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Sunday, 28 February 2010

tak mau balik

i don't want to go back to Kampar la. TAK MAU la..........

can i study here?

someone please use your supernormal power to move UTAR Kampar to Penang la.

Penang is so happening and has so much to give la.

i can get anything i want here form A - Z.

i miss my home.

i miss the smell of Penang.

i miss the faces of people in Penang.

i miss the backlanes and short cuts.

i miss the beaches and the hills.


i pass the casting (part 1)

Yes I pass tv drama the casting. I’ll talk about the casting later. Now I wana talk about something else.

I didn’t tell my mum I went for the casting. Usually I’ll only tell her after I achieve something or I’ll hint her that I’m joining something. Paiseh ma..

So just now I told my mum that there’ll be a shooting in Khoo Kongsi this March and I’ll come back again to act. She was like huh?? She said no because I’ll be skipping classes and I’m so busy this month.

Mum asked me worth it meh 1 hour RM5. I said it’s not because of the money la. she said ‘then what? If not money then you wana show off?”

Zzz.. speechless. This is a great opportunity la..

How many times in your life can you act on TV? Or how many of you got the guts to go for any type of auditions?

This is not only about fame and pride but it’s an opportunity, experience, networking and it’s an achievement. Now I have the chance that not everyone will get and this is what I want, how can I just let it slip away.

Before I go for the audition, im worried that they won’t even let me try because I can’t read Chinese. Then during the audition, I’m worried that they won’t take me. now after the casting, mum said cannot go.

The problem now is I already got it. The casting manager said ‘ok you are in. I’ll call you to let you know your schedule.’

Haih I know I don’t have the time la. seriously I am busy everyday until 1st of April. March is a month that full of mid term tests, assigment deadlines, and presentations. I’m also busy with the audition of The Amazing Race Asia,  shooting the video, go for the audition etc. Besides, I’ll be travelling to KL few times for seminars and for TARA.

I'm spending 3times more this Feb-April. aih..

Haih  I xtaula. I’ll try to split my time. If reali kenot, kehave to give up lo.


QUOTE of the day

You love someome not by just saying I love you.

weekend with eventsss

i just reached home n im still sweating.

no, Penang is not hot la.. i was snaping pictures the whole night.

i rushed here and there, up and down, north to south. Traffic was so bad.

Penang is so happening tonight.

There are two Chap Goh Meh celebrations in town. Then there's also a religious activity at Tanjung Tokong which is Cheah Hnoay, Flame-Watching ceremony.

It's so nice to be back in Penang this weekend and be part of the history.

anyway, there are 28days in February this year. haha. And Chinese New Year is gona ends on the 28th. The once in every 12 years Twa Pek Kong procession is also gona held on that day. =p

There's more events coming up on Sunday 28th. hehehehe.