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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

photos of the thunderstorm (ugly side)

There are beauties of the heavy rain actually. Photos after this. =p

tornado in kampar

woah! when i was blogging half way just now, it suddenly rain! and it was a big one. super big! then whole Westlake black off for 20minutes. nevermind la u read the so-called news that i wrote la. hehe.

daytime nightmare

ok outside ko inside

it's a burger night

what: Burger BBQ Night
date: 12/4/2010 (monday)
time: 7pm-11pm
venue: Campus Connect (church) New Town, Kampar

It's an event organised by a Church here in Kampar. I was invited by Adeline. and hehehe i like the place. Im gona attend teh service as much as possible although i am NOT a Christian. ok im lazy to talk more. Just look at the photos la ye. =p

Pak Cik CE in action. fuyoooo!

TARANG! Burger Cap Camera GRADE A1. my first homemade burger in Kampar, with the help from Rachel. i tell you it tastes really super duper damn very good! see the juice all coming out. when you bite rite, the juice just 'sprinkle' n 'shoot' like the stars in ur mouth. i know u cannot stand the temptation right?? the one and only ok!

hehehe.. gua sama gua mia limited edition copyright reserved ISO 881019:2010 Burger Cap Camera.

it's us. from left: Adeline, Vanitha and Rachel. Adeline Wok:We are crazy and hot in our own way. very true.

hahaha... i just love this pics. everyone looks so enjoying. funny too!