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Sunday, 28 February 2010

tak mau balik

i don't want to go back to Kampar la. TAK MAU la..........

can i study here?

someone please use your supernormal power to move UTAR Kampar to Penang la.

Penang is so happening and has so much to give la.

i can get anything i want here form A - Z.

i miss my home.

i miss the smell of Penang.

i miss the faces of people in Penang.

i miss the backlanes and short cuts.

i miss the beaches and the hills.


1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha.... U r so funny la ^__^... I think I know why ^__^.. bcoz u r a a family-oriented person then u might feel homesickness and therefore u can't study well.. hehe.... Am I rite? hehe... Anyway, pejam celik mata kejap je U dah abis study.. so go back la ^__^ Penang tak p lari mana2 unless got tsunami tenggelamkan Penang :0 *joke* ^__^
    - Miss A