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Thursday, 27 October 2011

cycling life in UTAR

This is when i cycled to Temoh from Kampar. =p

Only in UTAR Kampar, we got the chance to own a bicycle and to cycle around for at least 3years. Some may not like it but where and when else we can do that in life? It’s such a joy to cycle with friends and laugh at each other when someone fell down.

I think we all should appreciate the moments in life than to condemn, complaint and make a fuss on it. It’s the little things and imperfections that make our life colourful and beautiful.

These are the part and parcel of life.

I should cycle more because after i graduate i won’t have the opportunity anymore.

This is my last semester in UTAR and in Kampar. 2 more months to go. Well OCE faster finish your FYP and assignments so that you can explore Kampar. =p

Don’t make yourself regret.

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