 11.28pm

Time: 5/10/2011

Venue: Beach Street, Penang

orang baik..

Hati kalau baik, mulut pun kena baik, baru boleh jadi orang yang baik-baik.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Jing Si Aphorisms

"Life becomes meaningful when we shoulder responsibilities. Avoiding responsibilities makes our life empty."

~ Master Cheng Yen (Tzu Zhi)

fed up!

Fed up of seeing other people with good achievements. I also can be one of them. I will! Rajin sikit lagi!

you inspired, Steve Jobs

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

~ Stanford commencement speech

~ June 2005

~ Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Incorporated (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011)

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

final stay in Kampar

I’m back in Kampar again yesterday. This will be the last time I come back to Kampar for a new semester. Hopefully I can graduate by the end of this year, as it is supposed to be.

Class starts next Monday but surprisingly I’m a week earlier. What to do.. I must finish my Final Yeap Project (FYP). If not, no graduation. Besides, there are things to settle in Kampar.

My mum forced me to take pocket money from her before I left the house. I declined. I’ve been doing that for a year at least. My younger brother and my sister need the money more than me. My brother is already working and giving money to my parents but I take money from my parents? This is so wrong.

It’s ok. I can still survive with PTPTN loan. But I must be very careful with what I spend. I left with only few thousands ringgit till the end of the year. New semester always comes with bigger expenses. Money have to be used on room rental, school fees, groceries, books and notes as well as to fix the broken things such as bike and bicycle.

My brother fetched me to the jetty. Then I took morning bus which I nearly missed and reached Kampar in the afternoon. The house was in a mess as if it was abandoned for months. A war taken place in the house I guess.

It’s nice to be back. The whether was superb. It has been two days that the sky is so blue. The clouds are so thick and white. It’s so windy and at night, it’s chilling. It’s sunny but not hot at all. The weather makes me so cheerful!

My roommate, Ah Liang is back too. So nice to see him.

Anyway, once I reached Kampar, I was invited for lunch at Aunty Betty’s house. I rejected at first but after that she called. Out of respect, I went. She made very nice chicken rice. Seriously nice! Tze Huey, Cynthia and Edmund were there too.

Then it’s the housekeeping time, as usual.

Let’s see what I’ve done..
I had good food and nice bath.
Sweep and mop my room and the hall.
Unload stuffs from my luggage and begpack.
Fix my bike.
Put on bed sheet.
Clean the sinky.
Boil water.
Fold clothes.
Put on facial mask.
Arrange things in the drawer and cupboard.

I had a wonderful dinner last night with Tze Huey. My mum woke up at 6am in the morning yesterday to cook for me. She made me fish curry, omelette with onion and ikan bilis, sausages, and nuggets. I tapao back to Kampar and supposed to eat it for lunch but I was too fulled after lunch at Aunty Betty’s house. My mum made cokodok too. Many people don't know what's that. It's a banana ball la.

You know.. I haven’t finished arranging my stuffs yet. Too many things and rubbish la. Today will be the last day to settle everything.

I can’t wait to fully concentrate on my FYP..

October is a FYP month.


mencelik mata menguap-guap membuat kerja tatkala bulan penuh mengambang diiringi angin lembut yang menyejuk menaikkan bulu-bulu roma badan si kecil ini..

Sunday, 9 October 2011

YOU are quoted

Respect needs to be earned, not free. It is not how high your position or whom you work for. It is how low you are willing to be with the rest, and how much hardships you share with the rest of the pack. Obviously, many lazy bones don't get this.

~ Chan Li Lian
~ 11.00pm
~ 9/10/2011
~ via FB

good photographs..

Good photographs are not from the camera but the heart. Kecantikan foto bukan datangnya daripada kamera tetapi hati.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

CONGRATULATIONS! you are blocked!



You are the 1st one to be blocked from my Facebook for being so f*ckingly annoying, irritating, childish, foolish n thick face!

Get a life will ya?!!

After spam my inbox now you spam my wall?! Ciaksai la!

Spam spam spam, go sperm la YOU!!

Damn! I can’t stand this kind of people la. Keep posting rubbish in my Facebook. Ask me to vote this and that. Fcuk off  la. make me tulan nia.

Some more tag me in the message conversation. If you wana talk to other people, you don’t tag the whole world, biatch!! Just talk among yourselves!

I HATE being tagged in nonsense conversation. I HATE to be asked to buy lame products. I HATE to be asked to join and like some stupid FB page. I HATE people invade my inbox and wall and ask me to vote for them blindly.


Got it??

There’s a Hokkien proverb for people like you. Your skin is thicker than the coffin. Means you are so thick face and shameful. Being confident is good but being ignorant is stupid. If you have the quality, it’s ok if you ask people to vote for you. Tapi kalau hang kualiti pun tarak, toksah duk tak malu asyik duk terhegeh-hegeh panggil orang undi sama lu lah!

Spam for once is enough, don’t keep SPERMING!

I know I should not get angry but this girl is just too much. Too much that I could not handle!!

Yes you!! The girl with ‘S’. Kalau u makan cabai, u rasa pedas! ‘S’ stands for SHIT for you.

Thank you for spoiling my mood.


Meanwhile, to all Facebookers in the world, if you wana add ppl that duno u, PLEASE put ur real name and let ppl to at least c ur profile pic. if u put some lame fruit, animal or weird names, how i now who r u wor?? don't expect other ppl like u simply add n approve strangers la. 1st rule to know somene: introduction.

Facebook is making people to go crazy. Grrrhhhh! Some morons are more stupid to announce that they wana commit suicide. Cheap publicity. Zzz…

*yea i feel bad for saying all this but sorry i couldn't take it anymore. It's not about EQ anymore but sometimes we just have to express our angry when the anger is already reach the reasonable level. Im angry because i feel there's no more privacy. After inbox, now my FB wall is spammed. sorry..

Friday, 7 October 2011

QUOTE of the day

It’s ok if you wait for people but don’t let people wait for you.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

postcard from Vietnam

The weather is so marvellous today. It’s so blue, so clear and breezy. It’s sunny but not humid. It’s so cheerful.

The weather just makes me feel happy. Those who love photography, this is a good time to take pictures.

On this good day I received good news.

In the morning, while reading The Star Online, I saw my name in one of the articles here

And then just a while ago, I received my own postcard which I posted about 2 weeks ago.

It’s a Cambodian’s postcard but sent from Vietnam. Final destination? Malaysia!


I know it sounds crazy that I send postcard to myself. But it’s fun. It’s like wow, I received a postcard from oversea.

I bought that postcard from Siem Reap, Cambodia. Initially, I wanted to post it to Malaysia at that time but too bad, Siem Reap was having massive flood. When I was at Phnom Penh, they were having their public holidays. No chance to send.

Finally when I reached Vietnam, their post office was open. So I sent it on 27th September. After 10 days, I received it!

Kwan Yee and Pei Suang, have you got your postcard?  =p

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

It Will Not Be Forgotten - The Pierces

Homeless Ah Kong

Date: 4/10/2011

Time: 12.37pm

Venue: Jalan Hutton, Penang

Tower Crane Falls in Penang (panorama)

To view the photo, go to my another blog la. The photo is too big la.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

quotable quotes

"When the world ends, we are all friends."

~ a tour guide for Chu Chi Tunnel, Vietnam
~ 28/09/2011

Saturday, 1 October 2011

after 10days, i am home!

This blog has been untouched for almost 2 weeks. Now the owner is back!!

Uh la la..

I am home, finally. I am home in Malaysia. I am home in Penang. I said before and I’ll say it again, nothing feels better than home. Malaysia is still the best.

‎It’s awesome to meet my family members once i arrived in Penang. Kwan Yee sent me to my amma’s house. My mum was waiting me there to fetch me home. At home, home-made food were waiting to fill my hungry stomach.

Some of you might not know where I went. I just came back from a 10 days backpacking trip with Kwan Yee and Pei Suang to 3 countries, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

It was great. I have too many stories to share but not here this time.

I just wana say that I am safe and sound, still as skinny as always.

My begpack weighed 17kg! damn! I had to pay USD18 to check in my begpack. Haha.

I brought RM1.5k for the trip and back with only RM20. Haha. At least I have RM20 savings. Transportation cost a lot of money. That’s why I couldn’t buy a lot of souvenirs for friends. Budget a bit tight and I don’t know what I should buy. Sorry my friends.

Sorry to Kim as well. I couldn’t find selling hand-made soap in these countries, what more a normal soap. Only groceries sell it. I didn’t buy anyway.

I bought some gifts for my family members and some friends. Hope they like it though.

Eventhough we went to only 3 countries, but we had 5 currencies. What is funny throughout the whoel journey is 3 of us are sucks in Maths. Everytime when we have to pay, there will be problem. And we took a lot of times to do the conversion of currencies. =p

One thing I’m surprised is I didn’t have stomachache or lausai during the trip. Not at all. But now after back home, I lausia!! Wat the shit. ..

Thanks to Sarah Khoo for lending me her sleeping beg. It meant a lot for me as I slept in Bangkok Train Station for our first night and in Siem Reap International Airport for our last night.

Total clothes to be washed are: 6 shirts, 3 pants, 2 underwears and a boxer. Hahaa.

Photos? It’s still in my pendrive. I haven’t transfer it yet. Too much of photos!

I have been sleeping the whole day besides than eating. I made nasi goreng for lunch and it’s damn yummy. Today shall be my rest and lepak day at home. A lot of unloading and cleaning up stuffs to do as well. I am still feeling sleepy right now.

Tomorrow will be a working day for Kwan Yee, as usual. As for me and Pei Suang, we’ll back to suffer, to do our serious business, finishing our Final Yeap Project and submit at the end of the month.

Many things are pending to be done. October shall be the month for FYP, the top priority.

Things have been good since I touched down from the flight yesterday. I got good news lasty night and this morning.

Hope everything will be good for everyone till we meet 2012.

May Buddha bless you all.