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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Selamat Pengantin Baru

TODAY is the wedding day for someone’s brother. I know that someone la.. no need to mention her name lah. I don’t know what’s our relationship right now. something happened and that’s it. Friends become enemies. Hmmm.. anyhow, she’s still a friend to me. =p

Selamat Pengantin Baru to her brother. Hehehe.. I love weddings! I love it so much. Im so delighted when I know someone is getting married. Hehe.

I never met her brother. But I know her brother's wedding is gona be a blast with all the preparations etc. the wedding will be held in Penang.

Aih.. if im not having exam in Kampar, I’ll sure go to the wedding, but if only she invites la. hehe.. I never really cover a Malay wedding ma.

Please take a lot of shots of the wedding. =p

Okla, wish everyone happily ever after.

*this her is not 'her'. this her is another her which is just a normal friend to me.


  1. aiyah... so sweet la u.. still thinking of her huh... bt yeah u r only juz expressing ur feelings or ur own opinion.. no hidden agendas rite?.. but, his brother or her brother that u were trying to say? ^___^ takpa, mungkin silap i la tak paham... keke.. - miss anonymous..

  2. oppps! i mean her. aiyah! silap. my mistake. anyway this her is not 'her'. this is another her, which is just a normal friend. no hidden agendas.

  3. oh okie okie... sorry sorry my bad! huhuhu... tata ^___^ ( malu ) hehehe.. - miss anonymous