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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Starwalk Penang 2011

Ok.. let’s see what to write for this post. Just a very short one la since I’m still very tired from the walk this morning. I slept after I reached home but I’m still very sleepy now.

I never missed Starwalk ever since I’m eligible to join it about 8 years ago I guess. When I first started taking part, the walk was held in the town, start from the Esplanade. Then they shift it to Bayan Lepas area where The Star HQ was located.

This year, in commemoration to The Star’s 40th Anniversary, the walk is back to hit the town. What makes it special is the route covers about 20 heritage sites along George Town Heritage Trail.

The starting and ending point this year was at Times Square at Jalan Datuk Keramat.

I went with my mum, sis and Tze Huey. I met some old friends and school teachers too. Of course The Star journalists as well especially Kow Kwan Yee. Kwan Yee is my snior from UTAR and she's doing well in The Star. I'm proud of her everytime i see her byline is the newspaper.

What was shocking is knowing that my not-so-athletic secondary school friend, Nixon Lai Chia Huey also took part and he’s in the 10KM Competition category. Unexpectedly I was met my Form 6 friends who are not kaki marathon, Lee Khai Keat and her girlfriend, Michelle Ooi don’t know what.

Every year I joined the Competition category which is 10KM. But this year for the very first time, I took part in 6KM Non-Competition category. Why? Because the participation fee is damn expensive for 10KM. More than RM10 ok. So not worth it. At the end of they race, they give you a certificate of participation only, not even a finishing medal. All this while RM10 only ok..

I never wanted to join Non-Competition category because I felt the category is so not competitive and 6KM is like so childish. Hahaaha. But it’s ok, it’s worth the money I paid. RM10 for 6KM this year. And the freebies we got are getting lesser. Seriously!

Khoo Teng Shin and her sister Khoo Sher Rynn (yes I remember their names) took part as well this year. Their dad was there, but don’t know where is aunty. This blur Teng Shin is so mensiasuehkan. He is a guy. It’s a he. He joined the Men’s Category. But he got the number and color for the Female’s Category. He finished the race in the Top 15 but too bad, at the finishing line, his sex ‘changed’. Hahaha. At the end, apa pun tarak!

One thing special about Starwalk this year is we were a passport with photos and descriptions of heritage sites along the route. We have to get a chop for each of the site in order to qualify for a special lucky draw by Sunshine Times Square.

Besides, more shutterbugs this year as there’s a photography competition on Starwalk Penang 2011 with the theme ‘Happy Starwalk Moments @ Heritage Spots’. Walaueh DSLR everywhere! I was busy shooting here and there. I am so gona join this contest. But.. I don't have close-up photos on people la. I totally forgotten about the theme. aiyah.. Don't care, i'll just try my luck la.

There were 150 lucky draw prizes. We didn’t get anything..again. we waited until 1pm plus plus. It rained heavily when the lucky draw was going on but when the session ends, the rain also stop. Cilakak betul! We were all wet waiting for our lucky number to be called ok..

Ok.. sign out and good night.

*got a lot of photos to share but lazy to upload la..

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