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Monday, 8 August 2011

vote ur a$$ la!

I know this is so random but i still wana say it. I wanted to say it long time ago.

I am so irritated and disturbed my 'friends' in my Facebook.

keep asking me to vote, vote, VOTE!


If you are good, you'll definitely and automatically get a vote from me without you even asking. i can guarantee that.

Not like some people. Walaueh.. I really cannot tahan. They keep on SPAMMING my wall and other people's wall and force me to vote for them.

deiiiii tak malu ka??

are you really good? do you deserved our votes at the first place? sorry but many of you don't!

Desperados la. Tak tengok cermin ka?


For sucky competition, i will sure not going to vote. For sucky people, i will sure not going to vote too. And for sure, i won't vote if i don't know you.

Yes i agree and i accept the fact that you ask people to vote because they don't know that you are not in the comepetition. To inform people, that's ok. But never lebih-lebih, after inform you force people to vote. And never give misleading information.

Okla fine, some people really wana win. Okla fine, some will use his/her strong social network to spread news, to get support and so on. But you don't have to keep asking me to vote right? Once enough la. Why keep asking?? Meluat lu tau ka??

p blahhh menggedik jauh-jauh k.

Kalau u makan cabai, u rasa cili la.

I will do spring cleaning on my FB very soon.


bring me to Cameron Highlands..

How I wish I’m in Kampar now.

Those who know me, they can guess why..

I’m very sure I’ll rush to Cameron Highlands with my scooter. And I’ll bring sleeping beg, extra camera n hp batteries, water, raincoat, torchlite, tissue, jacket n notebooks.

You guys know right theres's a landslide there. It's an orang asli village, 1 woman died, few seriously injured and many more feared to be buried in the mud.

I pray that everyone is fine thr.. I really pray.

It's a sad news..

And i don't like it when i can't do anything to help or tell what's going on there.

okla good night.

It's a tiring Sunday. Today 10hr work. Asgmnt at 9am, waited 5 hours for PC n reached home at 8.15pm.

Asgmnt for Monday? 7am for Sosilawati’s case. I need powerful caffeine man! it will be a long 12hr working Monday.