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Thursday, 3 September 2009

Last Presentation of The Semester

Fuh.. finally I’ve done the last presentation of this semester before preparing for the final exam this 14th September 2009.

Im writing this is Introduction to Advertising class. My friends are doing presentation now.

Adik-adik semua, akak hari ini nak bercerita. Heheh. Nak dengar tak? duduk BAIK-BAIK and pasang telinga KUA-KUAT and buka mata BESAR-BESAR ye.

Pada tanggal 3 september 2009, pukul 12.30pm Mr. Oh Chin Eng dengan kekawannya, Mr. Gan Siang Yong, Mr. Siew King, Cik Amirah and Miss Vivien Chang telah melakukan satu persembahan presentasi untuk subjek Mass Media and Society. Kekawan sesama course yang lain juga turut berserta bersama-sama untuk menyokong dan menunjukkan peraasan simpati, kasih sayang kepada mereka selain untuk meluangkan masa mereke bergoyang kaki dan tangan.

What the F**K! what a bad presentation! Grrhhh! The Tutor, Mister Soh Or Kan entered the class at 12.35pm. that time Mr. Oh was alone. His groupmates were fotostating some documents to enclosed it with the presentation handout.

Wait! Akak lazy to tel story d. I’ll let Mister Oh to tel you the story himself. More accurate.

So anyway, im Mister Oh here. So Mr. Soh entered the class dengan muka yg membabi, marah, masam and bucuk. Itu I duno y la. haha. so he said ‘‘I’ll give you all 5mins to set up. If you all stil not yet ready, then I’ll go out!’’ zzz… when I entered the class, my friends already set up the LCD and projector.

So in 5mins my groupmates all entered the class and gave him the documents. Luckily before that I already open the slides siap2 and wait for them. So this mister Soh was so angry. He scolded us. He yelled at us. Duk memekik maciam itu speaker.

He asked “y u all never fotostat prepare earlier?! I give u all one week and u all repeat the same mistake!”

We all din say anything except Miss Vivien Chang yang gagah perkasa. Oh she just apologised la. without further delay, we start the presentation la. most of us just read from the slides. I try not to count on the slides so much la. I give my own ideas n opinions. Crab here CRAB there. repeat this and that. My mind just gone blank. I lost all my words and vocabulary.

Damn la! cilaka babi cokodok basi! U noe wat? He din pay attention to us. HE DIN EVEN LOOK AT US FOR ONCE THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE PRESENTATION!! He’s pissed at us? We r pissed at him too! We showed him visual aids. No respose from him. Aih..

Now wana noe the biggest joke of the day?? Haha!

After we finished our presentation, he asked, “any question? Any question? If no question I’ll call it a day. Any question? If no question, I give you 13.5 over 25. I give you only 1 mark for teamwork. The rest no problem. Any question? If nothing, good luck for your final.”

Then, he just walked off from the class!! Arghhh! We all are stunned! Speechless. Duno what to ask him and duno what to say. All of us just stood there, so blur, in the state of disbelief, looking him just walked out from the class. Fulamak! Fuiyo! We ‘salute’ him for that!

Our presentation started around 12.40pm and ended at 1.10pm. he’s always like that. Enter the clas, listen to our presentation then by-bye. No discussion, no teaching. NOTHING! One and a half hour of tutorial but finished in half an hour.

After he went out, we laughed la. we cursed la. normal la. grrhhhh! Macam tak percaya. Eee!! He din even comment on our presentation.

We realised we screw the presentation because we suppose to compare news from different newspaper but we just focus on one news. Salah! But he din noticed about that also. I don’t think he knows what the presentation is all about lah…

Aih.. this is the second worst presentation after English for Mass Communication. It’s nobody fault la. no one to be blame except ourself for the content of the presentation. But as a Tutor, its appropriate to show this kind of attitude. We are grateful that he gave us chance to postponed our presentation because one of my groupmates are late for the presentation last week.

Sad la we got 13.5 over 25 only. We really duno how to do u noe.. seriously he never taught us how to do, what is the requirements for this presentation and etc.

No one take pics with him. He just walked out what. If he din also, we dare not la. haha. I wanted to ask can we get higher marks anot. Hehe. Luckily I din. If not, sure kena again. we all very the TULAN!

Anyway. Im happy la because no more presentations. No more assignments. Now focus on final. =p

QUOTE of the day

Prophet Mohammed said: “ One who hurts a non-Muslim, he hurts me and one who hurts me, hurts God.” (Hadith)

-Fadiah Nadwa Fikri

i miss u


i miss u..

yes i miss you, the girl i used to call sayang and she's still the one and only sayang in my heart.

i miss u so much.. im sorry. i noe u dun like to listen to all this. but i couldnt help it. i cant hide my feeling. is there any wrong to miss someone?

i miss u so much tonite. i duno y. nearly 4months since we separated. the feeling is still there. im too stubborn i noe.

life is hard this semester without u. life full of sorrowness and sadness.

how i wish u r here right now beside me. awwww...

angan2 mat jenin. =p i miss your smile, i miss your stare, i miss your belaian..

dah lama sangat tak tengok into your eyes lama-lama. dah lama tak cook for you. dah lama tak gendong you. =p

i miss your "good" thumb sign everytime i wana perform or compete in a competition. i miss bringing you around explore penang with my bike. i miss scolding reckless drivers with you. i miss eating good food with you. i miss talking phone to you for hours with Happy. i miss joking with you. i miss arguing with you about politics. i miss you massaging me. i miss the moment i fetch you with my bicycle in Kampar. i miss the time when people always stare at us wherever we go and sometimes ask where r we from. i miss singing with you. i miss you cheekiness when you try to pull off my one and only janggut when i don't follow your wish. i miss hunting good food with you. i miss being stopped by cilaka policemen just to check what race are u. i miss the first time in my life puasa with you. i miss you feeding me.

arghh! i can go on with the list. i miss too many tings about us. i remember everyting abt us. wana noe y? cz u r the important figure in my life. you've touched my heart and took it away. dun you ever return it cz it's now belongs to you. i've devoted my love to you.

im damn serious on you since i said ''Suidkah u jadi girlfriend i?" at 7.35am on 12th August 2006 at Gurney Drive.

hope you have a good sleep tonight. i know u r doing good there with your friends. i always pray for your succcess and well-being, as usual. tcare always.

i noe u dh x sayang i. haha. i tau la.. its ok k. im not forcing u. im just expressing my feeling. u dun have to pity me. nah, u dun hav to. i'll wait..

okla good night. i nak tido dah. i puasa esok with you esok k. hehe. sleep tight and sweet dreams. sorry but love you. muax. tata.