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Thursday, 25 August 2011

If I Die Young - The Band Perry

having my own name card

Finally, I've decided to have my own name card.

Well, i have to be confident in what i'm good at right.

I wanted to print it few years back but where got money la.. And i have no friends to help me design.

But now, some wonderful people are helping me. Wei Vern is designing the card for me. Eh she's very good in that. Lydia is sponsoring me for the name card. How nice are they. Thank you..

Name card is so important if i wana make some money from photography. I need to promote myself. I need to make people aware of my existence.

I know name card is not enough.. One step at one time la. After this, maybe i'll come up with my own domain and put watermark on my photos. see la how..

If you guys have any suggestion on the design, colours, contents etc, let me know k. thank you.