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Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Photo taken from Cameron Highlands. ok sorry la har i don't know what flower is this. hahaha.

too early or too late?

too late or too early??

i duno..

i just know that me n some of my friends from my course didn't sleep for whole night. hahaha. yeah crazy! we were doing newspaper assignment la. most of us finished it by 6am. some sleeping right now.

But here i am still awake, preparing for 8am class.

Finally i can on my laptop. but it will shut down by itself soon. aih..

Tiffany, Rachael and Siang Yong are enjoing their late supper aka breakfast at Ipoh McD. haha. I didn't go la cuz i sacred can't make it to the last tutorial class at 8am. then later 10am going to cycle to explore a place with coursemates.

susah la kan nanti tidur atas basikal atas jalan..

a long day ahead. body is so heaty. head is so heavy.

8am class
10am cycle and explore a warsite in the jungle
1pm go office settle SRC stuff
7pm Majlis Berbuka Puasa
9pm meeting

anyway too late or too early huh?

those people who are still awake at 6am, they will say 'wah so late already ah?'

but for those who just wake up, they will say 'wah so early ah?'

so today you belong to which group huh??

what am i toking about huh?? blur gila babik. but stil energetic and bersemangat =p

laptop is dying

oh im really in deep shit! my laptop's fan is not working. it has been shutting off by itself for more then 10 times tonight! i on it and less than 5 mins bye bye again.

there's burning smell and the engine's sound so loud. scary!

im really freaking out right now. im damn worried ok..

this is one of the things i fear the most in my life: if i lost all my documents and photos from the digital devices.
oh oh pls pls i beg u dun die yet. pls...

i still need you to do a lot of things: assignments, exam, research, competition, blog, official events.

i haven't back up all my documents yet.

i have 215GB of documents in this laptop.

please i beg u la..

pls stay alive till next sem.

you know i love you right??

yes i love you!

i really do. muax muax muax.

ok bye my laptop is gona saotong anytime. =(

oh no..

oh no.. oh no... no no no..

2things happened tonight. yea just two. 2 crazy and unexpected one.

1) crazy ooo! i accidentally sent a sms to my ex-gf. so shit la. how in the world i can sent it to her!! shit la. damn it lo.. I didn't talk to her like since March. hmmm...

2) my beloved crazy and funky Dean of my faculty sent me a message. Yes a Dean sent me a message. But that's not the point. He is so cool that he used FB to sent the msg. i was like. walaueh. my Dean so keng. ahahha. i don't mind actually cuz it's not official stuff u noe.. i prefer it that what than write letter etc cuz it'll make the staffs and students closer lo.


i duno how to response to them. hahaha..