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Saturday, 8 January 2011

It's time to go

Bye Penang.

I am going off now.

Going to KL for a social work and back to Kampar on Sunday night. Orientation on Monday, then go for Buddhist Camp on Wednesday in Taiping.

New semester resumes on Monday 17th January 2011.


see you Penang during Chinese New Year.


new year with big spending

Today is already 8th of January 2011.


I'm already in the year of 2011.

time flies really fast huh.

while now is just the beginning of the year, i can already foresee that this new year comes with BIG spending.

when i say big, it's really BIG.

why so.

because all my gadgets broke down and i need to spend a lot to fix it.

i lost my handphone.

my laptop broke down. hardisk crashed. all my datas gone.

my camera is ill. it'll be dead anytime soon.

that only about gadgets, i still have to spend on other things.

new semester fee will cost me about 5K. i still need to pay for rental fee, daily expenditures, travelling expenses, camping fee, Chinese New Year clothes, photography competition, this and that etc etc.

oh God..

I am seriously broke even it's just the beginning of the year. how to survive la. I have to cut down my expenses again and i always do it on my food. I eat less which i know is not a good thing.

Guess what my bank only left RM70.00

haha! the amount is not enough for 1 week also la.


later at 3pm i'll leave Penang. will only be back during CNY.