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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

thoughts tonight

- Ask, ask, and ask until you get the information that you need. If not don’t you ever go back to the office.

- I am not good yet but I will work harder to be good.

- It’s an achievement if the office didn’t call you after you finish work. If they do, means there are problems with your stories.

- When you are happy, laugh it out. When you are sad, cry it out.

- Do what you like. Like what you do.

- Life brief candle. Kalau ada umur panjang, bolehlah jumpa di masa hadapan.

- Religion for me is just about where you go after you die.

- Feels good to see or to listen to some good friends or people that have made a deep presence or impact in your life after so long.

- I may have hight tolerance but definitely not patience. 

- How you handle your emotions and react to people at home will reflect on your behaviour out there. 

- If you are bad to people, don't expect people to be nice to you.