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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

exam again

I just came back from Penang yesterday. I had enough fun. I’m so blessed this year especially the last entire week. I am overwhelmed.

It’s final exam again. This is gona be the second last exam before I graduate end of this year. Time flies like nobody’s business. Blink blink eyes kejap je dah 3 years in UTAR. Haha. I’m now in Year 3 Semester 1. Internship next semester. Come back to UTAR for last semester and byebye UTAR.

This is indeed the hardest semester ever although I’m taking only 4 subjects. These four subjects are very tough ok. Not to forget, we have internship application la, final year project la, SRC la, events la etc. and UTAR Ball belum settle lagi. Aih..

Study week not even a week. Just few days. And exam of 4 subjects in a week. This is really crazy. First paper is this Thursday. Ayoyoyo..

I start to feel nervous already. I didn’t do my best yet. I wish my friends will do well in the exam. Remember study hard. Do your best and leave no regrets. Say your prayer when you start and end your exam.

To my graduating seniors, ah, so sad la u all are leaving. Last year, Kwan Yee and friends left us, now it’s Nigel and his friends. i am so gona miss you all! Well, no matter where you are, what you do, you are still my beloved helpful and caring seniors. I’ve learnt from you all and without you all, my life in Kampar would not be that interesting. To my graduating seniors, I say thank you. All the best in your life. Don’t forget me, your cilakak junior.

A lot of nice people are leaving too. Good friends I know throughout my studies here in 3 years are graduating this semester too. Keep in touch k.

I have been listening to songs whole day. A lot of Malay songs playing in my laptop. Well, a fact that many people don’t know, I’m a big fan of Malay songs. I listen to songs from Sheila Majid, Ungu, Ziana Zain, Anuar Zain, M.Nasir, Ramli Sarip, Yuna, Ning Baizura, Sudirman, VE, Ruffedge, Aizat and so on.

I posted in Facebook “when you study, it's better if you don't on your laptop because it's so distracting. not to forget, silent ur hp n put it far far away. it's annoying and you can hardly concentrate with so many gadgets around u.”

It’s hard to live without gadgets you know. Haha. Okla got to go. I’ll see whether I can study anot. Baca-baca but kepala kenot masuk. I know I must study but itu ohhhmmph tarak la. momentum manyak low. Why har?? i duk tidur whole day. Okla2. Bye bye la. see you soon la.

Some of you need me to upload photos in Facebook right? Er.. ok.. but sabar ya. I try to upload a bit lah ok. Mau study la.

Penang, I’ll see you again after 2 weeks. =p

All the best to my friends for the final exam ya. USH USH USH


Another touching advertisement by the late Yasmin Ahmad. It's so true and honest which touches hearts of many of us. ALthough she's gone but her lagacy will stay alive forever.

mali mali homph

hahaha. i need to release some tension. found this crazy photo taken back in 2006. wah! 5 years ago leh. anyway im back in Kampar.