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Thursday, 27 October 2011

cycling life in UTAR

This is when i cycled to Temoh from Kampar. =p

Only in UTAR Kampar, we got the chance to own a bicycle and to cycle around for at least 3years. Some may not like it but where and when else we can do that in life? It’s such a joy to cycle with friends and laugh at each other when someone fell down.

I think we all should appreciate the moments in life than to condemn, complaint and make a fuss on it. It’s the little things and imperfections that make our life colourful and beautiful.

These are the part and parcel of life.

I should cycle more because after i graduate i won’t have the opportunity anymore.

This is my last semester in UTAR and in Kampar. 2 more months to go. Well OCE faster finish your FYP and assignments so that you can explore Kampar. =p

Don’t make yourself regret.

YOU are quoted

“Don't be naughty. be good boy. i don wan to see you in utar for another sem. you have a bigger world out there waiting for you.

~ Elween Locke
~ 26/10/2011
~ 9.51pm
~ via FB

mixed feelings

I feel that I blog too much recently. Too much of blogging. Too much of time used on unnecessarily things.

While I was on FB earlier, a senior of mine who’s now working for a press, left a comment on my Facebook and I was touched for a moment. I seldom get to hear that from Elween Locke. His words kinda shot me straight to the heart. So I went back to do my FYP. Haha.

I was so stressed up tonight. Bored as well.

Westlake is getting quieter. Not because everyone has gone back to their hometown but because many classmates have moved away. I thought by the end of our studies, all of us will get closer, but I might be wrong. I don’t know..

I used to cycle to S’s house. I used to simply go to JW’s house. I used to chitchat whole night at T’s room. I used to see V in her crazy nonsense stupid actions. I used to see PC playing basketball. I used to play cat with AY. I used to do assignment at M’s place. I used to scream at R from her window. I used to fetch P home.

Majority of them are not here anymore.

Haha. Memories. Histories..

So I listened to Jack Johnson’s songs. It’s so soothing. I bought his CD from Vietnam.

Then I put on the oil candle burner I bought from Cambodia. Haha. I love aromatherapy. My whole room smells green tea, just a very light green tea smell. Mmm..

Wow! Romantic isnt’t it?

Just a while ago, suddenly I got the inspiration to take pictures of fire and flames. So I ask my roommate, Aik Liang to help me.

Below is the link to see our masterpiece. Thanks Ah Liang.

I will never be as calm as Nathan Khor but I am feeling better now after the aromatherapy, music, photography and expressing my feelings here.

Got to go back to my project. Good night and sweet dreams to you too Jing Wen. Tata. =p