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Sunday, 6 March 2011

pecah not pancit

Pantun Kampar Sudah Hujan

Hujan lebat akhirnya sudah mali
Gua rempit balik almost mau mati
Semua olang lari masuk lumah sindiri
Go main hujan la if lu bokiasi
Badan basah cepat-cepat pi mandi
Air sejuk buat gua lompat sana-sini
But after pangsai ahhh syiok sekali
Kampar panas gila sejak dari pagi
Tolonglah hujan jangan henti
But dunla sampai esok pagi
If dinner hujan tak henti-henti
UTAR students have to cal delivery
But handphone no money
You don't come and find me
Some people have to eat cokodok basi
Wah hujan make me so hapi
If can, esok hujanlah lagi

worth pondering

Human is such an intelligent but weird and unexplainable creature. Sometimes you know it’s really impossible to achieve something but you still fight for it, believing that you can pull it through, believing in miracles will happen, fearing to fail, and you don’t want to regret for not trying at all. No matter what the results going to be, put away your negative perception because anything can happen. If you didn’t even try to fight for it, you’ll not have the chance at all to win. Never stop fighting and hoping. Like old saying, if u never try, you’ll never know.