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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

laptop is dying

oh im really in deep shit! my laptop's fan is not working. it has been shutting off by itself for more then 10 times tonight! i on it and less than 5 mins bye bye again.

there's burning smell and the engine's sound so loud. scary!

im really freaking out right now. im damn worried ok..

this is one of the things i fear the most in my life: if i lost all my documents and photos from the digital devices.
oh oh pls pls i beg u dun die yet. pls...

i still need you to do a lot of things: assignments, exam, research, competition, blog, official events.

i haven't back up all my documents yet.

i have 215GB of documents in this laptop.

please i beg u la..

pls stay alive till next sem.

you know i love you right??

yes i love you!

i really do. muax muax muax.

ok bye my laptop is gona saotong anytime. =(

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